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Zac Build Guide by peeko59

AP Offtank Zac AP Jungle Off-Tank!

AP Offtank Zac AP Jungle Off-Tank!

Updated on April 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author peeko59 Build Guide By peeko59 4,891 Views 0 Comments
4,891 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author peeko59 Zac Build Guide By peeko59 Updated on April 26, 2013
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If you are falling behind though just play safe and stack dem giant belts ^^
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For the runes you can change the blues to MR depending on the enemy team line up but that late game damage on zac with these runes can end up doing 13% of their hp damage every spell (3 seconds cd on W) which is ****ing huge! These runes also help on your early clear speed which sees you easily keeping up on levels with a well played solo lane.
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My mastery choice isn't always the best so this can be changed if you think you know better but these picks help with that magic pen so you end up doing true damage later on in the game unless they build MR and in the defence page is just general tanky picks to make sure you don't just jump in and feed your teammates lane :P
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The item picks are basically magic pen to get that true damage onto your hp % damage. The elder lizard in my opinion is perfect on zac as the of abilities you can spam gets that true damage out from an item which adds up during long team fights. The elder lizard can be changed if you're struggling but if you just have a normal even game it is still a good pick. Crystal scepter procs the liandrys so you get even more damage plus the hp, slow, and added ap is a awesome pick no matter what. Don't think I need to explain the picks anymore besides you can always change depending on how the game is going and I advise that you do.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequences is just the best choice for jungling as you can just leap from ****ing MILESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AWAY with his E and spam his W for epic damage.
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Pros / Cons

+ SO FUN +Great CC +Big damages +Great clear speed +Great farm potential +AMAZING GANKS +Buu look a like

- Takes a few games to get used to him - his E takes a bit of time to wind up - Get some idiots who end up saying op - Will end up getting nerfed if people start playing him alot :((((
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Basically he is a ****ing beast and I advise you play him before he gets nerfed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author peeko59
peeko59 Zac Guide
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Zac AP Jungle Off-Tank!

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