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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Mint

02 Aug
Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legeeeeeends!!! Garen and Lux! Versus! Draven and Dariuuuuuusss!!! Begin!

Garen: DEMACIA!! My name is Garen and I'm so tough.
With me on your team, no tank is good nuff. I build
my Warmogs and absorb damage outright; My [[Demacian
Justice]] ending fights outright! And with Lux by my
side I won't have to fear, not being back up with a
laser near !

Lux: Hiya! He'll end the fights alright and I'll provide
CC just right! Oh Darius you think you're so bad, but
if you get snared, no true damage for you, how sad!
My friend Garen is...
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30 Jul
Hey there this is Mintleaves and I've been poking around other guides on MobaFire and found a few who had a LOT of "Troll-Voters" and I was looking at their guides and was looking at the comments.

Troll-Voter "Wooooow, Bad guide. -1"

Creator "Ok well what was wrong with the guide that you didn't like?"

Troll-Voter "..."

This is an example of a short conversation between a "Troll-Voter" and a "Creator" of a guide.
One way to deal with this is to, leave...
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27 Jul

Views: 641 mint

Hey there this is me I wasn't good enough to get on T.V. lowest played champion in the League, Trundle yes that's me. If you feel I'm not good enough for your team, baby, just dodge go ahead and leave, double jungle and no solo top or mid lane, you be typing "hey this trundle's a real pain. I throw my ulti in your face gunna walk here, slow your pace and make sure you don't get away, I'm trundle, the troll, report me for intentionally, feedang!

The troll that's what the call me in 14 different countries, and maybe if you ask me nicely I'll break the icee's and please just don't...
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27 Jul

Views: 631 mint

Hey there this is my 31st post
and I figured I could do it
on something that has been
pondering my mind for a
while. These are some
Item Ideas that I'm mainly
doing cause I'm bored but tell
me if you like them.

Khight's Shining Armor "KSA"

Cost: 1250
Original Cost: 475
Recipe: Cloth Armor, Ruby Crystal

250 health
25 armor
Unique Passive: Grants Allies with 10 armor, and 100 health.
Unique Active: Grants target ally with 20 armor for 15 seconds(cooldown 40 seconds)

Blade of Woe "BOW"

Cost: 2855...
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