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Teemo Build Guide by NDarKnight

Top You cant see me Teemo build ~9.2~ TOP

Top You cant see me Teemo build ~9.2~ TOP

Updated on February 2, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NDarKnight Build Guide By NDarKnight 44 2 75,237 Views 8 Comments
44 2 75,237 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NDarKnight Teemo Build Guide By NDarKnight Updated on February 2, 2019
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 51%
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Top Lane Ranked #30 in
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Win 51%
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i recommend using Doran's Ring cause its best starting item for AP champ with no much mana, so i prefer using Doran's Ring. Haunting Guise is great for start with it grants you AP and HP and it have great passive effect when you fighting every basic attack on enemy will grant you 2% more damage it can stack up to 10% and when you leave fight effect will stop. Boots there is no much it grants you movement speed and it will help you to escape from enemy who dont have boots, upgrade them to Sorcerer's Shoes. Probably all of you are suspicious about Rylai's Crystal Scepter its pretty cool on Teemo if enemy step on mushroom and you do basic Rylai's Crystal Scepter will slow him down too so there is low chance for him to escape and you need to keep using Blinding Dart and basic he will probably die. Liandry's Anguish it will grant you one more passive effect it will burn enemy when you throw spell on him and it will grant you more HP and AP. Nashor's Tooth it great item on teemo it will get 15% damage of your AP into your basic attack damage and it will grant you allot AP and allot attack speed and grant you cooldown reduction so its pretty cool on Teemo. Other items you choose pick what you think its good for that game.
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Hello my name is NDarKnight and i hope this guide will help you to win games i play with this guide for year and its good guide try it out. And i just wanted to say that you on start of the game should mute all other players it will keep you calm and you will get better result.
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Summoner Spells

Most of Teemo player take ignite and flash but i prefer using Teleport cause on late game you need to be fast and place mushrooms, deff base etc. so using Teleport isnt that bad.You can go Ignite too but your teemates are going to complain cause you dont place mushrooms or cause you dont deff base so i would recommend using Teleport. You can take Teleport and Ignite that is not bad idea but you need to play carefull as hell, use bushes smartly if you know how to use bushes you can get invisible in bushes and move if you play against champion that have aoe damage you need to try escape his attack in bush (if he see you entering bush). Teleport is nerfed so most of you thinking about taking Ignite rather than Teleport but Teleport is still great just use it when you really need it
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Blinding Dart
Blinding dart is important cause it blinds enemy and he cant attack you with his basic which is good against adc or some AD jungler if someone poke you on lane (with basic) you should take Blinding Dart at first lvl.but i prefer Toxic Shot at first lvl.
Move Quick
move quick have passive effect so you shoult take it at 3 lvl it grants you movement speed if noone attacks you for 5 sec so its cool you can get on lane before your enemy and active effect same gains you movement speed but even if enemy or turret attacks you.
Toxic Shot
toxic shot depends of your AP more AP more dmg from poison it doesnt have active effect only passive effect.This effect grants you poison on every single basic attack so i take it on 1 lvl cause its ez to poke you can poke enemy with Blinding Dart but i prefer Toxic Shot.
noxious trap
noxius trap make teemo biggest cancer in game at late game 2 mushrooms is enouf to kill adc.When you place mushrooms try to put them close to wall and bushes it keeps you safe from ganks, mushrooms slows enemy so it give you to escape.Where to put mushrooms look at Mushroom coverage.
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Mushroom coverage

Pink = Ward
Blue = Support Mushrooms
Green = Top Mushrooms
If you are out of wards just put mushrooms as trap or ward. Mushrooms last 5 minutes, get them deep and keep yourself and your ADC safe (if you play supp teemo).Put mushrooms at entrances at baron or drake so you can control map.Dont put mushrooms one to another, you need to make space betwen mushrooms cause Noxious Trap Does not stack be it the slows or DoT it does however have a duration on the DoT poison & slow that will refresh if the champion steps on another shroom after having stepped on another. Try to put mushrooms smart and not in large amounts cause you will run out of mana or you wont be able to place all that mushrooms again in same time cause cooldown since they removed ultimate hat teemo cant place that amount mushrooms. Anyway just put enouf amount of mushrooms where you can refresh them. You can play teemo on mid on top or supp, teemo supp is not bad idea just blind their adc and he cant take farm but you need to be carefull if you play agains champions like lux or morgana cause you dont have big range of spells or attack range.
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Arcane comet
As Teemo you can easily proc this very easily in lane, and Toxic Shot's poison lasts so long that you'll often proc it twice from just one auto-attack. It can also apply globally from Noxious Trap. You can take aeri but i prefer comet cause more dmg.
Manaflow band
Manaflow Band recovers you mana which is good at early game Teemo dont have alot mana at start but it have cooldown (15 sec), upon earning 250 mana, Manaflow band restores 1% of your missing mana. Teemo spent allot mana specialy when he gets ultiso having this is great
Transcendence grants you CDR when you reach lvl 10 and excess CDR becomes AP or AD (Adaptive).Its gives you more dmg to poke enemy, because more you have CDR more damage you deal
Scorch Your first ability hit every 10s burns champions.Its very good combine with teemo's Toxic Shot. Its really good combine with Noxius trap you will poke enemy only thing i dont like about Scorch only damage cause its got nerfed and i like that cooldown its 10s.
Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity grants you attack speed and you can combine it with Nashor's Tooth you will be attack speed mashine when Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows him down he cant escape you.
coup de grace
Coup de Grace helps you allot cause when enemy is low hp and he steps on your mushroom its going to deal more damage cause coupe de grace.
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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing poke harass
+ Tanky if built correctly while also able to harass with damage.
+ Swift
+ Ward coverage
+ Invisible
+ Natural ADC counter
Teemo is great champion others would call him a noob champion but its harder than you think.
- Very susceptible to CC
- Poor teamfight presence
- Focused a lot regardless of if you are fed or not.
- Makes your team have 0 faith in you.
People dont like having teemo in team cause there is allot people who wants to play teemo even if they dont know how to play teemo
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I play teemo for long time and teemo is hated champ cause its "cancer" but if you dont like teemo dont just ban him stop saying "you play cancer champ only like this you can win you are noob" its not noob champ its just champ you need skill to played against teemo many times and i know how to beat teemo so its not noob champ probably you dont know to play against him if you dont know to play against him go play him XD im not joking, you need to master teemo and after you master it you will know how to beat him i know mushroom places and you can predict when he will attack you need to pick some shield champ not squishy if you pick squishy melee champ you lost. If you play with teemo try to avoid playing against champs with dash. And if you go in bush and go invisible and they saw where you gone invisible try to avoid their spells cause they have aoe spell for sure like gnar or pantheon or galio etc. so if you go invisible in bush and they see you you have chance to escape just play it smart and use flash when its urgent really urgent. Anyway thank you for looking this guide and i hope it will help you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author NDarKnight
NDarKnight Teemo Guide
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You cant see me Teemo build ~9.2~ TOP

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