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Yorick Build Guide by Coilvictim

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coilvictim

Yorick - The Anomaly

Coilvictim Last updated on May 5, 2012
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Hello, welcome to my guide, im Coilvictim, started to play about 5 months ago, the first character ive played was Yorick and right now can't stop playing him.

There is alot of different builds, i use 3 different ones.

The first one is my burst build, its not tanky at all until fully built. Its the build i use the most.

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Summoner Spells

Yorick HAVE no escape ability except his Omen of Pestilence which is not that good for escape. Thats why you need a flash.

Flash : ITS A MUST HAVE cause without that you cant escape.

Ignite: Most of the time i like to use ignite when i solo lane it gives me a 100% kill chance when i engage. And the reduce heals is bawss.

Other possibilities:

Exhaust: I use it when my team is low on exhaust, its good but i dont like it as much as ignite.

Teleport: Its always good if you solo lane.

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Burst build:
Meki Pendant : You NEED to start with this item, it gives you enaugh mana regen to Harass LIKE A BOSS.

Tear of the Goddess Get it as fast as you can so you can build the mana bonus on it, so when your manamune will be completed you will get even more ad.

Mercury's Treads : I get Mercury most of the time bcause there is alot of CC on enemy team and the magic resistance will always help.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity I get these when there is no or only 1 CC character on the enemy team. It gives you the capacity to HARASS even more.

Manamune : it's a MUST HAVE, the mana regen and the mana bonus will give you what you need to spam your ghouls as much as you want and the mana/ad bonus is BEAST.

Trinity Force : If you can rush sheen after your Tears, its awesome! the burst you get with your Omen of War can chunk half of the hp on a low armor enemy. The slow from Trinity gives you a nice chasing capability, and the crit, mixed with the 18% bonus of the cloak gives even more burst. This item is a must for a burst build.

Hextech Gunblade: The Slow activation is beast combined with your trinity and omen of pestilence makes your target unable to get away from you. The life steal bonus is good since you have 2 regen ways, your omen of famine and the gunblade.

Infinity Edge: OMEN OF WAR CRIT! Ad bonus and more crit damage. Yea its so awesome
and now that you have lifesteal you have more survivability.

Warmog's Armor: Yea the last item its always good to have health points as yorick, makes you tanky so you can eat more damage.

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I use the same set of runes on every build, because it gives you what you need to solo even your going bursty or tanky.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage Your Early Game harass comes from ad and most of your damage to.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Same reason as the Mark of Strength

Greater Seal of Armor Reduce damage, easier to harass early game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Same reason as Seals.

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Pros / Cons


- Can easily farm and substain in a lane with his Omen of Famine.
- Can easily push.
- Your ultimate on a ad carry can change the fight.
- Great 1v1 champ
- Can be built tanky or bursty.


- Can be Mana starved if you do not build tears/Manamune.
- No escape abilities if you dont have flash.
- W ghoul scales with AP.
- Omen of war get op when combined with sheen and AD.
- Ultimate can be buggy and wasted if not used wisely

Yorick is the best Solo Laner in my opinion, he can last forever in a lane with Tears/Manamune and his ult is awesome when you have an ad carry in your team.

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Skill Sequence and Utility

Yorick is unique, each of his spell spawn a ghoul (except ult wich copy the target).

Omen of Famine I start with that, it gives you the health regain you need to stay in your lane and a AWESOME harass at start.

Omen of Pestilence The second one, AOE damage + slow, means more HARASS and a easy way to clear the bushes if you fell a gank is coming.

Omen of War The third spell OMG this with sheen its like a PEWPEW LAZOR so much burst and a small amount of movement speed as long as the ghoul is up.

Unholy Covenant This is what makes yorick tanky, with each ghouls up he gains 5% damage reduction. Its awesome when it comes to team fights.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok im starting this tab, Yorick jungle as i said is not awesoem for ganks but ITS Viable. Im currently debating on what to start with, im making some tests ingame if you have any suggestions Pm me.

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Tanky/Dps Yorick

In this current build, you get tanky in the very late game which is sometimes not that good cause your getting wrecked by enemy players.

IF i say IF they are Ad heavy that means 2 ad carry and a ad/support on the enemy team, i say get At'mogs ASAP. But get it after your Boots+Manamune+sheen cause this item Comp is awesome on damage dealing. With atmogs you will get Crit/armor/ad plus the big health bonus from the Warmog. Its crazy if you can rush it.

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Farming is so easy when you get your Tear, you can get so many creep kills, your ghouls hit your mele and the cast of the OMEN even does damage isn't that awesome? When you lane against a high harass character, you know what.... harass him more spam and spam W for the slow and right after use your E and you will out farm him so easly.