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Wukong Build Guide by 7alon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 7alon

Wukong - King of Kongs (In Depth Guide)

7alon Last updated on October 8, 2011
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Hi guys, this is my first guide. I have chosen to write this guide for Wukong because many people play him as a tanky dps, which I believe isn't very effective when compared to other tanky dps champs such as Renekton and Irelia.

This guide is to help people understand how he can be played as a burst/melee carry. Please also keep in mind this is a Work in progress, so any positive criticism is encouraged (no 'this build is garbage dude' or 'man you have no clue' kind of responses please).

Secondly DO NOT DOWNVOTE OR UPVOTE IF YOU HAVE YET TO TRY THIS AT LEAST 2-3 TIMES! I don't want this guide to become under or over rated because people have difficulty taking the time to do the right thing.

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Ranked Play

This guide is designed for Solo Queue in mind, but please don't trial this build in ranked. Do it in normal draft for the love of pete. Feel free to experiment in other game modes. I can't make you use it for just what it is intended for, I'm just pre warning people in case they decide to go into dominion or pre-made 5's.

A little about Solo Queue:

* You are going to get people crying about you using Wukong.
* Do not help people on your team if you feel they are making stupid decisions (going in 1v5, wandering off away from your turrets or team when enemies are missing, initiating in an evenly numbered fight when you have too great of a disadvantage etc.).
* Try not to rage at your team even if they are all complete morons or inexperienced. Even with such a disadvantage, you always have a chance at winning. Stay positive until the end (nexus destroyed). I am currently in elo hell and I can tell you that my raging has never helped once. I have also won countless games staying positive and showing optimism and leadership to my team, which at the time the game seemed impossible to win.

I have even won a game when our nexus had 1/10th of its hp and then we aced them and took all of their mid turrets and their nexus because my team and I never gave up.
* ALWAYS maintain map awareness and call mias. You can't rely on people in Solo Queue to call mia, but if you check the map for people missing while laning (and they are indeed missing), don't put yourself in position to be ganked.
* If you see an opportunity to gank the other team and you are positive your team mate can handle your lane or you lane is not at risk, do it.
* Ward whenever you have the spare gold. You can't make an offensive move unless you know where their team is. Most of the time if you do without knowing their positions, you will be waiting at spawn with a sore behind.
*Push turrets and structures whenever you get the chance. If your team doesn't need your help in a team fight or a gank etc. then push them turrets! The primary objective is to destroy their base. Everything else you do in the game is to help achieve this.
* Farm like a machine! Farm is very important. It is equally or even more important than champion kills. You may need to take enemy champs out to help give you some time to take turrets, but you need farm to gain an advantage.

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Pros / Cons


- Decoy provides you with plenty of utility for ganking, escaping and tricking the enemy into getting some free hits on them.
- His Ultimate (Cyclone) has an excellent ratio and can be used do deal tons of damage, initiate ganks (not team fights, you are too squishy) and even escape thanks to it's move speed buff.
- His Q ability provides you with some extra turret chomping ability and shreds the armor of enemy champs quite nicely for some follow up attacks from you or your team.
- Has a nice gap closing ability for ganks, which provides a nice attack speed buff for a few seconds to beat down on enemies
- His passive (stone skin) provides some very nice defence for the little guy, which stacks accordingly to the number of enemy champions in range of you. At it's 3rd and final level, it provides 40 armor and magic resist when 5 champions are in range. That is very close to having both a negatron cloak and a chain vest.
- Low cooldowns
- Fun to play


- Prone to being focussed
- His ultimate has very poor base damage at level 1 (jumps from 20 per second to 110 at level 2 wtf?)
- His nimbus strike doesn't have that great of a ratio (0.8 bonus attack damage -_-')
- His q also could probably have a bit better of a ratio (it doesn't have a ratio in the tool tip, but it does the base damage plus his total attack damage)
- He can get shut down after knocking up with his ultimate due to how long it takes to deal the full amount of damage.
- Obviously his decoy ability can be countered with stealth detection.
- Not the best farmer
- Poor Jungler

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Creeping / Jungling

Wukong can jungle. If you are interested search in google or youtube for 'wukong jungle stonewall' He provides guides on all things jungle. However, I highly recommend you DO NOT jungle, solo or mid unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if you don't have a jungler, I still wouldn't try it with wukong due to his lack of ability to fill that role.

Feel free to ask your jungler or team if you can have red if they don't need it, as the slow helps with ganks after you close the gap with your nimbus strike.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I have chosen to go with these because with this build he is going to need plenty of movement speed for ganking and escaping.

greater mark of desolation

Wukong needs armor penetration as all of his abilities except decoy do physical damage.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

You can choose not to get these if you wish, but with this build providing low cooldowns on his abilities so he can spammy spam, I would recommend the extra mana regen.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

This build is aimed at having getting in and out of battle while doing plenty of damage, so because his abilities are all extremely useful for doing damage, it is best to have lots of cooldown.

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I have chosen to put almost all of my points into the offensive tree as it all fits nicely with the way I choose to play him. I don't bother putting a point in 15% magic penetration because you aren't using decoy for it's damage. I put two points in Offensive Mastery because his farming ability isn't very good, so it helps with those last hits (especially the melee minions).

The remaining points I put into the defensive tree, putting 3 points each in Resistance and Hardiness . This has good synergy with Stone Skin giving you some extra survivability during the laning phase.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Flash and Exhaust as flash is excellent for defensive and offensive use and the same goes for exhaust.

Want to gank somebody but worried they may flash away before you can pull of your ult? Sit in the bush, pop your Decoy, flash in and ult. Providing your team initiated the gank with some cc that prevents flash already of course.

You can also use your decoy, flash combo to escape from undesirable situations without the other team being able to chase you with their flash. Why is this? because when you flash during stealth, they aren't going to know which direction you went if you are, say in the jungle and there are 2-3 walls to flash over. Just decoy, run while you are in stealth to whichever wall you chose and bam.

If you aren't a fan of exhaust, here are some spells I consider viable on Wukong.


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Skill Sequence

You want to max Nimbus Strike first because it has the most base damage out of your 3 standard abilities, provides an attack speed buff, closes gaps between you and your enemies and scales with bonus ad. I put two points in Crushing Blow at levels 2 and 7 to give Wukong that extra damage against turrets and squishier targets. If you don't do this, it is going to look pretty pathetic when you smack a puny Veigar and he just looks at you wondering if that was meant to hurt. My point is that they will not be very intimidated and will not hesitate to eat your face.

Once you have finished maxing your E, Q definitely comes second as it has a low cooldown when you max it and does some very nice damage to turrets and champs when combined with Sheen.

I won't go into any more detail about levelling as I think it is quite obvious what comes next.

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Ok so here I will explain the reasoning behind the chosen items.

I start with Boots of Speed, x2 Health Potion and a Mana Potion as Wukong has no built in sustain or ranged abilities which he can use to safely farm and lane. If played correctly, you will survive the low level laning phase without needing to go back, which I consider to be 1-6. The mana potion is optional so if you don't feel you are going to be jumping in and out with your abilities, just get 3x Health Potion instead.

Next You want to have enough farm for at least Ionian Boots of Lucidity. If you have enough for a Long Sword then buy one. The purpose behind having these specific boots and The Brutalizer as your first two built items is to give you the much needed cooldowns on your abilities so you can make use of the much needed damage and utility as much as possible (because you will need to).

Next I get Phage for some survivability and then Sheen for the proc, following up with completing Trinity Force. Trinity Force has great synergy with wukong's kit. The slow procs with his Crushing Blow, so does the bonus damage. On top of that he also needs the extra move speed for his stealth ability and to gank.

After this I finish Youmuu's Ghostblade for the active and extra armor pen, crit and cooldown.

Next up, I grab Infinity Edge because at this point you have plenty of anti armor stuff at your disposal, so its time to drastically increase your damage and crit. Follow this up with a Phantom Dancer for some very lovely dps and move speed for when your abilities are on cooldown.

Finally your last built item, Last Whisper is going to allow you to be so ridiculously powerful you will just make people cry. At this point, Wukong has so much armor pen and damage that the only people that have a chance against you is people that are equally as fed with the plenty of life steal and damage. Even then, if you use good teamwork, it's not going to matter as they will be dead before they can really do anything.

After the final built item, you can stock up on the 3 potions that are in the consumable section for some boost in your stats. You don't need any slots for consumables as long as you are alive.

It is also recommended that you try to get an oracle's whenever possible, as it is needed for detecting wards that prevent ganks and especially wards that detect stealth (Wukong's Decoy).

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Not much to say here other than he isn't very good at it. Try to have a team mate lane with you that has some scary cc or some nice ranged damage. This way you can get some last hits in without being harassed to the point that you can't even stay in your lane.

Wukong has no form of sustain or safe ranged abilities that can help him farm so picking the right lane partner is rather important.

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Team Work

Team work is the key to victory. Knowing your role in the team and what you have to do within that role is also a crucial part of this team work. With my build, the aim is to be kind of an assassin carry (like akali).

Never be the first to enter a team fight. Make sure that you target the most powerful squishy champ in the opposing team. The combo I like to use to achieve this goal is:

Decoy, get in range of the target stated above, Nimbus Strike to them, hit them with Crushing Blow to lower their armor for max damage, then use Cyclone. After this combo, do what ever you have to do whether it's survive to fight another day or go ape shiz on them for the final blows.

Don't stick around for a fight if you are low on hp and your team doesn't have the advantage. However, if say there are two of you left with 1/4 hp and there is 1 enemy with say half hp and you have enough combined cc and damage to take him out without getting yourselves killed, do it! Not committing to a fight when you can is one of the most common ways a lot of teams fail.

They go into a fight lose some hp and then run off thinking 'oh poopy I can't survive this'. Yes its ok to back off, but your team is there with you.. let the other team have a go at them for a sec while you back off and then jump back on them and rinse and repeat. Don't just run and never come back or you are going to lose people.

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A Quick Thanks

For people that take the time to properly examine, test and rate this guide, I would like to extend my thanks to you in advance.

If this guide becomes successful I would also like to thank the people that helped me to learn how to play this game at a competitive level.

Thanks to:

Brainseeker (Seekernotevenmad)
Stonewall (Stonewall008)