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Zed Build Guide by Battle Brawler

AD Offtank Zed (The Shadow slasher)Patch 5.4

AD Offtank Zed (The Shadow slasher)Patch 5.4

Updated on March 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Battle Brawler Build Guide By Battle Brawler 5,425 Views 0 Comments
5,425 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Battle Brawler Zed Build Guide By Battle Brawler Updated on March 12, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Zed
    Bruiser Zed
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    Damage Zed


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello i am battle brawler,and experienced league player for 3 years now.This guide im here to show you the power of bruiser zed.This build allows zed to be bulky and soak up way more damage than normal but still retain his insane splitpush power and burst.

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5 reasons:Why Zed

1.Zed has enormous power spike at level 6 that lets him 100 to 0 someone squishy.

2.Zed is fairly tanky and great at splitpushing with this build and he still retains his notorious reputation to be a AD carry's worst nightmare

3.Zed is very slippery and hard to catch due to the amount of blinks he has from his shadows,allowing him to disengage and suddenly reappear to slay a carry quickly.

4.Zed is a f**king ninja,come on!

5.Zed has good duelling,teamfight and splitpush potential.

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-Zed loses alot of his burst damage with this build

-Zed relies on using Ravenous Hydra's active in this build

-Thats about it

-Zed has alot of sustained damage and can hit tanks harder with his BOTRK

-Zed is definitely able to soak up retaliation better with this build than a typical zed build

-Zed is still a great splitpusher with sunfire cape and ravenous hydra

-Zed still has insane burst if you use your Ravenous Hydra's active properly

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Pretty standard,no need explaining here.

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Flat AD helps to give your spells more damage.Can switch for armour penetration since last hitting is still a breeze with his passive.

Armour helps you survive against early AD harass from people like talon.Pretty standard.

Scaling health stays relevant late game and helps you soak up all kinds of damage.Again,like armour runes,pretty standard since season 4

Early game cdr lets you spam shuriken's,w,e and ult more often.Helps get last hits when you are being zoned and scales very well late game since you are a AD caster assassin.

Magic resist to mitigate early magic damage,especially from people like Leblanc.Very common and standard like armour and scaling health.

Lifesteal helps you sustain lane and scales with your AD and Hydra.Early lifesteal is great since Zed has no innate sustain.

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This is core on zed and helps you shred tanks and splitpush better with the attack speed.The active is nice to chase down opponent and overall a solid item for zed

Ravenous hydra is a huge spike to your burst and you rely heavily on its active to increase your ult damage since you will not have as much AD as a typical zed.The passive on-hit affect also makes your splitpushing and waveclear god-tier and you will find it invaluable.

Sunfire cape suits zed well as it makes him very tanky and contributes to his waveclear and overall sustained damage,making him a formidable opponent to 1v1.

This adds to your damage output substantially since it gives good AD and CDR that zed needs.The health and armour pen allows the item to stay relevant as a semi-tank AD off tank item and he benefits from it since his e can be spammed to shred armour of multiple enemies quickly.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Battle Brawler
Battle Brawler Zed Guide
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Zed (The Shadow slasher)Patch 5.4

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