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Yasuo Build Guide by Syandiir

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Syandiir

Yasuo Master of The Wind Build, Balanced Power

Syandiir Last updated on March 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow summoners! This is a build I have used and figured out to be the best balanced against any champion. Tried it and like the build? +Rep it!

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Yasuo is a very difficult champion. It takes a while to master him but once mastered you are a fierce opponent on the field. I have spent many games trying out different builds for Yasuo and have concluded with my own. Weighing out the passives that Yasuo welds and how his abilities work are what helped me decide the items I use.

Starting off with the first item "Statikk Shiv". From what I saw, every build has this item in it and the reason behind it is you have to move as Yasuo to regain your shield and what a coincidence... you have to move to regain the SS dmg. Makes since.
Second item is Tri-Force. A lot of people gave me **** for this item because Yasuo does not use Mana and you are left with 300 mana unused when you get this item. Reason behind getting this item is for its massive amounts of physical dmg it deals when you obtain it. First item to build TF you get is "Phage". Phage allows you to regain you shield even faster through its passive in which gives you more movement speed after a minion/champion kill. Tri-Force also allows your "E" "Sweeping Blade" to do magic damage, this greatly changes the outcome of some engages due to its escalating magic damage.
Third "Blade of the Ruined King". The item for attack speed, attack dmg, and lifesteal. Yasuo is already complex enough with how much macro you use and this adds on to that difficulty but if used correctly, it is very deadly. Also increases the time you can stay in a fight.
Don't forget your boots... Need that attack speed ;) Get these before Tri-Force but luckly Phage gives you some speed to run away or towards an enemy.
Fourth item is "Spirit Visage". Tank for MR, Extra Health, cooldown reductions, and a very useful passive (Increases Self-healing, Health Regen, Lifesteal, and Spell Vamp effects by 20%). Helps the longevity of your team fights.
Fifth item is "Youmuu's Ghostblade". This item is merely a late game item and will help you with map control and those OP tanks with massive amounts of armor. Also gives you crit.

One last thing I must touch up on. Why do you have so little crit? Yasuo has a lovely passive, what ever your crit is... it is doubled so even if you have 20% crit its truly 40%. My build utilizes the passive and reallocates the OP crit you could get into Magic damage and tank which I think greatly improves the teams ability to win.

Your welcome guys, please comment and help me improve if you see any imperfections!


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Pros / Cons


-Great Early, Mid and Late game
-Amazing Basic attacking speed and dmg
-MR for those mana *****s
-Cooldowns are shorter and you are faster due to active abilities


-Late life steal so staying alive requires health pots
-unused mana from Tri-Force
-easily targeted