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Renekton Build Guide by nato

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nato


nato Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 25

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Utility: 2

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This build is a completely unorthodox build of Renekton which means completely different play style and skill requirement than a normal off-tank Renekton. So if you are just trying him out or think you don't have the skill that it takes use a different build. But of course if you are really into him and want to keep on playing him then read on for a very fun way to play the croc!

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Hello fellow LoL players, this is my first guide. I hope you like it and I'd love feedback so I can maybe make edits. This build is focused on Renekton as an AD dps that will, with the help of runes and items, chase down those champs that escape your teams grasp with barely much health left easily, if not with ease, and move around the map quickly for ganks. Especially special thanks to dastealer for the great tips :). Enjoy.

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    Great Chase
    Good Damage Output
    Okay Survivabiliy
    Fun to play
    Great mid and late game
    Choices in build that give you options to fill your team's needs late game
    Easy to get carried away/overextended
    Focused sometimes
    Slow early game
    Expensive build

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For marks I take Greater Mark of Desolation to increase damage output. Secondly, I have Greater Seal of Regeneration for some more lane survivability and prolonged team fights. Then I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction because Renekton needs it, bad. I have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for increased map mobility and the last mile needed to catch any straggling enemy champions.

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I built 25, 3, 2 to master my summoner spells,and also to recall quicker after a chase if needed. Then the AD, AS and ad per lvl, and havoc to increase damage and CD because Renekton needs it. And the armor in defense tree to decrease the minions damage if attacking/chasing a champ in a lane, and just to decrease damage in general.

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Start off with boots of speed and three health pots. Use your potions wisely and try to stay in the lane until you at least have enough for the The Brutalizer if not Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Your next item should be Avarice Blade (If you're having a really good game and playing smart you'll probably have enough money for this on your first recall too). The worst thing you can do is have to recall before you can't get even the Brutalizer then you lose your chance at an early game edge which'll lead to some fun games :). Phage should come soon after that, the slow is very helpful, this along with Youmuu's Ghostblade and you now have great chasing capability leading to great laning kills. No more extra gold from Avarice Blade now so farming is increasingly more important now (not that it wasn't before). Get your blade whirring and rush Trinity Force as fast as you can (if you have too, Zeal before Sheen, Sheen's passive isn't as important until later). This is the time when you push alone or wander in the jungle, but still participate in team fights, make sure you're aware of what's happening. After that The Bloodthirster this will massively increase your damage output (abilities and basic attacks) and survivability with the life steal (this is all with full stacks, so try to keep them). The other two slots left are a choice.

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Last two item slots

Combo #1= Insane damage (did some math, Ruthless Predator would do, with Sheen passive, between 2000-3000, if not more.

Infinity Edge-More AD and crit strike and passive is pretty self-explanatory
Phantom Dancer- Move speed is great for this build and more crit strike, total critical strike= 85%!!!!!

Combo #2= Durability, some more damage and critical what do you think the items are?
Warmog's Armor
Atma's Impaler- common combo with Renekton but I don't like it as much, this build is more for damage renekton not tanky-dps but i mean it's good ill get into that more later

Combo #3- Better chase and a little of health and damage output
Frozen Mallet- I know we already have Trinity Force but this is a 100% slow
Phantom Dancer- Move speed, attack speed, crit strike, pretty basic

So if your team needs you to be more tanky then combo 2, if your having trouble staying alive but not that bad combo 3, if you want to beat the **** out of so many people if you play smart combo 1.

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Skill Sequence

I level up Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek evenly first to increase lane survivability and increase the damage of his best chasing ability and greatest damage output. I get one lvl of Slice and Dice early for catching up to champs and initiation but finish it last. The exact ranking order of ruthless predator and cull the meek isn't an in stone kinda thing, but keep them pretty equal.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust -great for catching up to runaway champs and taking a AD out of a team fight or to get away from a single champ.
Flash-Good escape/gap closer overall great one to have.
There aren't many other spells i'd sub in much really, maybe Ghost to chase/escape/free up a point but that's where Youmuu's Ghostblade comes in.
Ignite is a possible but really this build is focused on taking them out in a chase with attacks and abilities just plain not needed as much as exhaust.

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Early try to last hit or Slice and Dice into casters then Cull the Meek then Slice and Dice and finish them off. Pretty basic but it's very important if you want to be able to get kills early on. Because you need to farm so much, it's not smart to solo top. One exception is that if the other team has a solo top and that champion is also melee. It's not like you can't but it changes the play style completely for this build and you have to farm a tower which is slow and tedious. So unless your teammates are not cooperating and giving you no choice, you can. If you have to, I sincerely hope you have a good ganking jungler.

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Laning Phase

At the beginning, figure out what you're up against. The type of champions you are laning against will tell you how to play. (You shouldn't be midding). There are a lot situations so judge for yourself (i.e. against two carries=passive call for ganks and so on, you'll catch on pretty quick). You shouldn't be directly initiating against champs until level 3 at the least safer is 4 or 5 if not 6, when you have Dominus, that is unless you have an open opportunity. About the time you get Phage is usually when you have an edge and can usually come away with a kill after initiating if coordinated with your teammate and if you have stayed in the lane and farmed well. Try not to leave your lane early laning phase. Other than that coordinated champ attacks is vital (most of the time) to kill them and stay alive in the process, don't go charging into them, you'll surprise them and your teammate most of all and you'll be hung out to dry (You'll die and your partner/team will be pissed, so don't do it, this is said from experience).

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Fighting other Champions (Skill Combo)

Always Slice and Dice in then if you attacking a single champion stun them, if multiple, Cull the Meek. Then dice in the direction you think they'll run. Use the other basic ability you haven't used by now. Use Youmuu's Ghostblade as needed. Try to save your empowered abilities for your stun, if that's on cooldown the armor reduction from dice is also good. In team fights if one starts running go after him that's the point of this build. You'll catch them quick enough to get back for some more of the fighting most of the time. There are exceptions, be able to judge whether you're team needs you fighting in the mass or if you go out for blood.

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Late Game

Go to team fights, do not push in other lanes your team needs you. No team fight? Then push with your team, or a partner, single if necessary. Any spare time farm some creep get red or blue CD and slow is great.

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Okay so this is to wrap it up, take everything in this guide, especially the last two item slots. First I have never had a long enough to get to them because you dominate with the first four (literally you get announced as dominating XD). This build takes quite a bit of practice and skill to be able to play very well. Yes, you get focused in team fights at times (not always though) when this does happen there is a way to counter this. So you've dived in and taken quite a big chunk of health out of a champion when you notice your health is disappearing! With disgust you realize you're being focused. Well you get to smirk soon activate youmuu's and/or ult and run. Someone is gonna give chase 99.9% of the time (from experience) and if your team is smart they will collapse on them. The moment you see one or two of your allies doing this you slice into the chaser and stun them cull the meek and dice away and run again. The chaser is now dead from you and your friends (WOOT! you can smirk now). Now, if you have Bloodthirster or have gotten health some way or other or you have your ult up go in the fight again and kick them back home where they belong. As I said this build takes a lot of skill and small details. But if you can get this down, it's so fun!

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The End

Thanks for reading. Again please give suggestions and if you think it needs more tell me. I'll try edit soon after. I hope to add video also so you can see it being played.