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Karma Build Guide by Tumlin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tumlin

You dead? That's Karma mate.

Tumlin Last updated on December 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit must go where it is due. This build was inspired by the great success Karma has had in the EU LCS. More specifically, to the legend known as Diamondprox. He is renowned for bringing us new jungle champions and play styles we never thought possible and proving to us time and again that they work. Thank you Diamond!

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Items Explained

Merc Build (Vs AP)

If vs mixed damage, you could buy Frozen Heart instead of Spirit Visage. You could also buy an armour item such Randuin's instead of Rylai's, or simply rush a Zhonya's. Locket is another option. The reason this build is the one I use most often is because during the mid game you complete Mercs, Spectral Wraith and Spirit Visage... These items synergise extremely well, giving you amazing kite+sustain potential.

Tabi Build (Vs AD)

If vs mixed damage, buying Spirit Visage instead of Frozen Heart is optional. You could also buy an MR item instead of Rylai's/Zhonya's.

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-Flat armor seals are a must for squishy junglers + You are building tanky.

-Flat AP quints for some early damage.

-Magic pen marks for some early damage.

-6 Flat CDR for early clear and utility. These are required to reach CDR cap also. 3 scaling MR for tanky.

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A Few Notes on Team Comp

Karma works well in many comps due to her decent poke and ridiculous utility. She is currently a very strong champion. She is a B-grade support and cannot late game carry, making her viable only as an AP bruiser. Because of this she must be played in top lane or in the jungle. The one comp she certainly does not fit into is the all in wombo comp. The reason we are seeing more Karma currently is because the wombo comp is dying, with mobile team fights, split pushing and smart objective trading becoming more popular and successful.

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A Few of Your Jobs/Strengths

You are a high utility AP tank. Your responsibilities are as follows:

-Set up kills for your carries. Only take them yourself when a carry cannot, or when you just want to win the fight ASAP. Use your gap close and awesome cc to get in there and cripple targets for your carries to safely smash in the face.

-Peel. You have so much peel! Use your q and w to keep enemies off you and your team. Use your bubble on important team mates to keep them out of harms way and buff them up when they get caught.

-Mantra Es. Don't be afraid so use your mantra Es often. This is like a regular Shurelya's and will help your team to close in for kills, escape from danger and move between objectives faster. This ability is very OP. In team fights this can keep many people safe at once.

-Tank dem enemies. You are very tanky and the enemy team will not always realise this. You can move around in or near the front line catching the attention of enemies and semi-tanking/semi-kiting them for long periods while your carries inflict the hurt. If you have a lot of armor you are able to bubble yourself and sprint in to cc enemies under turrets while your team nukes them, which often comes in very handy... They rarely expect a Karma to be doing this/able to do this and they will be caught off guard and die.