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Zed Build Guide by Qtc_Fayze

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qtc_Fayze

Zed, striking from the shadows

Qtc_Fayze Last updated on January 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there I'm Fayze and this is my guide to Zed the master of shadows. This guide is pretty simple to understand as with Zed I go for straight for AD (attack damage) as that's what type of champion Zed is. I will be covering what items to buy, Runes summoner spells, runes abilities, and how I go for the kill.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


-He is versatile
-Has great farming ability
-Has a Great passive
-Is difficult to counter (when played correctly)
-Very effective poker
-Exceptional in team fights


-Has no CC
-Takes some skill to understand
-Needs the right time to initiate to be effective
-Is vulnerable when W is down

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I take MARK OF STRENGTH because having straight AD is very good for early game to mid game and gives you that liitle but important boost when 1v1ing in your lane.
SEAL OF RESILIANCE becasue that extra armor is nice when laning and when matched up against thos AD champs.
GLYPH OF WARDING for ganking every so often and having magic resistance is always nice
GREATER QUINTESSENCE OF STRENGHT to have more AD because it helps greatly when fighting others and gives you an even larger boost to your abilities as they scale with AD

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The masteries i have chosen are pretty straight forward and simple. =I go with the standard 21-9-0 masteries for more offensive capabilities and nine pionts in defense for armor, health, and a bit of magic resist.

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Summoner Spells

I choose to go with the summoner spells ignite and ghost . ignite is to secure that kill that you cant get normaly, and ghost is pretty straight forward, like escaping a gank, running from a fight you cant win etc.

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Skill Sequence

Contempt for the weak: This passive makes farming a breeze mostly because of the last hitting potential. Also when an enemy champion has 50% health or less you deal 10% of thier maximum health in magic damage.

Razor Shuriken: This ability is your main Damage source. This ability also has great range and is your poking ability. I max this first for the most damage output.

Living Shadow: This spell is your utility spell(as most champions have at least one) you can multiply your damage, close those annoying gaps, and sometimes escape.IT also slows enemy champions if hit by your shadow. I use this, my Razor Shuriken, and shadow slash to maximize my damage output.

Shadow Slash: This is your second source of damage and your possible slow. Early game you can land this ability every three seconds, wich can be very effective 1v1ing or in team fights of you and tour shadow hit an enemy champion.

Death Mark: This is where your burst damage is multiplied and maximized because you send out three shadows, and if you hit all three of your abilities it deals tons of damage and is devastating to the enemy, but also it puts a mark on the enemy and lets you land as many abilities as you can in three seconds then based on how much damage you delt to your marked target, it damages the enemy champion even more, thus most likely killing him or her.

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SO! :) as we all know items are VERY important. so here i will give you a run down on why I chose these items.

So I start the game by opening with boots of speed and three health pots. The pots are pretty standard, it helps you stay on fights longer and more sustain in lane. Next I go for a Doran's blade for some AD and a bit of early health (which will later be sold.) Then I rush the Brutalizer For more damage output, and this item also allows you to land your E more efficiently and hit harder with it. Then i Purchase Merc Treads which is standard (or ninja tabi based on what the enemy champ is e.x. AD Carry or AD) After that i grab a hexdrinker whenevr its needed, and it is most likely sold at the end of my build. Then of course i get a bloddthirster for more damage output then another bloodthirster, a last whisper a guardian's angel and a maw of malmortius and a yoummu's ghostblade

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Overall Zed isn't a very difficult champion to play, however he does require skill to play but once you get the hang of how to play him, hes extremely fun to play and on the upside you get alot of kills when he is played well! Please note! any questions comments and or concerns will gladly answer them in the comment section. Any constructive criticism is appreciated :)

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SO! i thank you for taking time out of your day to read my guide and learn from my experiences playing as Zed. Once again, THANK YOU!! for reading my guide, See you all on the field of justice! ^_^