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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Diana mid?

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  • XeresAce

    Diana mid?

    I've really been thinking of playing her a bit more extensively, but I'm not sure about how well she fares in s4.

    Build wise, zhonya>abyssal with a couple of rings good? What about nashors tooth? It seems really good but probably as a 4th item? Or should I just stick to a rabadons as a 4th main item and then round out the build with GA or something? My other two items would be void staff and boots, probably sorcs that I'll switch out for mercs later on.

    Also, max Q or Shield first? Shield max seems really good if you're vs a ranged champ. You can just take harass all day and stay even in cs :3 Q max is kind of a standard thing, or at least it was a while ago so I'm not sure.

    Thanks~ :3
  • Answers (1)

    GrandmasterD (531) | January 29, 2014 8:31am
    Q > W > E. My advice is to unlock E at level 8 or later because it's really useless early-game and takes away a whole lot of mana.

    Rush double Ring into Abyssal and Hourglass. Then follow-up with Void Staff. No offence but low-rated players always forget about that item and end up getting it way too late which cuts their damage mid-game. It is an essential item especially after the S3 patch. End-Game offensive items are Rabadon's Deathcap, Deathfire Grasp and Lich Bane. Most people will tell you that Lich isn't amazing but I disagree, it adds a whole lot to her burst which is what you need it for. DFG is to just delete single-targets and Cap is just an all-round item. For defensive items consider Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel.

    Diana can go in on almost anyone but be wary of things like Flay as they can interrupt Lunar Rush mid-air which causes it to not consume Moonlight and thus not gain the refresh, which can seriously hurt your overall damage output.
    GrandmasterD (531) | January 29, 2014 4:53pm
    Well you can't close the gap anyway, so a second point in W just makes you tankier and improves wave clear. I don't know why junglers would bother ganking for a Diana pre-6. So useless.
    XeresAce (91) | January 29, 2014 4:45pm
    Yeah, I always get last whisper/Void staff as a second or third item. E seemed fairly useful for following up on ganks, but I guess you won't be getting much use out of it pre lvl 6~7 anyway. Thanks :D
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