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Draven Build Guide by terrenandmokona

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League of Legends Build Guide Author terrenandmokona

You Craven For Draven? ;) - UPDATING 25/3 score

terrenandmokona Last updated on June 9, 2012
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Heavy DPS Draven

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This is my first build on MobaFire so I hope I do a good job at this. Please give constructive criticism when commenting.

Riot's new addition to the champion pool in League of Legends is Draven, a ranged AD carry. Unlike most champions, Draven is a bit difficult to master due to his Spinning Axe, which he heavily relies on as his main damage output tool. Have Spinning Axe on you at all times, and you deal large numbers of damage. Miss your catch, and you'll be held back hard.

I've played about 10 games with Draven in the first two days after his release. I've tested many builds and found that this helped me destroy the other team the most effectively and efficiently. You can follow this build but keep in mind that most of this is really just my preference. All items are optional.

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My Games w/ Draven

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Fan Games

If any of you do well with my build, send me a screenshot of your stats and I'll post them up here for you :D

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Pros / Cons

Let's take a quick look at Draven ;)


[*] Amazing harassment
[*] Passive Wicked Blades secures kills and harasses hard
[*] Unique skill: Spinning Axe
[*] Blood Rush is an amazing steroid for Draven
[*] Never gets boring
[*] When you recall, Draven points back at his base and says a funny quote ;)


[*] Extremely squishy
[*] Must be positioned well
[*] Hard to maintain Spinning Axe in team fights
[*] When you lose Spinning Axe, you'll be denied hard
[*] One last thing, EXTREMELY SQUISHY

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Draven's Spells

- His innate acts as a mini ignite. If you land a critical hit, or hit a Spinning Axe on a target, it does damage over time. Great for harassing early game and securing kills.

- MASTER THIS. His Q grants him extra attack damage on hit. When you throw the spinning axe, it will ricochet back towards you at a nearby position. Depending on how your stance, the axe will relocate itself to a certain area:

[*] If you stand still, the axe will bounce either to your position, or to the left or right of Draven
[*] If you move backwards, the axe bounces far back to a retreat point.
[*] If you move forwards, the axe will also guide your advancement in a further position.

If you are able to keep your first Spinning Axe, you can reactivate the ability again for another axe. Draven can have up to two axes at once.

- This acts as a mini Youmuu's Ghostblade. It instantly grants you attack speed and movement speed. However, the duration is extremely short, and is badly complimented with a high cool down. So use it well. Oh, another thing, but if you catch a Spinning Axe, the cool down automatically refreshes. That's Draven me crazy.

- Draven throws his axes and makes the hit target(s) "Stand Aside." Get it? Haha funny. Okay, but seriously, this is a really useful utility ability because it slows and briefly immobilizes hit targets.

- A global ultimate. Acts like Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage, but returns back as well either on impact with an enemy champion, a reactivated command on the ability, or if it reaches the end of the map.

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Summoner Spells

What I recommend

- Ghost increases your movement speed and ignores unit collision. Excellent for chasing down running enemies or running away. His Blood Rush is a smaller version of this.

- Exhaust renders the target champion useless for 2.5 seconds. It halts their mobility, their attack damage, and spell damage. Perfect for locking down on a single target, gaining a heavy advantage on a 1v1, or to run away again.

Optional Summoner Spells

- I see a lot of Dravens using this. It's useful, yes, but I'd rather carry a haste such as Ghost.

- Good for baiting, but if ignited, it is pretty useless. Also, even though it was buffed for this season, it did become nerfed in a recent patch. Still an optional spell.

- Works well with passive. This spell helps for those annoying summoners with heal. A viable choice.

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Starting Items

- First movement item helps to aid the act of catching your blades and to chase people early for harassment.

- Helps sustain in the lane so you can buy a few items on your first recall.

Following Items

- Builds into Youmuu's Ghostblade, gives extra gold, and provides an early critical chance that situates well with your passive.

- Grants extra attack speed... YAY!

- A stack of attack damage, and life steal! However, for The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge, build your B. F. Sword first for a burst in AD.

- Extra attack speed, faster movement, an increase in critical chance, what else would be perfect for Draven? ;)

- Get this, and watch Draven shred enemies apart. A whole lot of AD and an increase in critical chance yet again. Buy now and get extra damage on your critical hits!

- Complete your Avarice Blade and get some more critical chance, attack speed, movement speed, AD, and armor penetration. That's Draven me crazy ;)

Guardian's Angel - This is optional. It grants you some armor and magic resist, and grants you a get out of jail free card every 6 minutes! You can either take this, or opt out for another Phantom Dancer or even another The Bloodthirster.

Why I don't choose to get Doran's Blade

- Yes, it is pretty good early game. It grants you health, life steal, and attack damage for a cheap price. However, I tend to find sticking to core items is more viable for late game practices. It is solely up to you if you really want to get this.

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I have to return to doing some work so I'll update this guide in a day or so. Leave any comments and suggestions. Hope this works well for you. This was my first build so I hope I made it well for everyone to understand. I'll be adding videos and another build as well for Draven. Good luck out there summoners!

Thanks MobaFire audience, you've been "Draven me crazy!"