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Yorick Build Guide by huntermanone

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author huntermanone

Yorick The AD Top Carry Season 3

huntermanone Last updated on March 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello to all readers my name is Cameron, i am an avid league of legends player just wanting to share my experience with you guys.
Here i bring a Yorick guide with a comprehensive build which i think works great for carrying games which can always increase your league standings.
I do have a YouTube channel were a video of me using this build is in play, any support and good feedback would be much appreciated i do not upload regularly because of college work but always will try to bring good content out.

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The Pros And The Cons Of Yorick

. Very tanky and Is hard to kill in a team fight
. Use of the his ultimate at the right time can make victory for your team
. Good champion for chasing down enemy's and getting those secure kills
. Wrong use of his ultimate and positioning of your team can almost certainly lead to defeat
. Weak against Squishy champions who have the ability to get away such as Teemo or Kassadin

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Early Game Tactics

Defending Red Buff:

It is good to position yorick just above the lizard in the bush taking his omen of pestilence for a slow of potential enemy invaders

Invading Blue/Red Buff:

When invading it will ultimately depend on your team if you have a team of champions with slows and stuns e.x.c take either your Q for a gap closer due to the bonus movement speed, or to take the ranged invade take your E for burst damage and a nice invade heal

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Item Choice And The Reasoning Behind Them

Cloth Armour/ boots of speed + 3 health potions:

When going against an AD top opponent it is good to take early bonus Armour for better lane sustain; going a against an AP top can be hard as most of them are squishy early game i suggest taking the boots of speed for a quicker get away potential.

Tears Of The Goddess:

This item is very good for making Yorick have better sustain in lane and is a vital item to pick up

Ninja Tabi/ Mercury Treads:

great going against an AD or AP heavy team taking either one of these items will give you a great amount of defense capability.

Randuins Omen:

Randuins is a great pick up for a team fight as the tank of the team you are straight in the heart of the action picking this item up gives great potential for a nice slow on grouped up enemy's out of position.

Sunfire Cape:

Taking the Sunfire cape is a great option to have just for the bonus magic damage, the cape give's you bonus Armour and health which is amazing!, for a tank like Yorick being in the main part of the action it just gives Yorick that bonus damage in a team fight.


Brilliant you have the bonus damage and Armour now you need extra attack damage for a team fight, by this time your Tears should be near enough stacked being able to upgrade the manamune to a muramana will make you deal bonus magic damage on top of your sunfire cape in a team fight.

Great got the damage, got the Armour now you need more health and health re-gen for staying in team fights for longer, taking the warmogs is a great idea as you can tank baron and the towers.

Frozen Mallet/ Maw Of Malmortius:

Awsome by now you should of either won the game or Stalling for time to get that ace win!, taking a frozen mallet will give you an extra slow combined with your Omen Of Pestilence, Taking the MAW! this will give you a nice shield of their mid is fed by your incompetent team mates.

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Marks of Armour Pen: Taking these is a great option as your Q will deal its high damage as well as being able to go through the enemy Armour.

Seals Of Attack Damage: This is just to give Yorick that early edge against high damage targets or possible invades.

Glyphs of Crit Chance: Personally i took these just because it was my main rune page for AD champions and i like the crit for extra damage, this section of the runes is up to you feel free to take more attack damage, Armour pen, magic or Armour resist or even more mana if you want your muramana to deal more damage.

Taking the attack damage quints will just give Yorick more damage early game and later stack onto his end game level 18 base attack damage.

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Personally there wasn't any real choosing behind these just they work really well against ad tops feel free to switch them around during champion selection to suite your play stay

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Skill Rotation

When playing Yorick there is not a skill rotation per say.
it will depend on the team fight if you need damage first use your W to slow enemy's your Q to get bonus movement speed and deal allot of attack damage and your E just to get the extra life steal on enemy's as well as another ghoul out dealing damage
As for the ultimate ability this really will depend on the game if you are having a bad game and are not as fed as you would think usually save it for team fight to use on your ADC or APC, or just go ahead and use it on your self to last longer in team fights if you are being focused down quickly.

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When playing a new champion Especially Yorick take a few bot games to get use to his last hitting potential and character swing animation.
MID - LATE GAME: this after level 6-7 or after an easy top and you have the first tower down every time you go and Recall and make your way back to lane take The Golems but be polite and tell your Jungler when you have taken the Golems and when they will be back up; this is just to keep your cs up when your minions are pushing the lane and you would like it to be frozen.

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Yorick is a great dominate top lane, he is very Tanky and is a brilliant champion to have in a team fight just for his good burst damage potential, even if you are behind in kills Yorick is very capable of pushing and tanking turrets as well as global objectives such as baron or dragon.
He has allot of slowing potential to go good with high damage targets such as Miss Fortune and her bullet time or Ammumu and his curse of the sad mummy.

I have been Cameron if you have any questions regarding this guide or Yorick in general feel free to hit me up on my YouTube channel or Twitter that was in the introduction chapter of this guide.