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Yasuo Build Guide by A Stoned ADC

Yasuo 8.2 Mid/Top Total Dominaton Guide

Yasuo 8.2 Mid/Top Total Dominaton Guide

Updated on February 5, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Stoned ADC Build Guide By A Stoned ADC 15,619 Views 0 Comments
15,619 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author A Stoned ADC Yasuo Build Guide By A Stoned ADC Updated on February 5, 2018
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Hey there,
this is my updated Guide for Yasuo on Top and Midlane. If you got any questions after the guide just leave a feedback or comment and i will answer ASAP.
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Who is Yasuo?

Yasuo is a melee, strong DPS Top and Mid-Lane Fighter/Assassin with maindmg on critical AA´s
He is a lot of fun to play. It´s easy to learn the first steps but he will shine the most after you mastered him. If played right he is one of the strongest champs in League of Legends. His 1v1-1v3 Fight-potential is nearly unique and with a good tanky jungler you can dominate any lane.
He´s the perfect pick for Players who want a new challenge of a champ to master and for those who only search for a funny champ for Normal/rankedmode.
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Pros / Cons

    - Strong Carry-Potential
    - Hard Snowballing
    - First Item grants strong Powerspike
    - Windwall can turn every Teamfight and blocks the strongest ranged spells that could kill your mates or set off a hard CC (Like a Veigar or Braum R)
    - Often banned in Rankeds or Draft-Pick Games
    - Hard if behind
    - Hard to master
    - Strong relying on the Teams Knockups and follow up because of the small time-window of using the R
    - Hated by the community - so if you die the team gets even more toxic in lower Elos (not a real Con but some ppl dont like this i guess :D )
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Lasthitting with E is really easy due to the 0.5 Sec CD. Mostly you are going to freeze so wait till the minion is low on HP then use E. Good possibility of dodging skillshots while farming.
Before going base after taking the first turret, create a Slow-Pushing wave. That means killing the whole wave BUT keep 2 mage-minions alive.
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Team Work

As Yasuo you are hardly relying on your Teams CC, Knock-Ups and Follow-Ups after engaging with your Q followed by an R.
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The Laning-Phase goes like in Wavemanagement described. For the trades you will go with your E on 2 different minions to maximise your E dmg. It increases everytime you E on a Target. The Increase has it´s Cap on 2 Stacks. The E on the Champion is followed up by a Windwall if you see him casting his mainspell or block the inc. Miniondmg if you fight in theire side of the lane. Only do this if you know you can win it safe - even when the jungler comes. You can cancel the Q animation with the Windwall w/immediatly casting it after the Q. It is less predictable and safes Time. After the cancel use AA´s till the Q is up again. Use your E on nearby minions to build up your Passive and evade skillshots or ranged AA´s.
It is your main-entrance ability and your best 1v1íng potential. If you use it withou having vision on the Area around and without the knowledge where the enemies team is right now you can pull yourself in a unwinnable situation if you don´t have R up once you´re in.
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If you´d like to keep up with the great support your doing for me then check out my new monster hunter world youtube channel as well, have a great day and good luck on the fields of justice :)

League of Legends Build Guide Author A Stoned ADC
A Stoned ADC Yasuo Guide
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Yasuo 8.2 Mid/Top Total Dominaton Guide

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