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Veigar Build Guide by Unkn0wnGuides

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unkn0wnGuides

In depth veigar guide, will be weekly updated

Unkn0wnGuides Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Before we start

Ok, Before i start writing this long text that may or may not help players understand Veigar is that I put a lot of effort in this and a lot of thought/play time/strategies and that i am probably going to upgrade every guide that i make in future, weekly. This is my first guide and it will have many mistakes but you guys are here to help me out to help others. Here goes

Made by Unkn0wnGuides

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About Veigar

Veigar is one of the best or maybe the best magic damage dealer in the whole game. He does a lot of damage, makes a lot of kills, and one of my favorites is that he loves dark side. Without anything more to say, I'm going to tell you about his skills/play style/killing/ganking/running/mid/lane....everything that i know :). So behold upon my guide on this Dark Magician

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Guys, runes depend on your way of playing with caster/nuker. Here is my rune build that works for me really well.

These are my runes, they work pretty well against everybody.Let me write you why i got these and not AP or Mana runes.
First of all Every and i mean EVERY heavy caster needs magic penetration, and AP but it's different with Veigar. He doesn't need AP runes, I mean sure they boost him on start but they are waste in late game when you have 1000-1200 AP so i am sticking with this:
Greater Mark of Insight: 0.95 Magic Penetration rune that helps you in hole game.
Greater Seal of Focus: 0.29 Cooldown Reduction is useful but not that much(get these last)
Greater Glyph of Insight: 0.57 Magic Penetration rune that helps you in hole game.
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: 1.5% Movement Speed rune that can really get you out of tight spots and help you catch enemies that are running away.

This was just my build, here are few more that can prove useful that i tried

Early-Mid Heavy AP runes:

Ok this rune build can work, if you play really aggressive. Gives you a nice little AP boost on start and if played correctly you can make ton of kills. And it gives you of course a boost at late-end game.

Passive runes:

Sorry if i called it "Passive runes", i mean this can be good, you have nice mana regeneration/some bonus health to make you survive, but this is only good if you are going to farm your "Baleful Strike" from early-mid game.

Survival Runes

Greater Seal of Vitality

Well this works too, you have some nice magic resistance boost with bonus health. You are much safer with this then with other runes that i wrote.

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Hmm, what to say? Build that i go for is 9/0/21

-I take awareness for that 5% exp boost witch is really nice over Expand mind. Yeah, expand mind gives you 5% more mana and you get better mana regeneration the lower your mana is, but i prefer exp more then mana .

-If you are going runes that i recommended then put 3 points in "speed" mastery, just to be sure that they can't escape and that you are able to escape.

-Gods Hands yeah, this is also one of the masteries that you can max out instead of erseverence, but i wouldn't recommend it...i mean if you know how to play then you won't die often and you won't waste your masteries on it.

That's all for this

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Finally we get to tell about his skills, their strengths and weaknesses.

Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% by each 1% of mana missing.
Strength: He will have a lot of mana regeneration when he has little mana.
Weakness: It's only mana regeneration. In mid-late game you will have a lot of mana.

Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80-260 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.
Passive: Veigar gains 1-5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

Strength: You gain AP for every minion and hero, it has low cooldown, does Okay damage.
Weakness: Well, can't think one :D

After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120-320 (+1 per ability power) magic damage.
Strength: Does insane amount of damage, cooldown is okay, can farm really fast with it and it's AOE.
Weakness: Well every good skill has a weakness. This one has 1.2 seconds delay before it hits. Other then that it's a great skill

Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
Strength: It's a damn STUN !!! Has a really big AOE, Nice duration.
Weakness: Cooldown is a little high but it's ok, if player has great reaction he can escape with flash or just stays inside till the time runs out.

Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250-500 (+1 per ability power) plus his target's AP in magic damage.
Strength: WOW...really need to write this one? Has insane amount of damage, does even more damage but it depends on enemy chapions AP.
Weakness: Hmm...long cooldown? Well it's ult of course it has long cooldown

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Ok, the item list that i wrote top is my most used one, but it all depends on game/heroes what you will get. Here are few lists that i use:

Balanced Teams

This also works fine in every game, but you just really need to be careful, to watch mini map, look for misses, and know when to strike .

Heavy Tank Team

Ok, i know this is weird build and that last one is rod of ages, but you will have decent armor, really early big magic penetration that is really necessary for heavy tank team, and in end you will have a little hp boost

For DPS team, go same like for Balance, you will squish them like bugs with no problem....Down i will write how to buy in order, why and all other stuff.

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How to play

Ok, this chapter will be split in four parts.

First part: Middle Lane
Second part: Side Lane
Third part: Ganking from middle
Fourth part: Ganking from side lane

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Part 1: Middle Lane

Ok, Veiagr to me is best in middle lane. He is simply good ganker because of his stun, and he needs to do last hits as much as possible. In Side lanes you get last hits a lot harder and I just prefer middle lane.

Some tips if you go middle:

-Don't be too aggressive
-Do last hits with Baleful Strike
-Gank when you get level 6 or 7
-Don't run away from middle and stay in lane for long time
-Don't run to base for every will get out-leveled

Here is a little guide on middle lane:

-When you go to middle with Veigar, don't concentrate your skills on enemy hero...just use baleful strike and waste mana on mobs (yeah how often do you see that? :D...waste mana on mobs), you will need a lot of ability power as soon as possible to start ganking.
-Go to base only if it's necessary(if you are low on hp), when you make a lot of gold for few items, to be funny (kidding on this one :D).
-You are ganker, don't forget that one

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Part 2: Side Lane

Well, Veigar is really strong in side lane as well, but only if your team mate let's you farm Ability Power. In side lane, if you have a good playerm you can make first blood really fast.

Tips for side lane:

-Don't be too aggressive
-Do last hits with baleful strike
-Gank only if your lane is doing fine and middle is having problems
-Don't run to base for every will get out-leveled

-Same goes for side lane, when you are on side lane concentrate your baleful strike on last hitting mob and not on enemy hero. You will need a lot of ability power for middle-late game if you are on side lane.
-Go to base only if it's necessary(if you are low on hp), when you make a lot of gold for few items

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Part 3: Ganking from middle

Ok, like i said you are ganker when you are middle. Every hero that goes to middle is ganker...he needs to gank so the team can win easier, or doesn't loose as bad.

Some tips:

-If you are loosing middle, call for help and DON'T LEAVE MIDDLE
-When you gank, don't let the enemy hero see you
-Start ganking on 6th or 7th level

By the time you start ganking you will have your sorcerer's shoes so it will be a lot easier to pull it off, because you will have great early magic penetration from masteries,runes and item

What more can i say for ganking?

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Part 4: Ganking from side lane

Ok, you are not the time that runs all around the map like junglers, so don't do it in early game except if

-Middle is doing really bad and he needs help
-Your lane is doing really fine and your team mate can hold off alone

Why do i say to not leave a lane ? ... veigar depends on his level of skills and his skill of play....if you are under leveled then you are done until late game.

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Buying Items

Ok, as you know with his Baleful Strike he farms 1 AP per monster kill. So you will need to kill as many monsters as you can in early game. Why is that? The more you killed=the more AP you will have.

Early game

"2 mana potions?", yes guys 2 mana potions. You can get 1 mana and 1 hp potion but i prefer 2 mana potions. why? in early game you will need a lot of mana for your baleful strike ability. If you know how to play then you understand.

What's next?? Let's see:

Yeah, i go for sorcerer shoes first and then mejai's soulstealer because magic penetration is much better and safer way to get more kills in early-mid game. Time to get a little more AP, isn't it? Not yet :D

What comes after?

Really?? yes really guys, trust me on this one. You will start stacking mana really fast and you will have decent mana regeneration + when you finish archangels staff you will get much more AP. How about now...YES, now you get a lot of AP

Now comes

Really?? yes, really guys, you can have this before 20 mins and you will have (if farmed good) around 250 AP witch is good for start

Mid game

Here comes the cool item:

When you finish this item...your eyes will be O.o, your enemies will shake and you will kill so easy that you will laugh :D..If played correctly and stacked book (not 20, around 6-10) you will have about 600-650 AP before 30-35 mins....

End game (if it still isn't over)

Get these 2 items and be proud

Yeah, void staff + abyssal scepter will give you nice AP + magic penetration that will just make enemies cry while playing against you...and if you have elixirs your ap in end game will be 1100-1200 "not kidding". Enjoy the items :D

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Other items

Ok, these are items that you can also get that work nice and other items that you shouldn't get. You will probably get some of them because of your play style

-I put this first because if it's hard on you, this is the first item that may help you survive

-This is much better item the rylai's scepter, you get nice hp boost, mana boost, ap boost. This is good item if you are newer player because of hp/ap/mp. And is really ok when enemy is heavy tank team

-You don't need this at all, it gives nice hp boost but slow is just not for this guy.

-Get this if enemy is heavy stunner/caster team. It will save you many times. And it gives you nice small hp/mana boost :)

-This one you should get if you know that you can make kills/assist. This item just gives you nice amount of ability power + cooldown reduction when you have 20 stacks. I put it in main guide because i always have many stacks and it pays off.

Veigar can be played differently, it all depends on you guys and what you like the most.

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Ok listen now. To make combos with veigar can be easy,hard,and weird at the same time...yeah weird? xD.....this is how to combo

Late game

This combo is nice on 1 target because you don't need to concentrate on other heroes/champions that are approaching. But it works miracles with 2-3 also, because if they mass up and you use stun correctly and use dark matter on 3 of them, it will hurt them in late game really bad....

Early game

How to kill early game you ask??...not first/second minute. It's a waste if you aren't in lane to try that...just wasting your baleful strike on heroes and not getting AP...

Use like this (you will be around 6-7 lvl by now)

Sometimes you don't even need to use your primordial burst, but sometimes it's a must :D. For mid game you also use like in late game but if he tries to escape...use ignite :).

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Ok, i will but first two summoner spells that i use, and then others and what i think about them:

My main two skills

Yeah, i take ignite. It's really good in early to mid game and it makes me happy when i see that he dies from it :D already have speed runes/speed masteries but this little skill will help you get away if you are being ganked, will help you make kills if they are faster see where i am going with this? ofc you do :)

Other summoner skills:

Well, this skill i don't like on this can sometimes save you and all but i think it's not made for him

This is also nice skill to have, you can take this one instead of ignite. You can outrun anyone and catch everyone..etc..

This isn't for this guy at all. I mean he can get HP back but...if he is ganked there is no way this will save him.

Also nice for this guy, you can gank easy, return to your lane easy :)

Bad...don't need it, if you are careful you don't need revive....none does, but it can save your team from tight situations

Yeah, kill the catapult? ...

Need dmg??? TAKE IT...GO AHEAD. Joking :D...lame :)

If you are caught, nothing will save you

Leave it to a support or anyone who wants it...:)

Lame, you need mana for first 2-3 minutes of game and what then??? useless

Leave it to a support XD...don't fail

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I will put replays on next update, I didn't have LoL recorder until a day ago. So be patient for 1 week if you liked my guide

Guide Top

And to end it

-I hope you enjoyed my guide that i worked so hard for, i know i will get voted down because of some things that you don't like. But if you vote down, tell me the reason, tell me so i can check it out if it's better your way, if guide is missing somethings so i can make it better in next week.

-If you voted up also comment and say what i did good/what i did bad. Thanks

-I will read all your comments, i will reply to most/all of them

-Sorry for some grammar mistakes...Serbian is my native language, not English.

Thanks for reading, by Unkn0wnGuides