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Wukong Build Guide by Forever Sick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Forever Sick

Wukong: Oh my, what a beefcake!

Forever Sick Last updated on July 30, 2011
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The Intro

Hello there... welcome to my second guide featuring Wukong, The Monkey King!

I will start by saying that Wukong can be played MANY different ways. These are two different builds thats I use for him. Wukong is a tanky dps, and can be built even tankier if you wish. I have included both builds, so try them as you wish and remember nothing is written in stone.NOTE: Runes and summoner spells will remain the same for the second build.

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The Runes

As a tanky DPS, I feel starting with a little bit more armor and magic resist you get from runes can prove very useful. Armor Penetration works very well with Wukong.

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For my DPS Wukong, I choose to make him a glass cannon. Sheen is a big part of this build, as it provides the burst necessary to make Crushing Blow very lethal. Trinity Force gives Wukong excellent movement speed making it harder to kite him. His core items for my DPS build are: Trinity Force Banshee's Veil and Infinity Edge.
Honorable Mention Items!:
Youmuu's Ghostblade Randuin's Omen Sunfire Cape
Youmuu's works well because getting the early cooldown reduction helps a lot, and the extra gold from the Avarice Blade does add up. The other two items are tanky, but add some extra damage because you will live long enough to poop on your enemies. Yeah, I said poop.

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Laning Phase

I have not encountered any mana problems with Wukong because I take Sheen as my first item. It really helps maintain lane presence. Many time you should be using Crushing Blow to last hit minions and get that creep score up. Keep in mind that Nimbus Strike hits up to three, so you see two or three low minions swoop on them. A well farmed Wukong is very dangerous.

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Summoner Spells/ Starting and leaving fights

Wukong excels at entering and exiting fights. Nimbus Strike into position, and Crushing Blow the first carry you can. This is also the reason I take Exhaust. Its the perfect way to counter a carry.
Leaving a fight is an art form. You will hear a lot of people talk about the Wukong freeze. This occurs when Wukong suddenly stops and you know he has activated his decoy. To me, this is a last hope type of move. If they realize you DIDNT pop Decoy then you die automatically. I take Flash because Decoy and Flash will almost always get you out of harms way. I love to fight in or near brush. It makes a great escape tool.

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What's good... What's bad

What's good:
-Wukong can enter and escape with the best of champions. His ability to deceive is amazing.
-Burst damage with Sheen
-Can 2v1 Thanks to his ultimate.
-His ultimate, Cyclone, makes him useful for team fights. The knock up is great for stomping an enemy carry.
-Very fun to play, I do not get bored playing this champion.
What's Bad:
-Wukong is melee, and sometimes does a better job of initiating and escaping then actually dealing damage.
-You will get a lot of assists until you complete your Trinity Force Its not very hard to escape from a Wukong who has no slow or movement speed.
-I feel his early levels might be a little weak, which can hinder his jungle ability, helping your jungle, or with a level 1 team fight.

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Battle of the Boots

I feel your boots kind of set the pace for what build you are going to be moving towards.
For example:
says I will be an AD champion.

Having tenacity is actually very important, so if they have someone who can hard stun you really need the treads instead of the greaves. you cannot do damage if you are dead.
Examples of opposing champions you may buy Mercury's Treads for:

You get the point... just get some knowledge of other champions and you will know what option to pick.

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If I placed Wukong into a tier it would probably be around 2nd tier, maybe low 1st. He is fun to play, but also compliments a team composition very well because of his versatility. Wukong is not only item dependent, but the items you choose and the ORDER in which you choose them are very important..

Thank you for your time! Please leave me some feedback or tell me of YOUR experiences playing Wukong with your builds or mine.