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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr4ce

Zil The Protector

Tr4ce Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Hey Everyone, I've made this new build because zilean's revive got nerfed pretty badly. Instead of It's ult being a 3AP ratio, It's a 2AP ratio. This has crippled my old build. So I decided to make a build that contains more CDR and a bit of AP to help your bombs and your chrono out.


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Pros & Cons

Decent Ap to work with
Awesome supporter[The best IMO]
Great survivability
Great Defense and Magic Resist
The only character that can revive others
Easy to get used to
Great person to lane with
Great tower diver
Over 3k mana to work with

Targeted first in most games
Slow start
Won't do as much damage as my old build

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What's your definition of a supporter?

So what does a supporter mean? A supporter is known for helping their teammates. He can either buff them or heal them. Could a supporter also help? Doesnt Robin help Batman fight the enemies, or does he sit in the background and give him his weapon? No, he fights along batman's side. So let me explain to you what other builds do and what my build does. I mainly focus on CDR and add some AP to give you an edge, so that you could do more damage. I also focus on a late-game zilean. Let me explain, since most characters get stronger by late game, I decided to do the same thing with zilean. The Longer the game goes, the stronger zilean will be. Most Early-Mid game items helps you prepare for those hard late games. I will explain more later!

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Free Skill Explanation + Other Free Skills I recommend

Free Skills:
Flash And Clairvoyance :]
Flash- A great way to run away or chase.
Clairvoyance- Seeks out potential ganks or areas where your teamates want to see for Example: Dragon or Baron.
This can also help you seek out the jungler to prevent him from leveling,

Other Free Skills I Recommend:
Ignite - Awesome For runners who need that last bit of hp gone.
Ghost To Runaway, or Chase, Etc.
Cleanse - When your feeling doubtful.
Teleport - For my lazy people :]

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Mastery Tree

Lets go to Mastery Tree:
I do 9-0-21
Why? Well simple, the 9 are so that your bombs can do more damage.
The 21 is because if you level faster, you can kill faster. get it?
Reducing cool-downs especially rewind is a huge +.

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Skill Tree

Okay lets go on to...Skill Tree:
First thing to do is Max Time Bomb. The higher the level, the more it will do. [The easier your life will be] [REMEMBER: THIS DOES AOE DAMAGE]
Since you can't level Time Bomb right away you can put 1 point on rewind and 1 on timewarp.When rewind is maxed its cool down is 6 [Without Cooldown Mastery point skill + the items] The reason you want to max it is so that: A) you can spam bombsTIMBOMB like CRAZY! and B) Chronoshift [A.K.A Gods blessing on Zil will be used more often]

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Rune Explanation

Rune Explanation:
Red- So that your bombs penetrate.
Blue- So that your bombs start hitting hard from the beg.
Yellow- Mana Regen. is needed
Quints- More magic penetration or Get AP runes to help your bombs and your chrono shift. :]

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Item Explanation

Doran's Ring: I suggest starting with a Doran's ring. [Gives Hp,AP,Mana reg] Or a sapphire crystal and 2 red potions.
Boots[Reg]: Simple, you don't want to walk like a turtle.
Tear of the Goddess: This item is needed as soon as possible. You need mana, the more you can get sooner the longer you can stay outside fighting. So start of with a Meki Pendant for some mana regeneration and then upgrade it.
Aegis: This is a great supporter item, It gives Health,Magic resistance,defense and it gives an aura to your WHOLE TEAM!
Veil: I get this item because in Higher Elo's your going to be targeted first, this stops 1 stun,fear,etc. This will help you survive!
Ionian Boots: Less Cool-down on ALL SKILLS.
ArchAngel Staff: Now upgrade your tears, and you should have at least 200 Ap or so. This is great because now your doing some damage and reviving for a bit more.
Deathfire Grasp: Gives cool down reduction and a bit of AP.
When you use it, it throws a fireball dealing a lot of damage. This is a great Tank killer and it's great for you too, since it gives 15% CDR.
Now I'll give you 2 Options
Option A)
Starting to die a bit: Guardian Angel: If your game is going this long then you need some help from GA. The reason why I'm telling you to get this is because sharing is caring!:] So share that chrono!Your Total of your Chrono should add up to about 1.5K. Not bad huh?
Option B)
If your doing great: Rabadon: This bad baby increases 30% of your AP and adds 155 AP. This item owns. Your Total of your Chrono should add up to about 2.1k HP. Not bad huh?

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Different Item Options

- Will update this with suggestions made by mobafire users -
Abyssal Scepter: if your enemies have too much magic resistance, lower it down and get some AP while your at it.
Tome: This item is also pretty good for my CDR lovers, it let's you use your skills more often.
Elixir of Brilliance is 250 gold and gives you 10% CDR, this is always a good item to have if you arent capped. ~Thx Gray~
- Gives good defense and ability power!
If you made a mistake pop it and for 2 seconds they cant do anything to you.
- Gives okay health, CDR, and mana reg.

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How Much CDR & Totals

So how much CDR total does this build have?
9%= Masteries
15%= Boots
15%= DFG
39%= Yeah The limit is 40%, But it doesn't really matter.
So, With my Items the new totals are...
Bombs: 6.1 Seconds
Rewind: 3.66 Seconds
Time Warp: 12.2 Seconds
Chrono: 109.8 Seconds

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Late-Game Zilean

"The Longer the game goes, the stronger zilean will be"
Yes, this is true! If you follow this build, you will see that in the beginning of the game, I build up your defense and your CDR to help you spam your skills and survive. Then once all of that is done, I add some AP to help your skills. So, the longer the game goes, the stronger you will get! I promise!

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What to do

Early Game:
Just to let you know don't waste your mana in the beginning. Wait until your level 3 to harras because level 1 bombs suck. when your bombs are lvl 2, start harassing don't be afraid to use your mana! [especially if you have tear of goddess] The more you use your spells, the better. If your lane has squishies then your off to a good start. Squishies should be targeted first. If your laning with someone who can stun, tell him who your going for and who should die first. Other than that, keep it safe :]
Hopefully by now you have the first few items. If you do, your doing great! If you feel like you need mana, then go grab golem he'll help out a lot. Remember to help out teammates! Start planing out some ganks, tell your teamates who should be tanking or whose offering to tank because thats your #1 priority to revive. Be smart and make sure that person knows what hes doing. And if hes about to die, thats good! It means their falling for your revive bait :].
If you have all 40% cool-down reduction then your doing great! Remember: YOUR CHRONO SHOULD ALWAYS BE READY OR YOU SHOULD BE USING REWIND TO MAKE IT READY! Other than that keep it safe.
Scenario A):If your bombs are not doing enough, then Rabadon's 30% passive should spice things up.
Scenario B):If your being targeted get the GA ASAP! Reviving your teamates is Priority!

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Ways to attack with your Bomb

Let's start with your bombs and why AP makes them rock your opponent. When you put a bomb onto a person, it has a certain time limit before it explodes. If you quickly add another bomb then the first one explodes and the second one starts to count down. After a certain amount of seconds it explodes. Got it? Good! :]

So,It's time for me to give some secrets out XD...
How can you use it to give a surprise attack?
So lets say you put a bomb on a creature or a person, before it dies, you quickly put a bomb,so that when it dies, it gives a random burst of damage to nearby enemies.

How can i keep on slowing them down?
Once you have all of my items, you will be able to slow or speed someone 24/7! I'm serious!
Ask CloudTitan! He's my witness!

So, what are some other ways to harras?
Well, your bombs are your main harassing tool. People need last hits to get more gold, so you put a bomb on the minion your opponent is about to kill and presto he got a piece of his own medicine! [Only works with Melee chars]

-Another way to harras your teammates is, simply putting it on things they cannot see!
Huh? Yeah...Let me explain. If your partner can go invisible like twitch, Simply put a bomb on him and make him go near your enemies and presto! Free Hit! They didn't even see it coming! Suckers!

-Another way is, putting a bomb on someone who can go to them immediately. Like Amumu [Put a bomb on him he attacks his opponent with his stun and PRESTO! a bomb will hit your enemie(s).

* REMEMBER THIS WORKS WITH ALOT OF PEOPLE...YI,TYRAN,NID..etc. You just gotta be creative! :]

More Questions To Answer coming Soon! :]

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Ways to use your Rewind + Timewarp

So...this is quite simple....
When do I use Rewind?
-If your chronoshift is not ready, you must keep using this!
-If you are in a fight and you just used your first bomb, rewind and use another!
-If you just used TimeWarp and you need to slow someone else or keep running, you use rewind!

Time Warp
When do I use Timewarp?
-If you need to run away or help your teammates get away.
-If you need to slow an enemy to have your teammates gank him, or so that you can finish him/her off.[/h2]

Once you have all the CDR, you can continuously spam TimeWarp and Bombs again and again until you have no more mana.

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Ways to use your Chronoshift

Who Do I revive first in battles?
1-The first person who should get this skill used on is your carry! Don't be greedy!
Carries usually have 2k~3k Hp and USUALLY they get owned First. By Reviving them first they instantly get their HP back to normal like if nothing happend.

Can I tower dive with this skill?
Heck yeah you can! Maybe someone got lucky and before they expect it, you go around bomb them twice. Put revive on yourself and when you come back up, its like your brand new! :]
You can give it to a friendly teammate who wants to be fed. Cuz nothing saids Free Kill, like giving your Ryze a free chrono so that he can get a kill, revive, and act like nothing happened.

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Tips,Screenshots,Game Scores,Etc

Having Mana Issues?
You might be running out of mana....Get Golem! Gives you mana regeneration and you won't have to spend money on buying a mana reg. item.

Results With Option A and B

Some Scores I've gotten, REMEMBER this focuses on support with an edge of AP. =]

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Last Words

Hope you read my build. Leave a comment! Don't be afraid, I don't bite!!!!
Hope you have fun with my new build.

REP ME!!! :]

Yesterday is HISTORY
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY
And today is a GIFT!
So use it wisely!

~To do List:~
Get Videos for my examples...Can someone help me?

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My Elo

Currently Im 1500 :]
When I created my guide, I created it to help you guys get better with zilean.
I haven't used it in rank much, since hes banned for having such a leet special.
But whenever I can, I will use him. To show you guys that I'm not some random dude who made this build, I'm some dude whose made it to 1500 Elo so far. I will play more rank games when Season 2 starts.

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Change Log

4/17/11- Tested out new build [Great results]
4/18/11- Created Build
4/19/11- Worked On Every Section
4/19/11- Copied some stuff from my old build.
4/19/11- Published :]
4/20/11- Fixed DFG CDR mistake.
4/24/11- Changed the Font :]