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Wukong General Guide by Mosh88

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mosh88

Wukong- Bring me a real challenge!

Mosh88 Last updated on July 30, 2013
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is a melee brusier that is not often played alot, people concider him too scruishy or too weak or whatever reason people may have and I really disaggre with them because I've been playing Wukong for a very long time and he is a very fun and solid champion that does not take that much skill to play and has a really good ability set. Due to him having a natural tankyness from his great passive, An armor pen ability that does damage as well, A great escape tool that can be used in varius ways wether it's tricking or catching up to enemy champions to set up a combo or to even use it as a harrass tool, And an ability that does alot of damage and scales really well, A really good crowd controll ultimate that can change team fights to your teams favor and can do up to 1000 damage when fully maxed out. If you're looking for a melee brusier champion that isn't that difficult to play that is fun and can do alot of damage then Wukong The Monkey King might be your cup of tea =). This is my second remake to this guide so I hope it is slightly better then before. WUKONG IS AMAZING

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Pros and Cons


Great Skillset
Easy to play/No Skillshots
Great Damage
Tanky from passive
He's a Monkey :D


No sustain
Can be hard to master
Scruishy Early Game
Needs items to do well
W can be countered with Pinks and Oracles
Can run out of mana fast
No new skin since Jade Dragon D:

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Champion Spotlight/Basics

This should give you a good understanding of how is played as well as some basics. ]

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor
I take Flat Attack Damage for early game damage and for good trading potential as well as last hitting power.

This is a must in my oppinion, This will give you so much survivability in lane.

This rune provides you alot of magic resistance against enemy AP CARRIES.

This rune provides alot of mobility in lane to be able to escape or to stick to enemies.

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Why These Masteries?

[*] - This will Increase your overall ability power and attack damage while is on cooldown which helps alot.

[*] - This will add 4% Cooldown Reduction which helps alot, People might take but personally 4 attack speed is barley anything and you're better off with
[*] - This gives you 12 attack damage at level 18, It isn't much but it's free attack damage, And it will give you 0.67 attack damage per level which is a small ammount of scaling.
[*] - This will ignore 8% of your enemies armor allowing you to do more physical damage which will help you.
[*] - Increases how much damage you do by 200%
[*] - 3 Attack Damage
[*] - Gives you 5 5 Armor Penetration to tear through the enemies armor to allow more of your physical damage to get through.
[*] - It will increase your damage dealt to targets below 50% health by 5% which just helps your auto attacks deal more damage for the reason stated above.


[*] - This gives you 6 health as well as 108 at level 18.
[*] - This gives you 5 Armor
to take reduced physical damage, especially combined with your runes.
[*]- This gives you 2 Magic Resist (NOTE: Put 3 points into and 1 point into if you're against an AP top.
[*]- Added 30 Health to your Health Pool.

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Abilities Explanation



- This is going to give you armor and magic resistance per enemy near you, So this is going to make you very tanky in team fights that's the reasoning of why we build somewhat into the tanky department. Somewhat similar to .

Crushing Blow
- This is going to be your auto-attack reset ability that does damage. It doesn't do as much damage as so I personally like to use to either try and poke my enemy or use it so my can hit right after or before for a good damage combo.

This is your most interesting ability, This can be used in very ways wether it's escaping or tricking people, It doesn't do any damage so I suggest not putting any points into it until you max out your + .

Nimbus Strike
This is your most damaging ability that scales as well. This ability can also be used as a good wave clear since appear along with two clones on each side hit the target. A good trick to do is pop then
to a target then your will automaticly go off, Doing a good combo damage and can be a good harrass combo and just simply

- This is your game changing ultimate that can knock up an entire team and do a ton of damage per second. Using will make your do increased damage since their armor will be reduced. You generally want to try and save your ultimate for team fights, However it can be quite useful early game at top to help you finish off low health enemies. can get you killed if used incorrectly. will work very well with allies that have AOE stuns or
slows like or or , etc.

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Recommended Spells

- Standard (MOST OVERUSED ABILITY IN THE GAME) that works well at finishing off enemies with low health or reducing healing effects from champions like .

This is your standard escape tool (Most Overused ability in the game). Not much to say here, It's just a tool to allow you to catch enemies or escape (Can flash over walls).

A good alternative to

Other Viable Spells




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Starting Choices with Explanation

Crystalline Flask
This is still a very good item, People still hate on it but it's still a great item. Speaking you have free sustain that can save you alot of money and that re-charges everytime you go back to the shop.

Cloth Armor
This is a good standard start against AD tops. This item can be built into a core item mentioned later throughout the guide. Combined with your flat armor+masteries, you can have alot of starting armor to reduce their physical attacks.

Rejuvenation Bead
This is a very safe start, It allows you to play very passive in due to how much sustain you have.

Elixir of Fortitude
This is a high risk, High reward item. If used correctly, It can give you a huge lead in early trades and give you free health and damage. However, If used incorrectly it can really hurt your game performance and can sometimes shut you down completly, Making you go through your health potions rather quickly. This is a high risk-high reward, Only get this if you want to get an early kill.

Null-Magic Mantle
This is a standard start against AP Tops to have the increased magic resistance early game to take less magic damage.

Doran's Shield
This item gives you an early boost in health and sustain and the passive is really nice, I'd only get this against an AD top that hurts, However is a better choice in my oppinion but both work fine.

Long Sword
This item gives you an early boost of attack damage to try and help you win your lane. This item is recommended if you are trying to push your lane early and take an early tower.


Warden's Mail
This item is a great item to get on your first buy backs against AD TOPS, Especially if you started . This will give you 50 armor combined with the current armor you have and will do a 15% reduced attack speed if hit by basic attacks. Great item to get if you're against an AD TOP if you are having a meh time or if you're winning it, But just want to try and keep the lead.

This item is a great item to get on your early buybacks if you're winning your lane and you just want the increased damage to try and snowball, This item still makes you beefy with the health+damage+ a chance slow. However, If you get this, Get when you go back to shop.

Crystalline Flask
This can be a great item to pick up if you didn't start it, This item can help you from early-late game stages, However, You don't have to get this if you don't want.

Giant's Belt
This item can give a good boost in health and build into a main item.

Boots Choices

Mercury's Treads
Standard Boots against AP Tops.

Ninja Tabi
Standard Boots against AD Tops.

Berserker's Greaves
A good boot choice if you're winning your lane, Since the attack speed from it scales very well with your

Next Items

Randuin's Omen
This is a great item to rush if you're losing your lane or if you're focusing on team fights alot or if you're winning your lane and you just want to continue playing safe and keep a possible lead. This item is really great, It gives you health+armor+A good passive that allows the attackers movement speed and attack speed to get slowed if they hit you and the active slow HELPS alot to save your life or during team fights.

Frozen Mallet
This is a great item to get if you're winning your lane and you want the extra damage and health and a constant slow. If you got this first, Get Next.

Ravenous Hydra
This item is a good item to allow your auto attacks deal more damage, This will give you some lifesteal,damage,As well as some sustain regen. This item really works well with .

Last Whisper
This item provides alot of armor penetration which helps later into the game since the enemy is most likely going to build armor and this will allow you to penetrate it for more physical damage to get through.

Maw of Malmortius
This item is a great item, It gives you Damage and Magic Resist as well as a 400 shiled that will absorb incoming damage (Which can save your life alot) and a passive that grants 1$ AD per health missing and this item allows you not to get bursted down as fast.

Alternative Items

The Black Cleaver
A good alternative to if you perfer Health+damage+cdr+and the good passive. I personally think gives more armor penetration but it's personal preference.

Trinity Force
This can be a good item to get if you're fed, However. I prefer but you can get but don't get both, they don't stack.

Mercurial Scimitar
Mercual Scimitr This item is somewhat better then , However. I prefer to get it over due to how expensive it is, However. DEFFENTLY PICK IT UP IF THE ENEMY TEAM HAS ALOT OF AP/CC.

The Bloodthirster
This can be a great item if you are wanting to snowball hard, This item will give you lifesteal and AD stacks which increases everytime you kill a champion. Plus the lifesteal helps with your Auto-Attacking which helps with and .

Banshee's Veil
This item can provide alot of health and mana and you gain a sheild that will block an ability, Similar to and which can save your life by blocking abilties like idk, , etc. And it refreshes if you don't take damage for 25 seconds. You can get this if you want, I prefer

Sunfire Cape
A great item againt AD's. This will provide Health and Armor and deal 40 magic damage per second which goes through armor of the range of 200. This will even allow you to kill multiple minions.

Warmog's Armor
A really great item on this will make him tanky like the following items do above. Feel free to pick this item up if you want, I totally recommend this item if you want more health.

Guardian Angel
This item can be great for team fighting. This will provide armor and health and a good passive that will allow you to come back to life in a team fight and continue putting pressure on the enemy.

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Early Game


Early Game, It's crucial that you focus on farming and playing safe and knowing when to go in and do damage. As , I generally like to play passive and just try to farm and wait for my enemy to make a mistake before I go in and try to do alot of damage so I can try and gain a lead to become as effective as possible but this is where is scruishy so you have to be smart about your moves. If you seem to get poked too hard and you cannot get close enough to deal damage without taking alot of damage then it's best to try and poke with . It has extended range when you activate it and it can be a good harrass to lower their health before trying to follow up with an + Generally, You want to try and then follow up with a then away and continue farming.

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Mid Game


Mid Game, You should be somewhat beefy and should have your main two items and . At this point, You are generally going to be trying to help other lanes or staying and trying to push top and getting more farm to get your other items. With , You should be able to go bot and shut down or harrass the enemy carry out of bot so your carry can farm without no harm due to your attack speed slow with and Attack Damage Carries rely on Attack Speed to be effective. So pretty much, You're trying to farm it up to get your other remaning items OR trying to roam and help other lanes. (Note: You should have full build or close to full at around 30 mins

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Late Game

Late Game, You should have your full build and you should be pretty tanky with alot of damage to help you out, Due to you being tanky, Your team is probably going to want you to be the INITATOR= Go in first. When you're doing this, Try to to them and hit them a little bit and follow up with a quick and try to keep fighting then as much as you can so your team can win the team fights. (Note: You need to be able to win team fights and you need to make sure you can help your team do that. With , You're going to be able to deal alot of damage to your enemies so your team can somewhat clean them up or try to scare them away from the area so yall can push and take down towers, Also be sure to try and protect your carry as much as possible.

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Team Fights


While team fighting, You want to try and focus your most valuble target. can do a good job at this since he can go on them and hit them multiple times due to his attack speed increase and his armor shred and is able to escape out of sticky situations that might can lead to deaths. Try and save your for situations when your team is close and the enemy team is bunched up together, Since you can knock them all up so your team can do some damage to them and clean up in general. But always protect your carry, Since he's going to be the main source of yalls damage.

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is deffently a fun and easy champion to play, I totally recommend this champion to begginer players or even expirenced players looking for a really good champion that has a really good skillset and has alot of potential in lane and can bring alot to the team. You can mess with peoples minds with this champion, Constantly making them think ''DID HE ''? and making them constantly buying pink wards due to you being a huge threat to them and may lead them to focus you which is a good thing so your carry can remain safe from harm. Give this champion a try, I'm sure you'll like him :D -M0SH8892 NA. Hello, This is my third re-make of this guide, I decided to spent more time to try and make this guide and I compared it to my last ones and this one deffently looks better in my oppinion, There are some BBCODING i'm still trying to figure out how to do which is, ''MOVE ITEMS TO THE MIDDLE OF THE SCRREN, AS WELL AS SOME TEXT,ETC.'' Please comment what I could improve on this guide, Thanks for reading my guide. :D ALSO, *Big Thanks to SmokedCarpenter for helping me out with some of my questions and giving me information to try and make a new guide So if this guide is successful, I want to give him some credit, Also check out his Shen Guide!


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