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League of Legends (LoL) Question: What's the best int sion build?

Posted in Champions | Tags: Sion 3,670

  • LuxIsMyCrush

    What's the best int sion build?

    I know it is no longer as viable as it used to be, but still, i need a reason to int safe when someone ban my teemo.
  • Answers (1)

    PsiGuard (1495) | June 3, 2019 11:57am
    I assume you're talking about the Sion strat where you die a lot but take towers quickly with passive. I'm pretty sure people built a Tiamat and the lethality items ( . I think it's with Glacial Augment so you can stick to people in your passive.

    As long as you have a lot of AD (and armor pen) you'll have good burst damage and passive DPS. It's a lot more efficient to die to tower and get executed, then use your passive to deal a bunch of damage to the tower. If you just run up and die to your lane opponent for a little bit of tower damage, it doesn't benefit your team.

    I haven't seen an "inting" Sion in a while so I'm not sure how viable it is at the moment. At least you have a decent amount of impact by getting towers even if you're feeding, but ideally you only die when your team will benefit from your death.

    Edit: I've been told the tower-pushing build is . The lethality build uses the passive more for killing champions.
    LuxIsMyCrush (13) | June 7, 2019 4:59pm
    thanks, titanic and sterak are actually very effective, but i am forced many times to go thormal after it so i cant really abuse zzrot at its maximum.
    PhoenixianSlayer (6) | June 10, 2019 6:33am
    Since I haven't played super long and this game takes forever to master, can you explain what you mean by abusing Zz'Rot Portal at its maximum?
    PsiGuard (1495) | June 7, 2019 6:32pm
    You can probably just get Bramble Vest if you really need grievous wounds and then get Zz'Rot Portal after.
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