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Braum Build Guide by Enigmatic Titan

Support Zahora's guide to Braumy Braum (WiP)

Support Zahora's guide to Braumy Braum (WiP)

Updated on January 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enigmatic Titan Build Guide By Enigmatic Titan 1,789 Views 0 Comments
1,789 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Enigmatic Titan Braum Build Guide By Enigmatic Titan Updated on January 12, 2015
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Hello there! My summoner name is Zahora, but you can call me Rob! I have been playing League since January 2013, just before Thresh was released. My main and favorite role to play is Support as I have always enjoyed playing a supportive role in multiplayer games.

As soon as Riot announced Braum, I knew I had to play him and I even bought the bundle on his release day, and he has been my favorite champion ever since.
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Pros / Cons

    Able to destroy projectiles with E
    Fantastic at protecting teammates
    Resistance boost for allies
    Very powerful passive that is easy for teammates to follow up on
    Great peeling and CC
    Powerful ultimate that knocks opponents up and slows
    Strong late game

    "Weak" early game
    Some abilities cannot be stopped by Braum
    Whilst Braum does block and destroy projectiles, he can still be affected by them (e.g. stun from Ashe's ultimate)
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Alternate Marks: I suppose Attack Damage could work as you'll be autoattacking a lot, but I personally wouldn't use them.

Alternate Seals: Armor if not using armor quintessences

Alternate Glyphs: Scaling Magic Resist if the enemy team does not have heavy magic damage early game

Alternate Quintessences: Movement speed can help you keep up with opponents and apply stacks easier, but I personally feel that i'm fast enough with Stand Behind Me (W) and unbreakable (E)

Health used to be great Quintessences for tank supports, but ever since health seals were buffed, using health seals/armor quints is better as that combination gives you just under 13 armor and 72 health at level 1 in contrast to armor seals/health quints giving 9 armor and 78 health
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In this section I will go over the masteries I use:

Block/Unyielding: Less damage taken, not much else to say.

Enchanted Armor: As a tank you will be buying a lot of items with resistances, meaning it will scale well into the late game.

Veteran Scars: Boosts survivability and unlocks Juggernaut.

Juggernaut (Hey Braum!): Scales well with all of the Health items you will be building, especially early game.

Oppression: For one point, I feel that this mastery is hugely underrated, as it not only works with your own CC, but teammates as well.

Hardiness/Resistance: Less Damage Taken

Reinforced Armor: All Attack Damage Carrys build critical strike at some point, and very well may save your life in some instances.

Evasive: A lot of AP Champions have Area of Effect abilties

Perseverance: Helps to stay sustained in lane and scales with your maximum health, making it useful for the whole duration of a match.

Second Wind: Further improves the sustain gained from Perseverance when low on health

Legendary Guardian: Amazing mastery for teamfighting, as well as in lane as you will always be against 2 opponents

Tenacious: The less you are crowd controlled for, the better.

Meditation: Running out of mana is never fun
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Skill Sequence

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enigmatic Titan
Enigmatic Titan Braum Guide
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Zahora's guide to Braumy Braum (WiP)

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