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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog

07 Sep

Views: 485 I don't even...

Got really annoyed at this guy, and was pretty tired so I decided to argue with him. Then I got super pissed when the enemy teemo, agreed with him and proceeded to also argue with me.
Oh, and then he decides to exclaim how he has as many assists as me, so I must be bad. Ugh, hello? Different teams you noob.
and complain about how I kept running away, so I must be bad? itsk guys, I'll go suicide as support next time and really feed the enemy.
and jax had a whole convo in-game as well...
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05 Sep

Views: 383 Oh...

Oh god, that's right...strategy's :3

I totally forgot I was doing that I gotta think...:(


laziness prevails! I'll think later :D
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30 Aug

Views: 580 Update

phew, been a while since I talked about my story's. So long, most of you will have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not going to link it to you, since it'll be doing a major rework later on. For those that don't know, my story's are fan-fiction. I started varying form my original idea, and I wished to figure out where I wished them to go. So here's it all down in a nice little speel.

As I said, the main problem was the direction I wished my story's to go. First off, I'm postponing...
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24 Aug

Views: 548 Dem awkward convos

Millapede (7:55): andrew
we need to talk.
about our feelings.
ShiftyCake (8:02): I have aids
Millapede (8:03): wat
ShiftyCake (8:03): alan told me to say that
Millapede (8:03): you have aids? T_T
ShiftyCake (8:03): totes
Millapede (8:03): ewww
doesnt matter we can use a condom
ShiftyCake (8:05): :3

nuff' said.
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