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Wukong Build Guide by Fluffyknowsyou

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluffyknowsyou

Wukong: Hook,line and stinker

Fluffyknowsyou Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 23

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 7

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Wukong is one of my favorite champions in the league of legends, but I am seeing too many people play him wrong. First off, he is not a garen clone because he can not overuse his dps spell. The cooldown is just too high. For those making him tanky early on,it is squandering his damage output and making him dead weight or just a walking meat shield. Then we have the Dps builds, which fail entirely because they are way too expensive and making wu kong a glass cannon. But unlike other glass cannons like twitch and shaco, his stealth is not reliable or even versatile. Lastly we have the health bulkers +damage builds, they are far too farm dependent to actually work.

So what is the focus of this build/guide? Well, it's a very unorthdox and experience heavy method of play. It is crucial that you understand how to use his abilities, how to work well with your teammates, and finally to understand that you will never run in and just kill your opponents. You have to able to bait them into chases, farm well under fire, and play like an durable yet budget friendly assassin.


Easy to build early on
Great pusher

Prone to losing kills when enemies flee
Stealth is hard to master
Risky mid game

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I'm not too big on runes because I like buying champions to keep the game fresh, but I find armor penetration marks and quints, mana regen seals, and cooldown reduction runes to be the best.Here is the list from the most important to least important.

Greater Mark of desolation
Greater Quintessence of desolation

Why these runes?
Because Marks and quints of Desolation makes everyone's armor lower and piercing that armor is the most efficient way of dealing more damage.

Seals of Clairity help with Wukong's early mana problems.

Glyph's of focus reduce the time you have to wait to use another ability.All of which wu is dependent on.

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For masteries I focus on getting Archaiec knowledge, sunder,spirit of strength, and havoc. After this, most of the others are simply filler masteries which aren't really important,but you need to invest into order to get the few which actually matter.

What to get:

Archaic knowledge
Spirit of strength


Havoc increases your damage by a flat 4 percent. Sunder increases your damage out put by piercing more of your target's armor. Archaiec knowledge benefits all spells and having spirit of strength is like having a regrowth pendant.

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Summoner Spells

This is by far the best spell in Summoner's rift because it allows you to push a tower when you know where all your opponent's are. It allows to defend a tower where your allies died and defend your own.

Enemies keep getting away with one or 2 health points?Have no fear, this spell will make sure they sweat a bit more and increase your chances of getting the kill. At the same time, this is a great way to cripple vlad and fiddles if you both over commit to a fight because their healing will be halved.

Beware, as the game progresses, there is an increased chance that your opponents will stack health to make your ignite less useful.

If it wasn't for the long cooldown,I would love this spell. How great is it to sap your opponent's movement speed,spell damage,and attack damage all in one click of a button? This spell shines at any stage of the game and can be used offensively or defensively if you need to escape.

If flash's cooldown was smaller,it would be a great spell.How great would it be to instantly escape by teleporting behind a wall often? Well unfortunately the cooldown is never shy of 4 minutes,give or take 30 seconds.

Another great spell which is nerfed into uselessness because it's cooldown is never lower than 2 minutes.

Anything else is not worth mentioning.

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Note: None of this is set in stone, you can purchase them as you please. The only catch is that they are all important until the situational section.

(Sorry the code with the B.F sword wasn't working when I wrote this)

Doran's shield: Our starter item because it grants you early life, armor, and health regen. You'd be surprised how many casters actually use their attack attack on you or how many ashes there are.

Boots of swiftness: We won't be making a n early zeal because this build is extremely gold strapped until the end game, if it even lasts until that point. Thus we will need a set of boots which reduce the chance of being hit by a stun,rather than reducing the duration of it. At the same time, you still a stealth chap and thus you need speed to get out of harms way.

B.f Sword: Since this build only uses two damage dealing items for the most part, an early B.F sword is perfect for the bulk of the game. This item not only builds almost half of Infinity edge,but it gives wukong a whole lot of sustainable damage thoughout the mid game.

Alternative: If you are unable to farm or get kills, then go with an early pickaxe. This item has comparable damage to the B.f Sword and is still apart of the infinity edge.

The brutalizer: A powerful item which reduces our cooldowns, increases our damage,and reduces the armor of our target. This is a great item to get also because it is half of the Yoshamaru blade.

Heart of gold: Excellent for increasing our gold pool while increasing our life expectancy. Plus is it apart of Randuin's omen,which is a great bonus.

Explanation of the core: Rather than simply build Infinity edge first, I've always played to get the most out of my build by stacking lots of minor bonuses. Second, this is a cheap way to build wukong into a durable, yet deadly assassin. But more importantly, he can take a hit and bait his opponents into chasing him; rather than you(wukong) chasing them.

Twenty minute mark:Items you should be looking to build

Catalyst the protector

Yomuu's blade: Sell your doran's shield and buy this deadly blade which gives you 15 percent cooldown reduction, 30 damage, 15 Percent armor penetration, and a great active which increases your attack speed and movement speed.

Note: Use of youmuu's blade will be explained later.

Randuin's Omen: A great armor which gives you health and a hive amount of armor, but the best part is it's passive and active. It's passive has a 20% chance of slowing attackers
on hit,but it's active does that automatically.

Note: Use of Randuin's omen active will be explained later.

Catalyst the Protector: This item sets you up for Banshee's veil and gives you more health and mana. As an added bonus, you get more health regen because of the mana.

Pickaxe: The second big piece of Infinity edge.

Note: If you bought this item first,then you buy the B.F sword now.

End game: Supposing that you get more than 15k gold

Infinity Edge: This item increases your chance to critically strike to 40 percent and increases you damage by 80. It's passive is just icing on the cake.

Banshee's veil: The perfect item because it gives health,mana, magic resist and literally blocks damage from a spell every 45 seconds. Other magic resist items may give you increased magic resist by 10 percent, give or take. But Banshee's veil blocks that same time of damage entirely.

Sheen: I doubt that anyone can actually get a Trinity force,so the most important part is this one. It gives your auto attack a proxy of 100 percent increased damage after an ability is used. Plus its cooldown is only 2 seconds. But more to the point, using this with crushing blow deals massive damage to whoever is unlucky enough to be in your way.

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Skill and item activation usage

I'm not copying and pasting the skill information, it's at eh top of the page.

Crushing blow: This skill allows wu kong to inflict bonus damage and lower the armor of his target by 30 percent. In addition to this,you can proxy sheen with this to inflict even more damage after the spell is used.

Decoy: This skill is what makes Wukong complex. It's not an end all stealth skill like twitch's ambush or Shaco's teleporting skill. The duration is only 1.5 seconds and you get no movement bonus when using this technique. What it does do is work well with chases because your opponent's can't tell that it's not you until their spell is gone. That being said, using this too early will just make them delay their ability until you come out and using it too late will leave you stunned or slowed.

Nimbus Strike: This move is a great initiator, a great escape mechanism, and a your primary skill for increasing your dps in a full one versus one fight. What it does is allow you to point and click an opponent and dash to them,causing damage. At the same time, up to 2 more enemies within your sphere will be struck as well. If that weren't enough, it increasing your attack speed in a similar fashion to Yi's Highlander.

Note: It's also an excellent farming skill because you can hit multiple minions at once.

Item actives:
Randuin's Omen: An item best saved for team fights and escaping. This item slows all nearby champions for 3 seconds. Use it when entering a fight or running.

Yomuu's ghost blade: Use this in a team fight to increase your ad carry's attack speed, or save it when you are being ganked.

Skill combos and some decoy tips.

Hook, Line, and Stinker

Nimbus strike --> Crushing blow -->Auto attack --> Decoy

This combo is Wukong's signature combo because he dashs in, uses crushing blow and auto fast attacks to fake overcommitment, then runs away with decoy. This combo is all too funny because by the time they realize you used decoy, you're already long gone.

P.s: try to execute this combo near bushes so you can avoid being being seen in the open.

Hook them with nimbus, pull your line with crushing blow, and be a stinker with decoy. :3


Overcommited to a fight: Are you facing a dps Vayne and can't escape? Is the fight going to be decided by the next auto attack? Well then once your decoy renews, use it and use the stealth duration to land a free blow.

Over extended Farming: When you are overextended,but you need to farm some minions; use decoy when you see your opponents dash out. For instance,time this correctly when you see cait loading her putilizer or when tryd uses his spinning dash.

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This build gives you all you need to inflicted 1000 critical hit damage, which making you a viable melee nuker, and most importantly a durable version of shaco.


Credit goes to Searz for the image codes.

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Last notes

This is a work in progress, I plan on adding some video examples and polish later,but for now this should be good enough.