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Jinx Build Guide by YoonaBoona

ADC YoonaBoona's High Elo Jinx Guide!

ADC YoonaBoona's High Elo Jinx Guide!

Updated on April 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YoonaBoona Build Guide By YoonaBoona 61 3 48,922 Views 8 Comments
61 3 48,922 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YoonaBoona Jinx Build Guide By YoonaBoona Updated on April 5, 2021
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Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Typical Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Let's be honest..
If you're ranked below Diamond 1, the skill gap between you and other players isn't that different.

Any Gold player could do fine in a Diamond 4 game, and any Diamond 4 players can struggle to carry in Gold elo.

The point is, League of Legends players in all elos struggle to close out games, lose lanes they shouldn't lose, or die unnecessarily. Jinx can take advantage of these mistakes, and help you carry these games with ease.

Jinx's passive Get Excited! gives Jinx a massive Attack speed and Movement Speed steroid. After killing an enemy champion or Large Monster, Jinx gains this buff, allowing you to chase down enemies and DPS, reposition to DPS, or run away to safety. In all these messy games, Jinx's passive allows you to snowball team fights and pick up kills left and right.

Match this with Jinx's massive range, Global Ultimate, and high damage potential, you can begin to carry games :D

Like shown in the portion above, here are the Runes I suggest to take on Jinx. Overall, I believe Runes for Jinx are pretty up to preference, and you can find my thoughts on each of the options down below. Test them out yourself and see what feels best to you!

The Keystones

Press the Attack, Lethal Tempo and Conqueror of the Precision Tree Keystones are viable Runes on Jinx and picking the right Rune setup for each game will help you destroy on Jinx.

Press the Attack
Press the Attack is probably the worst of the three when it comes to Keystones. While it does give extra damage after procing three auto attacks, Jinx benefits more from the attack speed from Lethal tempo, or the damage with Conqueror. There is a world where I could see you taking PTA against a very very heavy tank comp, but usually taking Cut Down into those type of team comps will be enough tank shred.

Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo is a very good rune to take on Jinx. I personally take it when I feel I'll be doing a lot of front to back teamfighting where there isn't very many threats diving onto me. With supports that offer Attack speed boosts like Lulu, it's also nice to be able to surpass the attack speed cap and allow Jinx to feed Rocket Q's into the enemy team. Lethal tempo also has a lot of all in potential in lane, combo'd with Traps and W, you can run down any over extended enemies.

Conqueror has been the rune that most Jinx's are currently running. While in the end it's up to preference, Conqueror right now gives Jinx and her kit extra damage and a bit of healing with domination second. Jinx's Q stacks conqueror so you can stack it up pretty consistently. Overall, not a bad rune to take on Jinx to add to her straightforward kit.

Standard Runes

This is going to be your standard rune page for Jinx. Taking this into most team comps will ensure that you have enough healing to survive Jinx's weakest build flaw, while giving you enough damage to dps and carry fights.

Conqueror - As mentioned earlier Conqueror is currently the best Keystone Choice for Jinx. With Jinx's Q being able to stack Conqueror with every auto, Jinx can build up stacks with her long range Q's late game, and completely take over team fights.
Presence of Mind - POM is a MUST HAVE on Jinx, since you'll be spamming your Q a lot in the late game. Without Mana, Jinx's safety with range becomes a lot shorter, so take POM to ensure you always have Q available in the late game.
Legend: Alacrity - Alacrity gives Jinx more attack speed later in the game. Since you're taking Conqueror over Lethal Tempo, I personally like to have Alacrity to offset the attack speed I'm losing without Lethal Tempo. This helps you kite faster while using Q form. You may also take Bloodline if you feel you'll need more healing.
Cut Down - Jinx doesn't really have great tank shred compared to champions like Vayne, but it's also not that bad. Having cutdown helps Jinx shred through high health enemies, and building armor pen and kraken help with this too. Overall, most teams will have high health targets that Jinx will need to hit at the start of teamfights, so having cut down will always help. If there are no tanks, you can take coup de grace instead.
Taste of Blood - Jinx doesn't really build any life steal until fourth or fifth item, and a lot of the time, it can be a little late for Jinx, as she will need some type of healing to stay topped off in team fights. Taste of blood will help increase healing as you play these fights front to back.
Ravenous Hunter - Alongside Conqueror and Taste of blood, Ravenous Hunter also provides us with some healing. As you continue to push out damage on Jinx, the healing from these runes will come together to provide Jinx some survivability.
Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Armor will always be our standard on Jinx. The only variation you'll need to make is when you're up against AP Botlaner in which case you'll want to swap the Armor for Magic Resist.

Early Game TLDR: Secure Farm, Look for trap all-in's, and scale

Jinx's only job in every single game is to scale.
She is a Hyper Carry who succeeds if she is is able to get to her three core items on time.

In the early game, you don't have as much damage as the other adc's and you're quite immobile making you vulnerable to supports. If you are able to consistently secure as much cs as possible during the laning phase (8cs/min+), you set yourself up for Jinx's major item spikes for the mid game.
This means that you must not lose lane.

Jinx's biggest strength within lane is her range and E threat . Your first priority should be farm and take down the enemy tower, but along the way, you can use you W and Q range to poke out your enemies.

Trading in Lane:
Your Q is a fantastic way to sneak in trades during the laning phase. Farming with your base range then switching to your long range Q, to weave in an auto on the enemies while they cs. Casually farm, then swap to Q to auto them and immediately back off before they can retaliate. Auto them a couple times over the course of the lane and you'll begin to build pressure to potentially all in.

All in 2v2's:
Your E and W combo is really strong as a follow up to cc or an initiation for your support. If you enemy oversteps, throw traps behind them, forcing them to commit to the trade or be forced to walk around them. This gives your support time to find an engage on the enemy. You can also use E as a follow up to CC. Just remember it has a slight cast time before it is able to snare, so throw it before your support's CC will end. Once chained in cc, you can all in the enemies.
You can also E and instantly W. This will make the enemy feel as if they need to dodge the W and therefore get caught in the traps. if they don't dodge the W, they will be slowed and get caught in the traps anyways.

ALWAYS look for cross map snipes with !!!!
Low health enemies will always be on the map at some point during the laning phase, so stay aware to ensure you can always pick up free gold by shooting a rocket across the map to kill a low health enemy.

Here's a couple Ult snipe tips:
- Enemies always recall behind their towers (90% of the time)
- It takes 8 Seconds for Jinx's ult to travel across the map.
- It also takes 8 seconds to recall. If you don't know where they backed, they'll always end up in the same spot once they finish recall :D (Trust me it works a lot)
- back out of lane before ulting so the enemy bot lane doesn't warn their teammates of your ult.

Mid Game TLDR: Rotate to other lanes to take towers and play with your Jungler.

The mid game for Jinx is very similar to other Adcs. You always want to be with your team since you are a very immobile adc before you get your passive. Play with your Support and Jungle, rotating around the map to ensure you're playing for objectives with them.

When you take down the enemy bot lane tower, you have 4 choices:
1. Rotate Top to take down top tier 1 tower
2. Rotate Mid to take down mid tier 1 tower
3. Remain bot lane (Usually if Dragon is about to spawn)
4. Take rift herald with Jungle and look to take down mid or top tier 1 tower

You can rotate to top lane if dragon is not up. If it is, stay bot lane shoving out the wave and prepare to rotate to dragon with your Jungle before rotating to the top side of the map.
Your goal is to take down the top tower or rotate into rift herald, especially if it is pre 14 minutes.
In some cases, you may rotate to mid (If your top laner is hard wiining, they may want to stay in that lane, but they might rotate bot lane to 1v2. Play it by ear), if you do rotate mid, you're looking to take down the middle tower and open up the map.

If you're confused of what to do, you can follow this general priority guideline:
1. Dragon up -> Stay Bot
2. Rift Herald up and Jungle will help -> Take it and go Mid or Top
3. Top lane tier 1 is easier to take -> Go take tier 1
4. Top wont rotate out of top -> Go Mid lane
5. If all else fails freeze bot or roam with Jungler.

If the enemy takes your tower first:
You can rotate out, following your bot lane to the lane they go, having your mid or top laner go match the opposing enemy laner.
You can freeze bot lane and try to catch up in cs. This also forces the enemy bot lane to rotate to mid or top, which means you can then shove lane to take bot tower in reutrn, or shove and go help your team.

Late Game TLDR: Shoot 4head

Jinx excels in team fights that are front to back. Play with your support and mage mid laner, autoing the targets in front of you and looking for an opportunity to get a huge Q with runnan's into the backline with either Flash or Passive

Traps are an amazing zoning tool during teamfights as well. Throw them behind the enemy front line to seperate them from their team, using this time to auto them and burn them down to get your passive. During this time, you can also auto the front line while looking for a Ult snipe into the backline, helping your team kill the backline and giving you a huge buff.

Other than that, look for Jinx ult steals on Dragon and Baron! Jinx's Ult does a TON of damage to Large Monsters with splash damage because of Missing Health Percentage.
Within the late game Jinx's Ult can do 1800DMG to baron and roughly 1000 to Dragon. It will take practice to get the timing right, but in most cases, it's nearly impossible to out smite, so get to stealing!

Jinx is a fantastic hyper carry who excels in team fights where she can get a reset.

With her absurd amount of attack speed and range, focus on securing farm and getting to your huge Crit power spikes. Stay in the back, hitting enemies in front of you until its time to run forward with passive and take over a fight.

Jinx is a super straightforward adc, so do your best to play consistently and you'll find a lot of success on her.

I'm YoonaBoona, a League of Legends Youtuber and Streamer with over 2 Million Mastery Points on Jinx.

I've been playing League since Season 4 placing Silver in my first season, Platinum in my second, then Diamond every season afterwards.

I'm by no means a fantastic player, but I'm one of few Jinx mains in "Higher" elo, so I hope this guide will at least help fellow Jinx mains get to where I am!

League of Legends Build Guide Author YoonaBoona
YoonaBoona Jinx Guide
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YoonaBoona's High Elo Jinx Guide!

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