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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Wukong General Guide by Gssz

Jungle Wukong Jungle 60%+ winrate 8.13 Mid Season

Jungle Wukong Jungle 60%+ winrate 8.13 Mid Season

Updated on July 18, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gssz Build Guide By Gssz 45,862 Views 3 Comments
45,862 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gssz Wukong Build Guide By Gssz Updated on July 18, 2018
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Welcome to Wukong's Return to the Jungle

Welcome to Wukong in the Jungle. Wukong is special. With 1 Mil+ mastery points and level 7 Mastery, I keep a 60% winrate with Wukong in normal que, and 55% winrate in ranked solo/duo.

Wukong is one of the strongest Jungle's out there. Great ganks, awesome team fighting potential, and great in most 1v1 fights. Even when behind, Wukong has the tools to make plays for an advantageous outcome. This guide will lay out some of the best ways to jungle with the Monkey King. This guide will also feature different ways to build Wukong.
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Pros / Cons

    Great Ganks
    Quick in the Jungle
    Great team Fight Potential
    Great Back Line Destroyer
    Amazing Outplay Potential

    Bad against CC
    Easily kiteable
    Burns through mana quickly
    Low Health
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Runes Reforged has settled in over the last season. There are multiple paths you may take depending on what you are looking to do. These are the most dominate build paths you can use. Minor variations can be taken depending on situation.



Electrocute Hitting enemy champ 3 times will proc this. It resets its cool down every 50-25 seconds depending on level. It does 50-220(+0.5 Bonus ad, +0.3 ap) every time it procs. The damage that it deals is adaptive damage. Adaptive meaning the damage will be either ad or ap when it procs depending on your build path. As a wukong this means it will deal extra AD damage on a target.

Sudden Impact
I take this next rune for one reason. Damage. As a Wukong when you leave stealth having an extra 10 Lethality for 5 seconds is huge. You can also proc this again with your E. This paired with Electrocute is a deadly combo on its own.

Eyeball Collection Collect eyeballs on champion and ward takedowns. Gain permanent AD or AP, adaptive for each eyeball plus bonus upon collection completion. Take this for extra damage. If you have taken Duskblade of Draktharr then collecting the wards should be easy going.

Ultimate Hunter
Ultimate Hunter is so great. When fully stacked the 15% cool down reduction for your
ultimate is to over powered not to take. With this at max rank your ultimate will take 46 seconds to be ready for use after the last time. This means that you can pretty much spam your ultimate and do a lot of damage in very short periods of time.

Dark Harvest

If you are looking for early game Wukong go Electrocute build. If you are going mid to late game monster start stealing souls.
The soul break down:
    Large Monsters - 2 Souls
    Cannon Minnion - 4 Souls
    Enemy Takedown - 6 Souls
The Damage Breaks down to 40-80(+0.25 Bonus AD)(+.2 Bonus AP) + Souls
With this keystone it pays to gank a lot. Or at the very east when running through lanes try and be there when the cannon minions die. You will only get 12 souls per clear of your own jungle. So with this build path you have to counter jungle, gank, and be around cannon minion deaths as much as possible. If you are vigilant in doing these things by the time mid game rolls around you will be pumping out huge burst damage with that first hit. If you kill your target it resets the cool down on Dark Harvest allowing you to burst your next target for even more damage.

This Build path Keeps Same runes Electrocute would have after this point.


The first thing I will talk about before even getting into this class is the itemization. This class is all about movement speed. So you should definitely prioritize MS items. With Predator Build after my jungle item I choose Mobility Boots instead of Boots of Swiftness. I do this because Mobility Boots will give you more movement speed to open up fights in turn doing more burst damage at the beginning of fights. So basically everything in this build will give you the movement speed you need while also giving you the damage to burst almost anyone.
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Trinity Force
Dead Man's Plate

Relentless Hunter The other to runes are the same while you change the last one to Relentless Hunter. Gain 8 out of combat movement speed plus 8 per bounty stack.

The Point Of Predator
I had difficulty with this rune set at first trying to justify it over Electrocute and Dark Harvest. After playing with it and really spending the time trying to understand this rune set I found that this rune set will do for you what no other rune set will allow. It allows you as a pretty slow jungle to actually exert pressure on the map more effectively. When you are bot no one expects you to be able to make it top with in 5 seconds for a gank. So the lane on the other side of the map feels confident in pushing the lane thinking you are somewhere else and that they have time. They don't. Being able to move around the map faster than the other jungle can is one of the hallmarks of great jungle's. Being able to invade and counter jungle before they realize you are there is also something never to be taken lightly. Now I would put this class as less damage then the other two classes. You will not touch them when it comes to damage. You choose this rune setup to gank often, fast, and snowball all the lanes before the enemy jungle can really react.


The minor runes are interchangeable depending on situation and play style. These are just some of the better combo's.

Presence of Mind - Take downs restore mana and refunds 10% of the cool down for your Ultimate. This stacks with Ultimate Hunter well and makes your ultimate come up even quicker.
Coup de Grace - Deal 7% more damage to targets below 40% health. Take downs grant Adaptive bonuses. This rune is one that will help you finish off those targets that seem like they may get away.

Sorcery Sub Class - GANK PRESSURE
Celerity Gain 4% increased movement speed and add 8% of your bonus movement speed to
your AP or AD, Adaptive (Based on Level)
Waterwalking Gain 25 movement speed and an adaptive bonus of up to 18 attack damage or 30 ability power (based on level) when in the river

Pairing these two will give you the best gank potential. The extra movement speed you will be able to create pressure all over the map easier than normal. The adaptive damage will give for bigger bursting in fights.

Nimbus Cloak Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain a burst of movement speed.
Nimbus Cloak Gets a special mention here. When you ult some players will flash and run away; leaving you with doing very little damage and wasting your ultimate. Nimbus Cloak allows you to catch them with the extra movement speed. It allows you to jump into group engagements ult and get out creating the entrance for the rest of your team.

Inspiration Sub Class - SUSTAIN
Biscuit Delivery Gain 1 biscuit every 3 minutes till 12 minutes. Biscuit restore 15% of missing health and mana. Consuming increases mana cap by 40.
Magical Footwear You get free slightly magical boots at 10 minutes and cannot buy boots before then. Enchants boot with +10 movement speed. Upgrading boots is 50g cheaper.
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Wukong is one of those champions that you have a wide variety of options when it comes to itemization.

Core Items

Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior - Proc to Deal true damage with your auto's for the next 6 second
Boots of Swiftness - Always have movement speed you can rely on
Duskblade of Draktharr - Lethality + Slow = Easy ganks
Guardian Angel - For diving those towers and backlines

This is your core build because it allows you to have a high amount of damage on engage while not having to worry so much about dieing. Duskblade of Draktharr is great for when you come out of invisibility. The slow when this procs allows the lane you are ganking that extra second to react and catch up to the gank.

Lane Push

Ravenous Hydra - Clear waves faster
Death's Dance - Extra healing from Ravenous Hydra and ultimate

These are the items you should take with your core build when you are trying split push a lane. Usually when you are split pushing you want to push hard and fast. You are able to deal with the single person that may come down to stop the split push but any more than that I would back off and rotate to another lane.

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Skill Sequence

You may be looking at the way I get my skills and ask why I don't max 1 over the other. A lot of people will max E first because of the quickness proc it gives you. I find this to be great if your in a lane against just 1 opponent. I like to alternate between E and Q to raise them both at about the same time. I like to have Q built up because there is no other skill Wukong has that will do a ton of damage with just 1 hit. It's great to finish off foes. And when you have a lane that can push a turret hard early, that extra damage it does to turrets is great to have. When used in conjunction with your E you will end up doing more damage over all than just with your E maxed and your Q with one point.

So when Jungling I start E>W>Q. I start E for that initial damage so I can get through the first camp pretty fast. W next because the second camp you are on your own and since I usually start red you want to be able to take on multiple camp minions with out death.
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Jungle Pathing

With the updates the jungle pathing has opened up into a less linear lane phase. You now have multiple ways to get to level 3. It will also now take you 3-4 camps to get to level 3 depending on which camps are prioritized. I start bottom side. If blue is first...

Blue buff > wolves > Red Buff > scuttle or Krugs

If red is first.....

Red Buff > Krugs > scuttle
Red Buff > raptors > wolves > Blue Buff

Now these are just the basic paths I use. Depending on the who I am going against, how my leash went, and gank priorities is the main factor of how I do my pathing. Eash one of these paths will get you to level 4. If you use the 3 camp path to level 3 realize it will take you just as long as if you went 4 camps. Krugs take forever early game to take. Krugs though gives you a lot of XP to allow you to get to 3 with less camps. Try out other paths as well to maybe give you a better path, Like wolves > gromp > Blue > Red. This path can get you to level 3 and allows you to have your buffs a little longer while level 3 to be able to give ganks.
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Team Work

Wukong is one of the GREATEST INITIATORS IN THE GAME!!!! Since he can go invisible for about 2 seconds with his W it allows for some of the greatest team engages one could ask for. W pick target on back line. E into them with quick Q after then ult. Not only did you just take out their main person on the back line with that combo but once you hit your ultimate and send everyone on their team flying that gives your team the go ahead to start dropping everything on them behind you.

After your initial engage is the tough part. What do you do when you survive the first second of the fight. At that point in time you should focus on he back line that is still up and running. If they are not in range I suggest focusing on the tankiest person that is with in range. I say that because your Q will break their armor allowing you and everyone else to take them out quicker with out causing any more damage to you and your team

As Wukong keep an eye out for opportunities to attack the enemy team from behind. Especially to start team fights. Also keep in mind your greatest strength as wukong is taking out the squishy's in back of those tanks. And since you can use your W to slip past them in almost every team engage that is what you should be doing. Don't worry about trying to peel unless you come to a fight late.
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Often I read someone's guide and they do not stress the importance of warding. Once you hit full build or get into the late game I suggest you buy lots of pink wards along with getting an Oracle. You should do this because I can't stress enough to you how vital it is for you to be warding your jungle. It is your jungle after all and it's not just the supports roll to be warding often. Since the jungle is your home treat it like so. With Oracle you should be clearing out wards just as much as you are warding. Creating zones of black to strike from can be just as good as having vision. Denying enemy vision is a huge key to playing Wukong properly.
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In summary I have laid out some of the best strategies I know of to jungle with wukong. If you can think of any others please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear about different things to be able to add. Please try and give me things that you have play tested your self at least a couple of times so you can give me the best explanation as to what you have done. Thank you for reading my guide on Wukong. I hope i gave you some good insights and tips on how to jungle with Wukong.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gssz
Gssz Wukong Guide
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Wukong Jungle 60%+ winrate 8.13 Mid Season

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