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Renekton Build Guide by Fluffyknowsyou

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluffyknowsyou

Renekton: As I live, all will die

Fluffyknowsyou Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro: Who renekton is and why he is underrated

Renekton is the odd one out in his family tree. His brother Nasus enjoys slow,armor reduction, instant heal, and even his dreaded Q. Renekton on the other hand has a fairly unreliable juke, a stun, a heal, and a nerfed heal. This may sound rather strange, why would such a champion be underrated or be the odd one out? Renekton lacks the sheer utility of many other fighters.

He lacks reduction in crowd control effects like singe's insanity potion and olaf's ragnarok.

He lacks something outrageous like tryn's Endless rage.

He lacks a ridiculous flash type of escape mechanism like tristana's rocket jump.

His ult's heal can't compensate for late game damage.

This is why renekton is underrated. I know what some people may be thinking, what about Cull of the meek? This ability was nerfed so hard that it's laughable. It's got some utility to it,but don;t think the sheer damage and heal will actually save you in a team fight. But I regress, all of this is just a facade to hide his true potential. Perhaps it's not hidden very well,but in a community which focuses on infinity edge, bloodthirster, The black Cleaver, and even just a plain b.f sword; it's easy to over a champion who can't use these items.

So without further ado, I welcome you to Jurassic park, oh **** wrong script. I meant to say, let's take a closer look into one of the silent op champions.

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All the runes used in this build are aimed at giving Renekton lots of early game survivability and quite a bit of late game staying power.

Greater marks of Desolation: These are almost essential in the early game and for some champions like renkton, can easily get you first blood. These seals are reducing the amount of midigation that armor can do to your dps(Damage per second).

Greater Glyph of warding:These are especially important in the early game. If you find yourself against an opponent you can't beat, chance are it will be an ability power fighter like singed or a ranged mage like brand. Reducing their early game damage is the difference between killing them or being killed.

Greater Seal of resilience:These have the same purpose as the runes above, except these are gear toward reducing attack damage. These will save you from any champion who builds attack damage.

The batch of Quints: These are selected to give a boost in armor penetration, magic resist, and health regen. All of which are aimed to make your early game as smooth as possible. A 0/2 renekton is not getting minion kills, experience, or champion kills. So anything to make turret hugging easier will save you for when you scale into the mid game.

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These are funny masteries, but the only things worth getting are the following:

Increased attack speed
Armor penetration
Increased magic resist
Increased Armor
Increaed experience
Good hands(Less time spent dead)
Increased health regen(perseverance)

Masteries are bit unimportant in most cases. I know there may be someone turned off because it's not very in-depth or even focused. Truth be told, most of the benefits from the three trees are negligible. What is an extra 4 damage for every hundred that you have gonna do to kill that squishy faster? How is 4 reduced damage for every hundred that you take gonna stop that mob from destroying you?

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Once season two is upon us, it is getting nerfed. The already long cooldown on this spell will be increased and the range decreased. Meaning Flash will no longer be our ace in the hole for escaping ganks. While it is still unchanged, I recommend this spell to compensate for renekton's short comings.

Exhaust: 9 out of 10 champion hate being exhausted. This spell reduces a hard carry's damage(Like yi, nasus, and tryn), irritating ults like Morgana's chain's of despair. All the while, it offers great defensive use for covering yours or your allies' escape and sealing a kill on a runner.

Ignite: This is great for early denial of resources. Destroy your top lane's exp and creep score by making sure they die with ignite. The downside is this skill is less useful as the game drags on. More importantly, it will most likely be hard countered by the new Heal spell coming up in season 2.

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Before you can properly build this renekton, you must know he's aimed at being a battle tank.He's not accumulating tons of armor and magic resist via Fon or Randuin's omen unless the game drags on for 45 minutes or longer. As for health, he won't be super bulky until the late game, which means you shouldn't expect to tank 2 or more people for very long. What this build does is shore up his squishiness so he can live just long enough to nuke the squishy carries. With this build, you'll be strong enough to compete in almost all 1 vs 1 scenarios while causing a whole lotta havoc in the final team fights of the game.

Concerning consumables

Wards: I'll paraphrase the words of that duff guy: " If I have 2 or 3 extra hundred dollars, I always buy wards". Map awareness is crucial to victory. If you have enough for a sight ward, buy it and plant it in the river. This will ensure your ability to farm safer when you over extend.

Summation: Buy wards all the time, use your scrap money to do so.

Potions: These are great for when you're even with your lane opponent(s). These come after wards if you even need them.
Core starting items:

This combo gives you a nice boost in health regen, leech,damage, and health points.These items will never leave your inventory until the late game most likely.Let's just hope Riot doesn't make the health bonus on doran items unique.

Total cost ~ 1300

End of the lane phase:

These items are aimed at furthering your offensive capabilities while increasing your defenses.

Mercury treads: These boots reduce the duration of crowd control effects and increase your magic resist. This means you can charge into battle more easily because you can take more damage while being stunned less.

Atma's impaler: At first I was thinking how good can this item be without a lot of health items like frozen mallet or warmog's first. Then it hit me, up until this point no renekton build really build anything to increase his damage other than building a brutalizer. Unlike those other renektons you get the satisfaction of having armor, critical strike, and damage. Let's not forget the two doran items. :3

Wit's end: This item is less needed in teams where there is no ability power threat,but chance are there is. With this you increase your magic resistance when you're not fighting, you increase it with stacks from auto attacking, while inflicting 42 magic damage per hit. All the while, you get a ***ping 40 Increased attack speed.

Note: The critical strike and on hit effect of wit's end can be proc. by Renekton's Ruthless predator.

Total Cost: ~5355 gold

Late game:

Sunfire cape, Warmog

All these items are aimed at increasing your health, armor, and because of atma's, damage. These items make you a truck with your massive health pool, damage and durability.

total cost ~11,335

SIXTH ITEM:IF the game gets this far

- The Black cleaver: Is your team's attack damage not enough?
- Guardian angel:Do you need initiate or make up for your team's short comings(Usually their survivability).
-Mandreds: Dat Tank be too hard to kill

Situational items: These for mostly end game items or for when you have the luxury of farming a lot.

The Black cleaver: If you want the game to end quickly. This item will prox a double armor reduction on your target while killing them even faster.

Thornmail: Is the enemy tryndramere too much? I will stress this item is really dumb. I don't like it because it lacks any utility and doesn't do enough returned damage.

Randuin's omen: This a pricey item or for teams which are exclusively ad/damage per second.Its not worth neglecting your magic resist for, but the extra health and item activation is godly for late game fights.It's also a troll tactic for when you're overextending.

Force of nature: This is when Wit's end is not enough to protect you from the ability power fighters.The health regen and extra movement speed are nice.

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Bad match ups for the laning phase

Just in case you don't see the pattern: Most of rene's bad match-ups come from Range opponents.

Zilean: This guy will continously troll you by slowing you, placing time-bombs over your head, resurrecting himself with his ultimate. There is nothing you can do against a good zilean except kill him as soon as possible.

Sona: A competent Sona will not only poke you endlessly,but she will heal her teammate to punish you for your aggression.

Caitlyn: She will slow you with her net, set traps to keep you out of the bushes and auto attack you for trying to gain farm.

Olaf: This is your bane. He has life steal, true damage, and a ranged ability. He has everything he needs to harass you even with your ultimate on. Don't fight HIM

Chogath: He's the type of guy who punishes your aggression with a hard silence, true damage, and a handy slow for the enemy jungler. >.>

Miss fortune: She has range,she can reduce your healing, and harassing you from afar.

Singed: This guy will fling you, slow you, and kite you like there is no tomorrow. If Olaf was your bane, then singed is your ****ING MAKER.

Tryndramere: His ultimate combined his his damage output and slow is something you cannot win if he is smart. Your only choice for fighting this endless queer is harass him so he has to back out of a fight and deny him fury. He heals with fury

Kog maw: He can slow you with his vommit, deal true damage, and has epic range. There's no way to beat this guy if he is smart.

Vayne: She can pin you to the wall, stealth with her ultimate, and deal true damage. Don't fight her if you can avoid doing so.

To be continued............

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Pros / Cons

Very durable
hits hard
owns the typical squishy

Can't fully build attack damage
Most of his utility sucks as the game drags on

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Ending notes, closing remarks

Renekton is a battle tank who can take a hit and return that damage with interest. He's the type of champion who has a lot of subtle nuiances, most of which I can not teach you with a guide.

When you are fighting a ranged in the lane phase, your only bet is to jump her with an anti carry like jax or akali. If you're teammates are two squishy, you may have to compensate for them by giving up health and damage for armor and mr.

Remember: Nasus cannot escape you FOREVER