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Wukong Build Guide by ScReaMaNiA

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScReaMaNiA

Wukong Long ****!!! - The Guide to Awesomeness

ScReaMaNiA Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off, I would like to mention this is my first guide and I put a lot a time in effort into making this a fun guide to read and I hope you guys enjoy!

In addition, I would like to prove to you this build works with some stats of my previous games because no one wants to waste their time reading a guide that someone assumes works.

As you can see this build does have much success and I will do my best to explain why it does in this guide.

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Pros and Cons


- He is a monkey! (or ape or something like)
- Wukong can deal large burst damage.
- Easy to use
- Wukong is a Bulky Bruiser
- Can assassinate champions as well as Lee Harvey Oswald!


- He is not a Gorilla :(
- Hard to master
- Large cooldown time for Nimbus Strike
- Gets focused too much in team battles

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For the Mark Rune we are going to use Greater Mark of Desolation.This will give Wukong some armor penetration so we do not have to waste money on items (unless absolutely needed) during the game. This will also work well with his Q Crushing Blow.

Next, for the Seal Rune we will be using Greater Seal of Armor for some extra armor to add to Wukong's passive Stone Skin. This will make Wukong very bulky in early game and allow for some easy kills.

Third, for the Glyph Rune we will give Wukong the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. This will give Wukong magic resist that works similar to what I mentioned above. Remember, defense wins championships!...or lanes in this case.

Lastly, for our Quintessence Rune we will be going with Greater Quintessence of Desolation to give Wukong some more armor penetration. This will give Wukong a total of 25 armor penetration that should work well with his Q and free you from buying any items related to armor pen unless needed.

The other option would be to replace some armor pen runes for some more added attack damage, but that is up to you.

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Masteries are pretty self explanatory and usually reflect your own play style. For my build I like to put the focus on offense because my runes make up for the defense.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are absolutely up you and how you prefer to play but I like to use the following:

and or

Exhaust is always a spell to not just lower their armor (due to my mastery upgrade), but mainly to slow them down. This helps me pick up so many kills early game.

Ghost and Flash are totally up to you. In fact, you could use both of them if you would like.

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Skills and Combos

The skill sequence is located at the top of the guide and is not out of the ordinary. The only difference from most Wukong builds is I upgrade Crushing Blow a a couple times before Nimbus Strike because we buy a sheen early game.

First off, Wukong's passive Stone Skin. This is a great passive that when combined with the rune layout listed above, make Wukong an extremely bulky champion early game.

For Wukong's main skills I am not going to explain what they do since people can just scroll over the skills for the descriptions. Instead I will explain to you how to use them to make combos and how to use them in certain situations.

COMBO 1: Q - E - W

This combo has Wukong activate Crushing Blow and then dash into a champion with Nimbus Strike to deal a butt-load of damage. If the enemy champion has friends you can activate Decoy to run away. If not, go ahead and finish him off. On a side note, I once got into a fight with Tryndamere using this combo and when he activated his ultimate Undying Rage I was almost dead so I started to run and when his ultimate expired I used Decoy. Silly Tyrndamere went to attack my decoy thinking he was gonna finsh me off, but my decoy attacked back and finished him off. I thought it was super funny, but I am easily amused...

COMBO 2: W - Q - E

This is the opposite of the combo above because with this combo you activate Decoy first to run close to your enemy without them expecting it and then you finish them off with Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow. This is a great combo to use on enemy champions that are low on health and have over-extended their lane. This will totally catch them by surprise and possibly result in a response such as: "you suck." Don't take these comments personal because it may lead to suicide.

COMBO 3: E - R

With this combo Wukong dashes into a crowd of opposing champions with Nimbus Strike and uses his ultimate Cyclone to though them up in the air and damage them as the run from the pain. Make sure watch your health because you may get focused after doing this combo and I would advise running if needed. However, never use this combo into a a group of enemy champions when you are alone because you will die. Instead just use you ultimate to run away if you have to.

Those are the main combos, but Wukong has many sneaky tricks that just come with flow.

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Now I will go into what items to buy and what items may be viable for Wukong in certain situations.


We buy a Regrowth Pendant first because it allows for Wukong to have survivability in the early game without having to teleport back home every minute to heal. You should not need a Health Potion, so go ahead and save your money so you can buy what you need much quicker. You could always tower hug for a few seconds to regain some health.


If Wukong is laning with a healer such as Sona, Soraka, or Taric then go ahead and buy this item. It will make Wukong much stronger in early game and allow for some easy kills.


philosopher's stone

On you trip back to the shop (between 5-7 min) you will go ahead and upgrade to a philosopher's stone and buy a nice pair of Boots of Speed. This will give your more health/mana regen and some running shoes to replace those lame sandals.


On your third trip you will buy a sheen which works very well with Crushing Blow due to sheen's passive and also pair of upgraded boots. The boots are totally up to you, but I usually buy Mercury's Treads.


These are the bread and butter of Wukong's main items and will really make you powerhouse! the Bloodthirster is an amazing item that only costs 3000 gold and has the potential to give you +100 atk and +25% lifesteal! Of course, some of this is lost if you die but you should not die much due to your bulkiness and escaping abilities.

Warmog's Armor is the next core item I build because it give Wukong a huge amount of health that gets higher as you kill more minions and champions. It also has a great health regen as well. This item also works well with the next core item on the list.

The last core item I build is Atma's Impaler which scales with Warmog's Armor for a huge attack boost and also give Wukong a nice armor and critical hit boost.


Your remaining items are totally up to you and should be based on the game you are playing. In other words, your last items should be totally situational based on the other teams champions that are giving you trouble. Need armor? Buy a Thornmail. Need magic resist? Buy a Force of Nature. Need armor penetration? Buy a Last Whisper. You get the point.

In one game I bought two Warmog's Armor, two The Bloodthirster's and an Atma's Impaler giving me over 5000 health and 400 attack!!!

Now many of you may be wondering (or RAGING!), where is Trinity Force? Well I explain that below.

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Trinity Force and Pokemon?

Many people would die defending the "awesomeness" of this item and I don't deny that this item is great, but it has more CONS when used by Wukong then it does PROS. Why? Well let me explain with a comparison to Pokemon; yes I said it...POKEMON!


I used to play Pokemon competitively and was actually ranked number 1 on People who play Pokemon competitively train their Pokemon to have better stats in certain fields like speed, defense, special defense, attack, special attack and health. However, players could only have so much stat points divided among their stats. This is where strategy and skill comes into play. However,one thing all top players had in common was they would never spread their stats in all the fields and instead would focus on certain areas such attack and speed. For instance, putting 64 stat point into attack and 64 into speed making your Pokemon a strong and fast attacker. So how does this compare to Trinity Force?

Well Trinity Force is an item that gives stat upgrades to almost all of your stats and most of them are not needed for Wukong. Instead with Wukong I like to focus on his attack and and health, making him a bulky bruiser. Now I understand that Trinity Force has an amazing passive that makes Crushing Blow much better, but you need to ask yourself is that worth spending over 4000 gold?! I don't think so...

So instead, we buy Sheen early and still have a 100% boost to Crushing Blow for the rest of the game. If the game happens to last a while then go ahead and buy trinity force, but I advice buying it last because there are much more items that benefit Wukong throughout the game and cost much less.

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I hope you have enjoyed my guide to Wukong Long ****!

Please vote and leave me a comment on what you think about the build.

Remember to use my guide to assist you when playing games but don't be shocked if you find something different that works better for you. In the end, all I aimed for was to show you guys some different ways to use Wukong and why my build has been successful for me.