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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nerun

Your basic guide to juking

Nerun Last updated on May 21, 2012
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Hello everyone! It's Nerun here again, and this guy is your basic source of information on juking. But before we start let's clarify:

What is juking?

Juking is evading enemy champions, avoiding death, juking is specially useful when running away from characters who are faster than you or have a good gap closer. Or by moving in different patterns to avoid skillshots

What do I need to juke?

Basically, self control (for chasing jukes) and good reaction time (skillshot jukes). Sometimes, imagination can be really helpful too, but what you really need is self control and some good reaction, after all, it's useless to think on a perfect juke when you cant perform it :P

How can I juke?

To juke an enemy champion, you have to make an unexpected evasive movement, let's say... Enter a brush and backtrack on the way to the enemy base, for example. But you have to make sure that you don't die, so even if you do juke an enemy, if you end up diying to minions / turrets, you DIDN'T succeed.

What if I'm not using the characters you listed?

Don't worry, I've listed the best characters to juke with, but it's not like they are the ONLY jukers. It's just that they're better.

Speaking about the characters, you listed an impossible skill order on all of them!

I listed the skill(s) that makes them good jukers, not an actual skill order.

Why bother juking when I can simply outrun some champions?

Well, that's the thing, when juking you cause a lot of confusion on your chaser(s), and a well placed juke here and there might just save you.

Why are you making so many rethorical questions?

To be honest, I have no idea either... Well, anyway, let's move on!

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Chasing Jukes

This type of juke is realiant on unexpected movements, such as backtracking after entering a brush, going through walls with Flash.

Using CC effects to stop your chasers MAY BE considered as a form of juking, but it's all dependant on the situation in which you used it, so if you CCed an enemy and kept running in the same distance, you enlarged the gap, but you didn't juke him. Remember, juking is tricking your enemies by making something unexpected, so if you enlarge the gap you're not juking, unless you used stealth to do it, in which case you juked properly.

Moving to a brush and changing the direction you're going can be really useful, but keep in mind that this juke is well known already, and some champions who have CC skills will just not fail to it ( Taric, Sion, Renekton, Morgana, Maokai...).

But if you can enter in a brush through it's center and THEN, make an unpredictable movement, sure, you have a very nice juke.


1 - When you juke, your only objective is to get away alive, if you manage to net your team a kill, congratulations, you outdid yourself, but "Ooooh my team killed him, so my jukes are kills too!" nope... It's not even Chuck Testa, it was a gank and NOT a juke.

2 - Katarina, Lee Sin and Jax are not good jukers because they rely on a teammate or a ward to properly juke someone, and thus, they're not juking, they're teamworking or ward-juking which is not an adequate way of doing it.


Juking means fooling an enemy in order to stay alive. That is a juke. If you're only juking because you have a ward or teammate around, then it's a "Situational juke" which isn't really a good way to fool someone.

Come to think of it, if every time you try to juke someone you need a friendly target, you'll eventually become afraid of going somewhere by yourself, which is bad; also, if you need 75 gold (wards) to juke someone, after 4 jukes the enemy team has took away one kill from you. Plain simple.

3 - "Whoa, I juked someone when I backtracked a brush, but they killed me when I was on my way home..." that means you didn't juke them :P Just pointing it out.

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Skillshot Jukes

These are simple, but even so, require a lot of skill to do properly... Have you guys watched Talon's Champion spotlight? Phreak makes a very good juke at 2:00 when Lee Sin's Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is just about to hit him, so he escaped without worrying.


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Top 10 Jukers

These are, IMHO the best jukers I've seen, so far.

10th Place - Sejuani

She will not rule Frejlord until Ashe is dead, along with Tryndamere and Volibear, but she can rule the juking kingdom!

"Like if that cooldown allows her to juke with Artic Assault." It doesn't, not alone, that is. Somehow, she jukes in a different fashion than our other juke-top-10, but she can do it quite nicely. Instead of running away, in a cowardly attempt to get as far as possible to the enemy team ASAP, Sejuani brings a VERY special way to juke, she kites people and then goes away through walls before you can even think on the spell Flash.

The reason she's not rated higher though, is because she has a high cooldown on her Artic Assault... But with her much of CC, it's not like it matters much.

9th Place - Gragas


8th Place - Akali

Stealthes and jumps at your face when you least expect? Damn...

I had an issue with her jukes before I had written this guide, and thus I wasn't considering her potential as a whole, but as the separated juking aspects she had.

Basically, she gets countered with an Oracle's, but her backtracks are simply ******ed. She has one unique thing with her jukes though, in which she's the BEST juker that can kill her chasers without making much efforts. On the other hand, she's also one of the most situational jukers around, making her overall ratings be a lot lower...

7th Place - Wukong

I'd NEVER expect to see a character as tricky as Wukong xD his Decoy is a VERY good juke, and it also allows you to make a slight gap openning when your enemies fall for it. He isn't the best out there, but he can certainly keep one busy time enough for the reinforcements to come and give his team a freekill, OR, he can also dodge the whole enemy team with ease in their jungle. Wukong has no special benefit other than his decoy, but since the clone can take skillshots for you, he is a potential juker with style. Wukong is completely useless if the enemy has an Oracle's, as that will show you from your decoy.

6th Place - Talon

This guy is just amazing... He has the only problem of being completely dependant on level 6 to properly juke most of his chasers, and that even when he hits such levels, he is still easy to counter by placing Vision Wards and using Oracle's Elixir.

This Blade-lover's main juke is using his ultimate and jumping to a near enemy with cuthroat, an amazingly unviable strategy, it would seem, BUT!! With CD reduction enough, you can cast your ultimate in less than 38 secs, the time in which you would be roaming around making your way from the enemy jungle.

As with Wukong, he is EASILY countered by using an Oracle's yet he gets bonus movement speed from using Shadow Assault, so he can still enlarge the gap no matter what.

5th Place - Ezreal

"You belong in a museum!"

I hate this guy's jukes! I always face an Ezreal who's smart enough to nuke me down from a wall with his skills, that is, AFTER he uses Arcane Shift to block me from reaching him.

His ONLY JUKE is a free flash... With one hell of a low cooldown though... This guy has some very nice jukes from brush though, allowing him to easily change his position while making you fall behind in no time soon. He can't be counter juked by Oracle's, yet his only juke relies in an average mana pool and walls, so as long as he's kept away from these, he won't be able to evade you properly. His only weakness is a counter Flash since he will be done for when you just follow him through the wall.

4th place - Tristana


God darn it!! I never manage to reach her!!! This yordle female is one of the alternative words to define "juke". When she does her shot, she's safe enough to spam "Trolololololol" all over the chat... A good tristana will know when she can or can't use rocket jump to initiate though, and that makes it a problem for the chasers, since they can be easily tricked by the really good Tristanas that save it for a massive wall such as the one between Red buff and Baron Nashor, for example. Since her jump has a very very large range, she becomes a very potent juker, making many people just rage the hell out loud.

3rd Place - Kassadin

Not a single ******* WORD about this guy... Honestly, hes such a great juker that it becomes a reason for rage quitting depending on how greedy you are. Kassadin will ALWAYS make sure to make that big trollface after using Riftwalk through a wall.

This skill has a VERY short cooldown, and he can just use it through another wall if you Flashed to follow him, which makes him be SOOOO ANNOYING!!! I'd say avoid chasing him, but sometimes he just leaves with a tiny 40 hp, so it's god hard to resist T.T

2nd Place - LeBlanc


This girl will make you feel that volcanic anger after using your own Flash to follow her, and she WILL make that annoying female trollface seeing your flash being wasted because you were greedy. Distortion is a skill that pretty much resembles Kassadin's ultimate, but she is better than Kassadin since she has Mimic!!! That ulti gives her 2 Flashes and 2 backflashes, which is just WAAAAARRRGHHH!!!! I CAN'T CONTROL MY RAGE!!!


Shaco - The Demon Jester


This guy is a pain... if you enter a brush, you'll get feared and attacked by one of his Jack In The Boxes, if you get near a wall, he will just Deceive through it, and if you try to hit him with projectiles or skillshots, his Hallucinate will just null the effect and give you another runner to chase. Honestly, THIS GUY IS MAD HARD TO COPE WITH!! It's literally a waste of your time to try and catch him if hes not on melee range, he will just trick you and spam "Trololololol, are you angry? BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST TOO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

-.-' That clown... Luckly I know his jukes, so I don't even botehr chasing him, unless I'm singed :P

ALTHOUGH, those are the best, it doesn't mean that they are automaticaly making you juke your enemies, juking is a skill that takes time to be mastered, and sometimes, the best jukers listed here can still be easily catched up by using good map awareness.

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Though it's theorically impossible or a very hard thing to do, you can actually "counter" a juke, but the skill required in order to do so is absurd, and I don't think that it should be encouraged, as you're likely to fail on it for most of the times you try...

In order to "counter" juke someone, you have to make their movements seem like a bad idea, give them a fake safety on brushes, show them an oppurtunity to get away but have a type of skillshot ready to hit them, and so on...

The most simple way to counter juke someone is by following them using the shift+right click, in which your champion will instantly attack any target in his / her range. This allows you to take a few more hits on the enemy champion, possibly giving you the kill in one of his / her attempts to juke you.

Since it's just not possible for caster characters who rely on hitting single-target spells, these are very weak "counter" jukers, BUT, if one of those skills happens to be a hard CC, you HAVE a counter juke tool, Irelia has a stun or a slow on her Equilibrium Strike, Amumu has his Bandage Toss for stun, Jax can use his Counter Strike as a stun, etc...

Certain champions have long-term placeable skills ( Bushwhack / Pounce, Yordle Snap Trap, Noxious Trap) or skills that can reveal map areas from distance ( Hawkshot, Make it Rain, Lucent Singularity, Cannon Barrage). These skills can possibly help you catch someone off guard when they least expect, but this might also give them the thought "I must get away quickly, they're here!".

Another good way to counter juke is a fake retreating, this only works with characters who have stealth or when the enemy is still in range of your skills. Imagine this situation:

Enemy Kassadin escaped with 50 hp, and you're playing Twitch, instead of chasing him blindly with stealth (which hecould easily tell with an Oracle's Elixir, anyway), why not fake a retreat only to show up a few moments later and kill him? Of course, this is hard to pull off and may not be rewarding enough (you're not likely to get the kill). But hey, it might work...

The ONLY way to really nail a true counter juke is beyond human nature:

Instant reaction time.

This is the good old moment when a bot instantly stuns you right after you leave brush, or not even 0.1 secs after you begin your channeled spell. THIS IS COUNTER JUKING HARD, and is impossible to it. Even with a very fast reaction, you might just have a slow pace to hit your opponent with your CC / attack him.

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So... What now?

Well, truth be told, juking is a skill that can be worth mastering, and the best players out there can have this or that problems with skillshots too. but remember, to juke properly, it's necessary that you stay calm no matter what, and it's easy to "train" juking, you just have to hit a PvP and try it by yourself, in any case, you will die and maybe lose the match, but hey, it's not your fault, after all, it's hard to concentrate when you're with little hp (let's say 100 :D)

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Suggestions / Updates

V1.1 - No suggestions
- Guide released :D 12 / 23 / 2011

V1.2 - Xenasis told me to list possible ways to counter a juke, working on it
- Fixed a few typos 01 / 01 / 2012 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)

V1.3 - Added a "Counter"-Juking section
- Moved this section to the top 02 / 20 / 2012

V1.4 - Changed top 10:
- Fizz, Nidalee and Tryndamere were removed from top 10
- Sejuani, Gragas and Akali were inserted!
- Moved this section down to the bottom
- Builds removed due to misleading 21 / 05 / 2012


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