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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Micen

Zilean - Cooldown Jesus

Micen Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 25

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Meet Zilean. He is, in my opinion, one of the best support characters in the game as of right now. He has a solid damage base and can bring people back from the dead. He's like a regular miracle worker. This is a solid, tested build by me in normal (unranked) play.

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Pros / Cons

High but (sometimes!) delayed AoE damage for the ones that run
Low to no CDs on anything
Ult should always be up and waiting
Some of the best AP Raito in the game

Low health
Mana dependent in early game
Item dependent late mid-late game

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Zilean is all about his time-bombs and for that he needs the CdR that your glyphs, runes, and Quints provide. Having your rewind spell on a near 3 second cool down is one of the best feelings in the world and can make a difference in team fights in the mid and at the end of the game, doing massive damage to the enemy team if they decide to group up or if your going in for that final push of the nexus it allows you to swiftly deal with ALL of the opposing creeps

His seals are there because he lacks proper mana regen early game and that helps to balance this out and allow the much needed time bomb.

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- This is your bread and butter and only damaging attack. Learn to use it. No, Learn to abuse it. Make your Q key break with the amount you use it. Make your... okay you get the idea, No need to continue here.

This spell can be used to harass very early game, So if you are tanking with an early game nuke You can easily get first blood as they run.

Also, fun note: If you place a Time Bomb on a target you just Time Bombed the first one will explode instantly allowing you to get damage on a person and placing another time bomb for if they run or if you have another damage dealer there to whittle them down.

Again, and finally, You CAN place time bombs on friendly units and champions. This means if say, you have a Shen and Twisted Fate on your team you can do this(sadly this is not me)...
<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

- This is what allows Zilean to be called cooldown Jesus. It reduces the cooldowns of all your other spells and it can get pretty close to three seconds with this build. That's a Time Bomb EVERY three seconds. You can light up two or perhaps three enemies and spread your damage (or the same one Three times to maximize single damage in the forest/solo lane/priority targets[eg. Miss Fortune, Kog'maw, Master Yi, OtherAP/ADcarryyouwanthere])

Also, Whenever your ult is on cooldown hit this every time its up and you are not actively fighting, not only will this keep your ult fresh and ready for use, but when you get Tear/Arch Angels it gives you a mana pool and AP(from Arch angel)

This is the fun part about Zilean, He has a built in speed up/slow down based on if its an ally or an enemy. This is useful for runners, or as an opener for a team fight, talk about kill priority early, and slow them with this, or speed up your tank or a slacking DPS to allow them to get in or out of a fight quickly and safely clearing or putting distance between you and the bad guys.

Early game, I have been able to tower dive, get a bomb, only take one hit from the tower, and land a kill just before a low health enemy recalls back to the fountain. Otherwise known as a tower diving Terrorist(but that is someone else's guide)

Finally the Jesus part of my title. His ultimate is on a VERY short (including Rewind and CdR)and it has a 2:1 AP ratio. This means that for every 1 AP you have it will give your Chronoshift-ee 2 more health in addition to the base. That is an insane ratio. You can easily bring a tank back to half health or more with this when your build is nearing completion/done.

However, one drawback, the buff is only 6 seconds long so you have to TIME IT JUST RIGHT. Too early and it expires or they stop attacking, too late, and well... You or your intended is dead, and that is not cool.

as for skill order it should be something like

Q-W-Q-W-Q-E-Q-W-Q or something like that, slowing them/speeding you when needed to get that timebomb on them, or to close the distance to detonate the first and get the kill/last bomb needed.

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His masteries are pretty self explanatory Health/ Mana regen, movement speed, imp clarity(not too important, but it does help your Mana hungry allies in a push or a team fight) and more Cool downs!

Question I can see asked so I will answer it now: Why not get the "Utility Mastery" mastery? Blue gives you Mana regen and the mastery gives it to you for longer.

Yes Blue does give you Mana regen, but to be honest, Zilean does not have the early burst damage to benefit taking that over say more CdR, if someone offers you blue buff take it but after awhile Tear/Arch Angels balances the mana of Zilean pretty quickly.

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Miki Pendant-Start with this, it allows you to get just a little bit more mana regen in at the start and two health potions because as a harasser you might take one, or even more then one hit and need to heal and keep the lane dominance you should have.

Then one you go back (or die from overextending, I've seen it happen; and by seen I mean done it.) get a Sapphire Crystal or go right to Tear of the Goddess

- This is the cornerstone of playing Zilean, with your short cool downs you will be casting a lot of spells, and those spells take mana, Tear takes care of most(early game) problems and builds you a pretty large mana pool near the middle/end of a game.

Then get you some for the CdR
OR you could go
if their team is Stun/slow heavy(but you can address it other ways that CdR is pretty important, but your choice). Either is a good choice for Zilean

Then you will want to finish out your
IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY grab this for Rabadons if its say below the 20:00 mintue mark.
Then go and finish Then finish to end your core build.

After this(or in between, the only key item is the Tear of the Goddess early) its entirely up to you what to get. If they are Auto Attack champions (Ashe, Yi, ect) It would be worth you(and your entire team) to pick up a to negate them quickly.

However, if you are up against an AP heavy team a wont go unnoticed, nor will a or a . Its what the situation calls for.

A is a great addition to this build as it not only gives you more CdR, it gives you more mana for Arch Angels, and some Armor so you have a bit more survive-ability when in team fights.
Also Another is not bad either, gives you more mana, Take your pick. There are MANY viable options for the last two slots.

NOTE: If you are the only ranged on a team and they need you mid, you can do it, its kinda silly but still worth mentioning. You get the Miki Pendant Then instead of going right into you build , is it silly? Yes. Does it work? Yes. You just just target creeps were the AoE will hit the opposing middle champion too(or target them, doesn't matter as long as you kill the creeps, the HP you gain will be needed to counter harass. Then continue with the build as stated.

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Summoner Spells

These should be obvious as to why I picked them.

Because you need mana early and mid game. Also helps your allies by allowing a mana refill in battle (improved clarity talent you took)

Teleport is just useful. You die and want to get to a lane quickly? Teleport there. You notice a team fight starting at top and you are at bottom? Teleport there. You have a Teemo/Wards and want to set up a gank/go kill a runner, teleport infront of them and timebomb. This is one of the best Summoner Spells in the game, it allows you to move map quickly to come in and save/clean up/ not lose exp and gold early game

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Closing thoughts / TO DO

Did you notice something odd in my guide? A misspelling perhaps. I spent like 5 hours on this over a few nights, please tell me if there is something wrong or that needs clarification(say perhaps time bombs or teleporting)? Please tell me, this is my first guide for anything really and I take all advice seriously.


Make a more defined middle build / Strategy

If any of you want to play/see this build in action, just add me on LoL-US as Micen Farock.

Thank you for reading.

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Saturday April 30, 2011 - removed double of each chapter
Sunday May 1, 2011 - Fixed skill order set / Removed from To do list.
Friday, May 6, 2011 - fixed Talent tree goof up