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Kennen Build Guide by mushyblub

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mushyblub

Yes they make shurikens this small.... and dangerous

mushyblub Last updated on September 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Oke hai guys,
First guide here so im kinda noob but ill try :D. Felt bored one day and i was like why not write a guide. So i wrote a guide.
Im not like best player oce (not even close) and not everyone will agree to my guide and stuff, plz keep in mind this is only my opinion and should only be used as a rough indication. Also excuse my use of shortened words and slang(ish). Im kinda used to it and im sure you will understand ^.^
Ill start by saying that i love ad kennen and he can go any lane; top, mid, adc. i much prefer ad kennen over ap and IK ppl will disagree but again this is only my opinion. Ignore me if u wish and enjoy :D

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Pros / Cons


  • Stuns
  • Nice base attack speed (mayb damage)
  • Great kiting potential
  • High mobility
  • No mana :D
  • More stuns
  • Good range overall
  • STUNS >.<


  • Ult used mainly for defense
  • Abilities scale off ap (except for that w proc)
  • Once locked down cant do much
  • Countered by a quite a few top laners (pick wisely)
  • "Not the meta" so community doesnt like it much (e.g. AD KENNEN WTF GG WP REPORT PLZ)

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Pretty straightforward


Should do good in giving you more damage and stuff.
Umm... 21 in offense for the damages, aimed at mostly late game. 9 in defense for... idk defense :D.

I like the extra health from Veteran's Scars , i hate being squishy early game even thou 30 isnt much but i still like.

The Weapon Expertise mastery works well with my armor pen runes... i suppose.

I take more armor over magic resist; 3 points in Hardiness but 1 point in Resistance . I just generally face more ad enemies than ap. If your mid then you can change these to more magic resist. Its all flexible :)

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

These runes are like general for most ad champs and stuff i guess.
Armor pen is nice all throughout the game. I prefer them over flat ad runes because it makes more of an impact late game where a bit of extra ad wont really matter.

Flat armor runes cuz like you dont want to die early to them harras or like some freaky scary mega ad heavy top laner at early levels (if your top).

Scaling magic resist cuz generally you wont meet the ap mid til mid/late game unless your mid ofc. In that case you can bring Flat MR runes if you want to survive that harras but personally i think its too much of a hassle :/

And also flat ad quints cuz... why not. Moar damages :D

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Alright. Items.

Oke first i like to start off with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potion. this is so that i can stay in lane for a long long long time (unless im against a really annoying champ and doing badly). I like staying in lane for a long time cuz it generally gives you a level advantage. I like level advantages.

You can also start off with Long Sword and 2x Health Potion or even a Doran's Blade, which is perfectly fine for more damage and is preferred for some people but i like my speed. Just choose either one it doesnt matter too much.

I wont go into items you should get on first back because the gold i have on my first back varies alot. What you do need to know is that you need to start building up to the Blade of the Ruined King. This is the first core item on ad kennen bcuz its really useful in any situation and is perfect for kennen's kit.

This combined with Statikk Shiv makes kennen deal already quite alot of damage. In extreme circumstances with these two items and level advantages you MAY, just may be able to 1v2 with your ult. Dont try this unless you are confident :D.

So with the core items done, the rest is basically up to you and your preferences. I prefer a Phantom Dancer because i really enjoy having lots and lots of attack speed (and movement speed). After this full build of attack speed you might want some flat damage and Infinity Edge gives alot of damage.

By now you are basically unstoppable and can 1v1 anyone (no you cant dont try it), but as a last measure to ensure that zed doesnt finish you in seconds, Guardian Angel. Cuz i dont like dying :D

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Skill Sequence

For skills i like to start with my Thundering Shuriken.
If your opponent is really strong and has a gap closer level 1, you may need your Lightning Rush first. Same principal applies to the second ability. Electrical Surge if you are doing well, Lightning Rush if defensive. Get it so far?
At level 2 if you have both Q and W with the W charged up, it could lead to an easy stun and quite alot of damage on your lane opponent. Which is cool.

Maxing your Electrical Surge first is a good idea because since you are ad focused, the charge on your w will deal more damage. Also because your build is attack speed focused, you will proc more W charges.

Max Thundering Shuriken second because it is an easy way to apply more stacks of Mark of the Storm and deals decent base damage.

I max Lightning Rush last bcuz as an ad kennen i only use it to catch up or run away from the enemy. Only rarely i use it to deal damage and most of the time it is when some bruiser jumps on top of me and i Lightning Rush away, marking him as well.

As always, level your ult when you can. It is really useful :)

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For summoner spells i normally take Flash and Ignite. Flash is too useful to let go of but you can replace the Ignite with a number of alternatives. I do like ignite though; i could use the healing reduction as an excuse but really i just want more damage :D. Ignite gets alot of kills. However if you are not such a big fan of ignite, take one of these;

  • Barrier - useful on ad carries and for squishies in general. Helps you survive
  • Cleanse - ad kennen really gets locked down by cc and is rendered useless. Cleanse can help escape many sticky situations in combination with your Lightning Rush
  • Teleport - great for your team, get back to your lane for more bullying, fun for those late game backdoors :)
  • Ghost - i wouldnt really take it since you have your Flash but its for extreme running/chasing power

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Playing Kennen

Okay so when playing ad kennen, you should know a few things.
I know this looks like whole lot of boring text but bear with me :D

Early laning

Poke the hell out of your lane opponent(s). Use your abilities, shouldnt be that hard. If your going adc and have a nice tanky all in support (i.e. Leona) arrange to go in at level 2 or 3. Make sure you have your W charge up.
Alternatively at level 6, both you and your tanky support (take leona for example) pop your abilities/ults etc. The enemy adc should get stunned like 4-5 times :).

Mid game

If you farmed well and got a few kills you should have you core items by now and be wrecking hell across the rift.

Many people say that kennen is no longer viable as an adc or ad in general but ive done it many times and i can tell you that it works fine. The main factor of why kennen is successful as ad is bcuz of all his STUNS.

Even enemy bruisers who go straight for the squishy (you) get stunned like 3 times and melted. Yeah i know each stun is less than the previous but it still interrupts them long enough for you to kill or get a significant health advantage over them. From there if they are persistant, just kite them with you Lightning Rush and you STUNS. Stuns the best :D

Late game

Basically like every adc in the late game stage, wreck people but dont die. In this stage you need to be wary of the enemy assassins who have enough damage to burst you down in 3 seconds(ish). Stick with you team and play safe.

With Guardian Angel you can be an initiator for your team as well. Your ult will still hit while you are in the death stasis and your team follows up with their stuff = win (hopefully).

Important things to note

  • Kennen's ult range is shorter than his attack range (which is really annoying). This means that most of the time you cannot use it offensively as effectively. It is best saved for when enemy assassins/tanks/bruisers dive onto you so that you can make the most out of the stuns.
  • Be aware that you cannot attack while in Lightning Rush form so remember to reactivate it to continue doing damage. As said earlier it should be used as a gap closer not a source of damage.

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AD kennen is really fun and enjoyable.
Goes any lane and still mostly stomps on the lane opponent. (yeah i said mostly)
Go try it for yourself, its awsm >.<

Plz vote if you liked/disliked, leave a comment that would be cool

Its my first guide let me know where i went wrong and stuff im open to feedback

Thank you and i hope this guide helped :D