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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unkn0wnGuides

You are are gone :)

Unkn0wnGuides Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Hello everyone, I'm Leeeeeeeroooooy and i played veigar for a long time. I decided to make a build for you guys so you can enjoy killing enemies with ease :D. Veigar was my 2nd hero that i bought and since then I've been playing him as my favorite hero :). Enjoy my guide and one more thing

Rate and Comment after you try the build, if you follow it correctly you will have 1100-1200 AP in the late game with big magic penetration.

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About Veigar

Veigar is one of the best casters/nukers/magic dmg dealers i have ever seen, his skills are really strong and if played correctly you can kill everybody anytime. I've been able to carry games with veigar, to make triple/quad kills with him (not yet penta)..solo double kills with no problems at all. You just need to be really careful because he is really squishy, if you miss your stun...flash out or you are dead 99%

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Guys, runes depend on your way of playing with caster/nuker. Here is my rune build that works for me really well.

Marks are same in every guide i think :D, they give you nice boost to magic penetration. Gylphs, i took also for magic penetration so i can deal even more dmg :D. I didn't know what to take for Seals, so i took for cd reduction (take those runes last..). And quintessence i took for speed so you can catch in early/mid/late game heroes without using flash or running away :)

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Hmm, what to say? Build that i go for is 9/0/21

I take awareness for that 5% exp boost witch is really nice :) over Expand mind. Yeah, expand mind gives you 5% more mana and you get faster mana reg the lower your mana is, but i prefer exp more then mana :D

Speed is awesome because you will have runes for speed too, :) escape then noobs xD

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Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% by each 1% of mana missing.
Well it's a nice passive that gives you a nice mana regen, but i still liked old one better :D...if you know witch 1 i mean :).

Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80-260 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.
Passive: Veigar gains 1-5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

This is his main farming skill, just kill with this skill because you gain 1ap per minion kill and 5ap per hero kill (depends on lvl of the skill). It has low cd and i max this out first because dmg is really high/5 ap per kill

After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120-320 (+1 per ability power) magic damage.
O boy...if this lands on top of the can take almost all of his hp. This is your main dmg skill and the best part is it's AOE skill !!!! omg... you can hit few heroes if dropped correctly :)

Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
If you liked skills before this 1, you will want this little guy even more now. This is his stun skill, it has big AOE and every hero that passes in/out of the stun will get stunned for few seconds(depends on lvl). Will talk about how to use it later :)

Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250-500 (+1 per ability power) plus his target's AP in magic damage.
If enemy team has a nuker/caster team, they will be scared of you more then you can imagine. This skill can own every caster/mage in just 1 shot!! it does 250-500 dmg + 1:1 AP ratio + 80% of their AP. So gg if they have casters :)

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How to play

Ok, as you know with his Baleful Strike he farms 1 AP per monster kill. So you will need to kill as many monsters as you can in early game. Why is that? The more you killed=the more AP you will have.

Early game

Start with:

Try to take middle, it's simply good for fast minion kills, why? because in side lane you will have 1 more champion that will kill and it will be really hard to farm your Q if you are not that good with last hits. Remember, you have 0 AP on start.

If you have low hp, and you are being chased by enemy hero who is greedy(most of people are), you will have your stun "Event horizon" at lvl 2 so just bait him to tower while he is diving and stun him. GG you get a kill and he is mad and pissed (also what most of people are after they die like that xD)

What's next?? Let's see

Yeah, i go for sorcerer shoes first and then mejai's soulstealer because magic penetration is much better and safer way to get more kills on start :). Try to finish before mid game.

Mid game

What comes after?

Really?? yes really guys, trust me on this one. You will start stacking mana really fast and you will have decent mana regeneration + when you finish archangels staff you will get much more AP.

And here comes WTF

Really?? yes, really guys, you can have this before 20 mins and you will have (if farmed good) around 250 AP witch is good for start

Even further
Here comes the cool item

When you finish this item...your eyes will be O.o, your enemies will shake and you will kill so easy that you will laugh :D..If played correctly and stacked book (not 20, around 6-10) you will have about 650 AP before 30-35 mins....

End game (if it still isn't over)

Get these 2 items and be proud :D

and elixirs

Yeah, void staff + abyssal scepter will give you nice AP + magic penetration that will just make enemies cry while playing against you...and if you have elixirs your ap in end game will be 1100-1200 "not kidding". Enjoy the items :D

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Well this is more of "how to use combo skills with veigar"

Ok listen now. To make combos with veigar can be easy,hard,and weird at the same time...yeah weird? xD.....this is how to combo

Late game

first use , followed by , and end with GG you get at least 1 kill(more likely 2 :P)

This combo is nice on 1 target because you don't need to concentrate on other heroes/champions that are approaching. But it works miracles with 2-3 also, because if they mass up and you use stun correctly and use dark matter on 3 of them, baleful strike on 1,primordial burst on 2nd, baleful strike on 3rd (if they are DPS/Casters..not tanks) you can make triple kill easy :).

Early game

How to kill early game you ask??...not first/second minute. It's a waste if you aren't in lane to try that...just wasting your baleful strike on heroes and not getting AP...

Use like this (you will be around 6-7 lvl by now)

Sometimes you don't even need to use your primordial burst, but sometimes it's a must :D. For mid game you also use like in late game but if he tries to escape...use ignite :).

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Ganking(if you are middle)

Ok....i hate to say this but I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW LITTLE PEOPLE GANK , yeah...when someone takes mid his duty isn't only to call "miss mid" and farm,farm,farm,farm,farm....he is mid so he can be highest lvl and so he can help teammates get early help them farm/lvl etc. I know many people will disagree but you are wrong. Make 6 lvl if you can't kill middle, let him farm for 1 min while you go make with team mates double kill!! he won't escape you in made few kills witch made you gold as much as he gained lvls as much as he did but difference is HIS TEAM MATES DIED AND THEY DON'T LVL/MAKE CASH...FARM!!

Veigar is one of the easiest heroes to gank with...and i showed you early game combo for killing easy. You get lvl 6, look at mini is being pushed back to tower...start running top and help them kill, don't be like many people are that gank and they are like this

Example: Top is having problems and mid wants to gank to get few heroes, he looks at top and sees that they are having problems, that they can't farm/handle it. And then he looks at bot,sees that they are doing well, so he decides to go bottom to make double kill and go back to middle and forgets about top... That's bad middle and bad team play.

I didn't have LoL recorder until now and i will record few games so you can see what i mean :) patient :)

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Summoner Spells

Ok, i will but first two summoner spells that i use, and then others and what i think about them:

My main two skills

Yeah, i take ignite. It's really good in early to mid game and it makes me happy when i see that he dies from it :D already have speed runes/speed masteries but this little skill will help you get away if you are being ganked, will help you make kills if they are faster see where i am going with this? ofc you do :)

Other summoner skills:

well, this skill i don't like on this can sometimes save you and all but i think it's not made for him :)

this is also nice skill to have, you can take this 1 instead of ignite. You can outrun anyone and catch anyone :)....etc..

this isn't for this guy at all. I mean he can get HP back but...if he is ganked there is no way this will save him.

Also nice for this guy, you can gank easy, return to your lane easy :)

Bad...don't need it, stay behind your tanks and you will be fine if you can stun and kill while he is tanking

You are idiot if you take this :D..(not insulting anyone) just lame for this little dark friend :)

Need dmg??? TAKE IT...GO AHEAD. Joking :D...lame :)

If you are caught, nothing will save you

Leave it to a support or anyone who wants it...:)

lame, you need mana for first 2-3 minutes of game and what then??? useless

Leave it to a support XD...don't fail

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Like i said before, i will post few replays when i make them :)...just downloaded LoL Recorder. Wait couple of days :D

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Just to end things off

Ok, if you reed all that i wrote i am happy, if you commented/voted i am even happier :D...i want to say something now to all:

I am sorry if i wrote something wrong, didn't write how it's supposed to be written but english is not my native language (serbian is) and i tried my best to show you how to play him :)....

Say hi if you see me ingame "Leeeeeeeroooooy" is my name :)

Ask me questions about veigar if you want to know something, i will answer you as fast as i can :)