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Master Yi Build Guide by TacticalSurvivor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TacticalSurvivor

Yi, Headhunter Style (3v3)

TacticalSurvivor Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is my second build :)

Master Yi is one of the most epic DPS Champions in League of Legends. This Build/Guide will show you how to make Yi kick some *** in The Twisted Treeline ;)

He can be played either based on AD, or AP. Personaly I like Attack Damage best, cause you, well let's just say, "fly" around and burst out damage like no other AD Carry! :)

Master Yi is also one of the best minion farmer Champions.

Please Vote and leave a comment! :D

AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
DPS = Damage Per Second
AS = Attack Speed
MR = Magic Resist
ArP = Armor Penetration
LS = Lifesteal
Hpl = Health per level
MS = Movement Speed

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Okay, MobaFire obviously can't figure out calculating the right Stats, so I've made a test, and wrote down the Stats of this build when you reach level 18 and have maxed out Items.

Health = 2130
HP Regen per 5 = 18
Attack Damage = 419 (This is with full stacked The Bloodthirster and passive of Wuju Style)
Armor Penetraation = 19 | 10%
Lifesteal = 43%
Attack Speed = 2.002
Crit Chance = 91%
Range = 125
Movement Speed = 426
Mana = 847
MP Regen per 5 = 15
Ability Power = 0
Spell Penetration = 0 | 0%
Spell Vamp = 0%
Cooldown Reduction = 0.00%
Armor = 125
Magic Resist = 60

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Personaly I prefer 6x Greater Mark of Desolation and 3x Greater Mark of Attack Damage, but if you want then you can go flat Greater Mark of Desolation. This gives a good bonus, especially when heading for First Blood at the beginning.

5x Greater Seal of Critical Chance for some more Crit Chance, and 4x Greater Seal of Armor for some Armor. You can also go either flat Greater Seal of Critical Chance or flat Greater Seal of Armor.

Get 5x Greater Glyph of Critical Damage because when you crit you deal even more damage, which is really bad-***.
4x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for a bit MR.

1x Greater Quintessence of Desolation for a good deal of ArP, and 2x Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance gives good Crit Chance.
Again you can go either flat Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance.

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Go offense (obviously), and focus on building up AD, AS, LS, ArP and the 10% more Crit Damage.

With the rest 9 points, you could spent them in Utility to get the longer Buff Effects, but I don't see this as necessary in The Twisted Treeline. Take the 1 pont in MR and 3 points on Armor, then get Hpl and the +30 Health.

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The items are very crusual to building a good Master Yi. As you probably know, Master Yi is very easy to kill of stunned or his AS is greatly slowed. Or if exhausted too, he's almost worthless here.

So to start of, I buy Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.

Then get Berserker's Greaves for some AS, and then Zeal for Crit Chance, AS and MS.

When you finish building your Phantom Dancer, this is when it might get tricky. If the enemy team consists of 2 or 3 Champions going AD, then you wanna get Thornmail instead of Infinity Edge. Thornmail really saves your *** in teamfights, and you can easily kill your enemies.

If you still feel like taking too much Damage, buy Frozen Mallet, it gives Health, AD, and slows your enemies when you hit them.

Now you wanna get some AD so go get that Infinity Edge, and then you got some more Crit Chance and Crit Damage as well. Now you're seriously bad-***!

Now, why not get some LS and more AD? Because if you don't, you won't last long in team fights anymore... So go buy that Bloodthurster!!

At this time, (if the game lasts this long), the enemy are probably getting some Armor to resist your bursting damage. Even if they don't, The Black Cleaver is the item just for you. It gives some good AS, and ArP stacking, so now you're more or less unstoppable.

And just to make it more fun, we sell our Berserker's Greaves and get another Phantom Dancer instead. Now your AS and Crit Chance is almost at max.

If you feel for it, buy the Youmuu's Ghostblade and use it's speciel effect when engaging, or running. I don't prefer this, but if you really wanna be swift, and get from A to B fast, Youmuu's Ghostblade is the answer.

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In-Depth View

(Will try to find a better map soon)
This is the map of The Twisted Treeline. I'll try to explain some tactics about the map.

First, as soon the game begins, regardless of which site you Spawn in, you should quickly buy your starting item(s), and head down where the two blue "Bottom" Arrows meet. This is where you will go for the first kill (First Blood). Be careful though, always let the most tanky champion of your team head in frist. You never know what hides inside the bush.
First Blood is a good boost to the early game, cause it gives 400 gold in reward (more if you have any gold bonuses).

If you manage to get into the bushes before the enemy team, wait for the enemy to get just in front of the bush, target the enemy's most vulnareble Champion, then strike with Alpha Strike, and try to get the kill. Be careful here too, though you might get your *** kicked if you are too gready for the kill. Always watch your Health Bar.

If it happens that the enemy doesn't show up, don't go around look for them. They are surely in a bush you don't expect them to be in.

When "Minions have Spawned", you should go for the top lane, if it's alright with your team. Have this is in place of who goes where, and try to get the top lane.
If you are allowed to get top lane, but your opponent is too strong for you, get one of your teammates to shift lanes.

Okay, now theres either 2 things to, depending on what situation you're in.

1. If it goes well for you at top lane, and you push the enemy back to his/her turret, look at the map, and see if your teammates are pushing them too. If not, head down for a gank.
If they do push them, go up instead, and farm the weaker minions. Or go down to the middle and farm the minions to the side (your side).

2. If it happens that you are getting pushed back to the turret alot, then you should consider switching lane with one of your teammates. But don't hate them if they don't wanna switch. Just play defensive, and be sure to inform you team when your enemy is missing (ss).

I've been asked, "What are you going to do if you meet a Pro Jax with Exhast?" Well, if you're level 6 or above, pop (use) your Highlander and get the hell back to your turret. If the turret is destroyed, try to get all the way back to your base.
If you're under level 6, then you must be very smart and quick, and ping your location on the map, so that your teammates can come and help you, then you run down towards them, and Exhausts Jax in the mean time. If your Exhaust is on Cooldown, you just try to outsmart Jax by running into bushes or that kind. Playing Master Yi is not a game here, it's more an art, if you wanna be a succesful Yi.

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Team Work

The key to Victory is teamwork. But, as Master Yi, and if you follow this Build/Guide, you can almost actually be a One-Man team. But don't do this, cause suddenly the game could turn, and then you're, well, sorry but, ****ed.

And when in team fights, you should try to focus the APs and Supporters, and AD Carries. Don't focus the tank, AD Carries and APs will just burst you down like a fly.
And for God Sake, don't be a jerk and steal your teammate's kills...

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Skill Sequence

First, get Alpha Strike to be able to get the first blood with ease. Don't max this at first, cause Wuju Style gives you the AD needed at low levels, so max this first.

Meditate is not used at all if you go full DPS. But when you go AP Master Yi, Meditate is required.

Just keep maxing Wuju Style and get your Highlander when possible. This is the best way to built a DPS Master Yi.

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Unique Skills

Master Yi's Alpha Strike is a very, very useful skill to have. If an enemy Champion like Shaco or Tryndamere tries to escape over walls, or if any other champion tries with Flash, then, if your timing is perfect, you can follow them over the walls with Aplha Strike.

Highlander is probably one of the most epic Ultimates for DPS/Carries in League of Legends, because of it's AS and MS. And, it's Special Ability, that when you kill an enemy Champion, ALL your skills on Cooldown will be ready to use again immediately. On assists, the effect is halved. But remeber, this effect only works if you have Highlander activated!

Wuju Style gives passive AD, but when you use the ability, this effect is DOUBLED!! Thess are really some Unique Skills if you ask me.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ignite are the 2 best Summoner Spells to have as Master Yi. Because almost every game you will face most AD/DPS Champions. And Exhaust takes care of these guys.
It reduces their Movement Speed, their Damage dealt, both by normal attacks, but also Damage dealt with Abilities and Items!

Exhast is almost a Must-Have when playing against Tryndamere. And Ignite too, cause, as we all know, when Tryndamere has used his Undying Rage and is about to flee, you put Ignite on him, and just wait and hope that it will take care of. In most cases, it will. ;)

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As the game goes on, and when you feel like having spare time, go for jungling and farm as many minions as possible. Try to get the Auras (Buffs) and the Dragon if possible.

And be careful when jungling, cause you might meet some "monsters" that you don't wanna meet right there. ;)

But jungling is very important as Master Yi, if you want to win. :)