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Ziggs Build Guide by tribness

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tribness


tribness Last updated on February 7, 2012
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hello summoners.

this is my first guide ever, i'm gonna put out my best efforts to put it simple and nice to understand, and it's going to be about ziggs the hexplosive expert. i've been playing him since he got out almost exclusively, except when someone choose's him first, and had made more then 100 games with him. i tried a couple of builds and the core items are always the sames, but u can change something whenever the necessity of the game calls for it. all depends on your enemy team and your own aswell, after all this is a team game. however since he's a new champiion, i'm gonna keep trying new builds along with the changes ziggs is gonna get.
hope you enjoy the guide and understand my choices on the build.
Also english is not my native language so i apologize for any (many) errors!


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Pros / Cons


    -high skill range
    -great dmg all game
    -awesome AoE dmg mid/late game
    -easy to play
    -great passive
    -great starter/finisher with semi-global ultimate
    -he throw's bombs :)


    -can't take much dmg
    -usually focused first
    -hard to master
    -long cooldowns
    -he´s ulti is easy to dodge

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Summoners spells

This are the 3 mains spells i choose for ziggs, so many ppl prefer to
but imo is better cause it gives a lot more options, plus it last for 10 seconds, together with u can get out of almost every situation, removes all debuffs and extra speed, really handy!

It's just one of the best summoner spells in the game. with many options u can choose it to help u score a kill, chase an enemy, get away safelly, or even "remove" the power from a melee and fight him in the face!


Its good to escape/chase, score a kill. this summoner spell has so many utility's..

This is good for the runaway enemy going safely into his tower,.. or maybe not he's running away out of range from u but he's already dead. really good for the lack of dmg u might have and help u score the kill.

Good to go back to lane, help allies in another lanes. u can also use it to get in range of your ulti.. just use your imagination and this one can make wonders.

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Greater Mark of Insight

The best mark for ap champs, just use it with ziggs! they are gonna work the entire game, it gives u that litle edge of magic pen.

greater seal of potency

This is your dmg in the beginning of the game, we could go for the AP per level seals but the diference in late game is almost zero and the flat AP gives u what u need in the beginning to harass the enemy and farm without any problems.

greater glyph of force

Helping you all the game, from level 1/3 its a small bonus but as soon u level up the bonus will get better and this helps even in late game together with all of your ap items .

greater quintessence of potency

this baby's help score the first blood, together with the seals and u start the game with something like 40 ap, with ziggs ratios when the glyphs start working u are already making your enemies cry, this ones really make the diference. again we could go for the AP per level but i prefer the flat AP to make the diference in the beginning .

overall u could change it to adapt to your play style,go for seals mana regen per 5 to help u with early mana problems, if u think u need more survavibality just gor for armor/magic resist or health/ health regen but IMO it's a wast, ziggs really needs the ability power at the beggining so the rest of the game can go smoothly.

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Skill Sequence

We start by putting a point into . This is our main damage output, so we want to max this first, put one point whenever u can, except the time u have ulti available. At lvl 2 you put a point at .
Skip stachel charge to rank at level 4, this is an utility spell so you leave it to max last, just put one point now to have some escapes mechanism, save it always unless used for certain kill!
lvl 5 and 6 .
from here its easy.. 7 and 9 you max 8 and 10 enchance the power on , 11 as normal!
then finish and and carry on with stachel charge until the end!

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+ + +

So, this is my item selection for ziggs , u can work it out to take the maximum of it in every game depending on your needs, but this combo is gonna give u extreme ability power and if u know how to use it, some nice basic attack from your combo of and I'm gonna start by the core items, the ones that´s gonna give u your awesome power and also take care of your very-mana-hungry problem.

Sorcerer's Shoes

About there's not much to say, u need the movement speed and this are the best but not the exclusive choice. u can go for the or , if u are running against a team with a lot of CC u should go for the , even if u dont buy it at the beginning of the game. u can buy the to score some kills and get your gold to your AP items and them change them in the store for . But general rule u are going to keep your to keep scoring your kills!

Rabadon's deathcap

is the MUST have item for every AP champ, it provides a great amount of ability power and it will also enchance your other ability power items with is passive, not much to say about it.. everybody knows is power so just buy it as soon as you can, if u cannot afford a when u go base and need some ability power to score the kill just buy , its also doing the job for you and its required for Rabadon deathcap so...

Archangel's Staff

Now, this is the item that's going to let u spam your skills the rest of the game, as soon as u have it the enemies wont be getting away low health anymore.
This item has a pretty nice mana and ability power bonus, but that's not the best in it! the unique passive bonus he gives u is amazing to ziggs, it will escalate your maximum mana to near 3000 and consequently escalate your ability power and also your outputdamage.
This, and is gonna get a pretty nice damage output!

Lich Bane

It has pretty much a bit of everything, it gives u mana AP, magic resistance and also a bit of movement speed, wich u REALLY need cause ziggs is not so fast! and again.. we go with the passive, with your 3 core items and ziggs passive u are gonna be an ap champ with an awesome basic attack, shame its not always. However it comes really handy after landing your hexplosive minefield and boucing bomb in the enemy champ, he thinks u dont have more output damage at the moment and surprise! u blast him in the face with 600/700 dmg and.. you have slain an enemy!

So for the summary its best to start with for the health ap and mana regen, after u need the boots, and then u should carry on with an item of Rabadon deathcap ( the better one u can afford ) after, u should take care of mana problems preferebly with and then u should buy acording to the game, cause every game its diferent and also is your needs. But keeping in mind its the before the and at the end the , along the way u can buy sheen to help u enchance your auto attacks a bit until u got your lich bane fully charged to kill.


+ +

Any of these 3 item's is good for ziggs, each one depending on the situation. for example:

U are in late game and the enemies champ start stacking some magic resist because they are tired of getting killed by you, no problem! u just buy and problem solved, your enemies are going to keep dying!

The enemies team as a lot of CC u should go for together with and you are going to be out of their CC most of the times!

If they are stacking life like crazy, for example an fully loaded cho gath.. no problem will do the job for u by cleaning half of his life before the real fight starts, this one also gives a bit of cooldown's wich is really good for zigs!

but do not forget, that u always need to keep in mind your opponents and your team.
the core items are really a need but u can always adjust it to your game play style and to your necessities, this are the main items i choose bue they are not exclusive!

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Laning phase

Mid Lane

For mid lane u need to play very smart with ziggs, u should grab at the beginning and head for your lane. keep in mind that ziggs is very mana-hungry especially at the beggining so u should not push with him, because one of two things will happen. the regular one u are going to be ganked by the enemy,or u push to the tower and then u ran out of mana..
So the best choice is to play defensively and use your to score the last hit and at the same time harass your enemy,when u recall buy your boots and tear of goddess now u can start pushing a bit your enemy and your main combo at this time will be behind your enemy and in his face and then finish with , only use when u are sure to score your kill otherwise keep it as an utility spell! learn and master this combo and your going to get many kills!

Duo Lane

Ziggs with a partner in lane is just awesome, u pick again! If u are lanning with a strong partner u should not be afraid of harass your enemies really hard, after u get abuse it to have zone control, work with your allie and push the enemy from the xp zone, u have really good tools for the job, just throw the minefield to block one route and bombard the other with while always keep in mind to last hit their minions.
if u and your partner can make this u are going to have an easy game!
if not just harass your enemies at safe distance with last hit minis and collect gold for your ap power!
In this case u should use the only when u are going to go for the kill, of course make it a combo with and
Same as in mid lane when u first go shop u should grab the boots, and as soon as u can grab , after this u are ready to push really hard and start the next chapter!

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Mid game

When we get to the mid game, at this time you should have + + , u have stacked about 230 ap and should be looking forward to start building and leave to finish last because u don't have yet your maximum mana bonus but you are already working on it with .
If the first enemie turret on your lane is already down just go and do some ganks on other lanes, ziggs can do powerfull ganks because of hes range and his AoE dmg, so use and abuse both of them! In the way, if it's available just try to catch blue, great mana regen and much smaller cooldowns, for ziggs? awesome!
By now u should have a few kills on your score board and the team fights is starting, just be there! ziggs Has such an powerful Aoe dmg that u should always crush the enemy theam, throw on their back and bouncing bomb on the middle of the team, don't be afraid of using your ulti without scoring a kill, you do so much dmg that your are not gonna score one kill but five assists! just judge the situation and decide wheter is good to iniciate the fight with your awesome fire power or keep the ulti to kill chasing enemies, just remember to use and abuse your triple combo ++ this combo with lich bane is just great damage output

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Late game

Late game u should have all of your core items and stacked never less than 600 ap and other items should be choosed acording with the enemie team and yours, what do u need ? survivability? extra damage?

for survivability u have and
One gives the spell vamp wich combined with your output damage will give nice sustain while the other just give's you an amazing active, u can use it with your summomner spell when u see enemie CC coming at you!

for extra damage, in case you think you need it, two options i think is more than enough:
1- and the one i prefer most is , this one helps u against every one, be it a tank, carry, or suport, u just shred their magic resist and no more talking about it, lol, it's just the perfect combination to bring 5 enemie champs from full health to one quarter/one third of full health..
2- when u see a enemy tank stacking life like there's no tomorrow u should grab also an item with a very good active, with your ability power u will deal more than 50% of the target current health, very good against an enemy with 4000hp just use its active then unload your triple combo, and its done!

just always remember that this is a team game and u should not think only in you, always judge whats best for the theam and even if it's need sacrifice on of your items to buy something else that you need to help the team.

and don't forget to throw some bombs! :)

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Okay, so this was my first guide i hope u enjoy it and agree with my choices, if u think something could be better just tell me, cause i'm always in the mood for learning.
About the guide i'm going to keep updating him and take in consideration every changes riot aplies on our little friend ziggs for the next patchs.

so keep up scoring victorys!