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Yorick Build Guide by Araelor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Araelor

Yorick Mori: Born on a Monday...

Araelor Last updated on November 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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"You will remember..."

Greetings and welcome to this rather different guide on Yorick: The Gravedigger. I'll admit this is my first guide and really, first time contributing anything back to Mobafire and so this may well be lacking the skill of most (Creativity-wise).

When Yorick first was released, there was a lot of hype about him. I was one of those who absolutely loved the idea. A Tanky-DPS with pets? A slow? Life-steal? Yet, since his release he's fallen into the caste of those few champions who contribute very little to the team and will often cause someone to leave the queue should he be selected.

The past week, I decided I'd pick him up again and try a few new routes with him and happened across this little gem. I won't ask you to be polite about your comments or votes, for what is a guide worth if it is babied? I simply ask that you make the attempt to try it before you vote or down-vote.

Now, without further ado...

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Pros / Cons

Extremely high damage early game that scales well into late
Deadly Ghouls (At level 1, does 50 damage per swing)
Great Spam ability
Low Mana Cost for main damage

Less mana than other builds due to lacking Manamune
Not quite as tanky early on
Main damage requires melee range, difficult against ranged champions (Ashe, Nidalee)

With this build, I find myself slamming my lane opponents for a heavy chunk of damage straight from the get-go. At level three, can hit for a full 150-200 damage, without counting the ghoul's auto-attacks afterwards. This is incredibly spam worthy as it only costs 40 mana per use and has a rather low cooldown.

However, due to the fact that your main assortment of damage comes from a melee swing, you may find yourself in that extremely unlucky dual ranged lane. Of course, this can be countered should you have a decent lane partner ( , , preferably anyone with a slow/stun).

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation: This gives us a healthy chunk of armor pen right of the get go. More Armor Pen means less enemy armor. Less enemy armor means more damage taken.

Greater Mark of Desolation: Same as above. The two combined offer a near total of 25 Armor Penetration from the moment the game starts.

: After some of the comments, I decided to change this. The extra health early means you can hold up better against the harass of the ranged champions more while also staying to land that extra against the melee.

: Annoyed with those pesky mages like Brand and Ryze? These will keep them from doing that beastly damage potential early game so you can stop their feeding into late.

NOTE: I do not actually have the health runes but I doubt that will factor in.

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For Masteries in this build, I went with a full 21/0/9. This allows us to do the damage we need while also being able to grab a Blue Buff and not have it gone the next minute, permitting much more damage capacity and spam without having to head back to the Plate due to mana.


Since our main damage is auto-attacks, we don't really need the ability power. The small boost of crit damage isn't impressive but it's a better choice.

The fact that this lowers their armor is the main reason we take this. The increased duration isn't all that special, but a total of -41 of their armor (Includes runes, etc)? Impressive.

A small bit of CDR can go a long way. It's minor, but it helps with the cooldowns of our abilities, allowing more chance to survive if we get caught.

More a filler than anything, the attack speed is somewhat nice. Our attack damage is our biggest attribute, so slapping them a bit faster makes filling their grave that much easier.

You've heard me ramble enough about Armor Penetration.

This is one of our required bits. Our gets a 1.2 damage bonus per one point of attack power. Do the math and you'll understand.

Again, more of a filler than an actual help to us. We don't crit all that often. If you'd rather use this elsewhere in the offense tree, it's perfectly fine.

The main event. 4% boost to all our attack damage. Basic stats, runes and masteries all benefit from it. It's the main reason we pack so much punch so early.

Less time dead means more time spent filling the graves. It's that simple.

Filler, nothing more.

The increased experience means we level more quickly. Who can complain with that? More levels mean more skill points, more skill points mean more damage.

The reason I take Utility over defense? This gem here. With blue buff, your becomes an easy spam with only a three second cooldown.

Utility over Defense?
Really, it's your choice if you invest these points between one or the other. I chose utility simply for the damage possibility. Really, if you go to defense, you're not losing much of it. It just means your blue won't last as long.

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x 2
These make us less squishy and add to our power. The lifesteal is nice along with our E as well.

Less cooldown means more spam. Damnit, Jim! We've been over this!

Again, we become less squishy and gain damage, but there's also some crunch in this little candy bar. We get a on-hit slow chance, which makes things all too easy when we have 's 35% speed boost.

Until this, we were limited by our mana. This allows us a bit more sustain as we get some juicy mana and a nice little buff along with it. After a cast, any, and not just , our next attack deals double.

: Remember that word 'squishy'? You won't be using it from this point on. 1350 Health bonus when fully charged and health regeneration.

If you recall what was mentioned in Sheen and enjoyed it, you'll love it even more. That 100% damage boost now goes to 150%, along with a bunch of juicy stats.

Our finale. The health we've gained from Warmog and Doran's now add 2% total to our attack damage, as well as giving us some armor against those pesky AD champions like Ashe and Caitlyn.

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Skill Sequence

Opinion: Our Passive makes spamming ghouls a worthwhile investment as well as an added bonus for our build. The more damage we do, the more our Ghouls do. The more health we have, the more health they do. This makes our ghouls nearly as dangerous as we are and not something to be ignored.

Opinion: I've rambled enough about this the entire guide that you should just read the ability tooltip. This is the first skill we max for the most damage potential early on. The speed boost is extremely helpful for catching those who try to escape their demise or fleeing from returning to our own.

Opinion: This is a handy little skill. It does some decent damage and also slows them down as long as it's on their position (Which it generally is). This makes it much less easier to kite us and so much easier to catch them as they flee.

Opinion: This is our second favorite little helper. Not only does it do a handy chunk of damage based off our attack damage, but the damage it does heals us. It's a nice ability to use if you're low health and there are creeps by the drove about. Dropping it on an enemy champion who's getting cocky also gives them a little scare.

Opinion: This ult is a magical one, much like 's , save it doesn't require a kill for it to spawn. Using it on either your most powerful team mate or that focus'd support, you can entirely turn team fights in your favor. Not to mention, it's easy to use to tank towers while you smash them to pieces before the enemy can even respond. It's weaker than you are, but still powerful. Use it to turn a 5v5 into a 6v5.

Overall: For the purposes of this build, you want to max as soon as possible. It crushes squishies and makes their escape that much more difficult as you fly towards them with shovel in hand. Afterwards, it's all about the game play. Are you being heavily poked and need to heal before you lose the lane? Grab your War Ghoul and suck in as much life as you can. Your enemies keep escaping? Snare them with your Pestilence and make sure they can't flee their fate.

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Summoner Spells

This is our go-to spell for escapes and chases. If we're surprised by a gank, we flash out to the nearest safe route back out of it. Need to get that last bit of distance to snare a kill? Flash at them and make them rue the day they over-extended.

With our mastery, it lowers their armor further by 10 as well as slows them to a crawl. Use it offensively to crush that little fly and bury them along with their empty coinpurse, or defensively against that wasp who's intent on peeling your shovel from your cold, dead hands.

Other viable spells:

An easy way to escape their slows and stuns and get out of that gank. Or turn around and cave their head in.

Need that little burst of damage to get the kill, or just a way to stop their annoying drinking habit of health potions? This is the skill for you.

You're already incredibly agile with your little helper ghoul. Do you want to make their escape absolutely impossible? Ghost into the fray and pop their little head, or bolt away from that Warwick as he seeks to pin you for the rest.

Handy if their team is incredibly dedicated to pushing every lane possible. Other than that, not so much worth besides a quick blue pill return.

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Game Play

Early (Lane Phase): At this point, it depends on who you're up against. If you've managed to get lucky and get melee lane opponents ( , you can feel free to farm. Should they get in range or get too cocky, a slap with your will generally do enough damage to keep them at bay. With your lane mate, you should have no problem unless the other team is incredibly good or incredibly durable/ranged. If you do managed to get Ranged opponents, make sure you keep your last hits on minions but don't allow yourself to be pinned down and sniped early. Keep an eye on the bush and make sure you pop your should you get less than half health.

Mid: At this rate, you should have your Doran's Sword, (Or Lucid). Depending on how well your game has gone, you may even have the starting of . Either or, you should start getting aggressive. Make sure you have an eye out for the enemy jungle if there is one and make sure you have a lane mate with you if there's any MIA's. If you can, take a blue buff either from your own side or their's. If you have a jungler on your side, make sure you ask, as the Blue Buff is extremely powerful in the hands of a good Jungle. If you'd rather farm, make sure to utilize your ghouls. They can help you tear minion waves in half extremely quickly and their cooldowns aren't life threatening to use.

Late: With your and in hand, you're the beast in any team fight. If they get close, smash them for heavy damage. Utilize your slow and make sure to keep them CC'd for your team while using to either finish them off or keep them at range. If you can, either yourself, your support, or your carry. They can be priceless in a fight, even if it lasts ten seconds. If you feel cocky, you can easily tank a tower by ult'ing yourself and using the ghost to keep it busy while the two of you smash it.

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Again, I apologize for the lack of skill when creating this guide. I'm still adapting to it, I'm afraid. I hope such didn't impede the general idea of this getting to you. Yorick is still incredibly fatal in Rift and Dominion. I may possibly expand this to Dominion whenever I get the time/chance to.

I hope that you do, in fact, find it useful. I have a dream, a dream that one day, the Gravedigger won't cause everyone to dodge queue's in terror, but instead raise a cheer. If by this guide, lovely. If not, I'll be incredibly happy nonetheless.

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Change Log

November 12, 2011: Replaced with and with
November 8th, 2011: Guide posted