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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog

25 Jul

it is really hard to type now, why? I just did some physical work.

Yes I did D:

The pain...Had to move like 50 huge pieces of wood and now my arms feel dead. Like dead as in right now I'm typing like a derp.
Anyways >.<

So I've started to listen to some 10 hour songs on youtube and they're pretty cool. Here's the list:

I Can Swing My Sword: I'm loving this...
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06 Jul

so me and my friend were playing a game, and I had to brb near the end (so we lost). That's not the point, the point is that after this the guy had a massive rage at my friend who's playing jax and is named Ranier Layarte (we figured only way to get out of ****** hell is to play the most op champs). Also have another friend in their named Magnus and some random named anekdon or something. Anyways, This proceeded to happen:...
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19 May

Views: 714 Kurissu The Lost General

In this strategic analysis, I will be bringing a new champion concept to you.


Kurissu appeared one day, on the doorstep of the League claiming servitude. No one knows where he came from, or why he’s here, and he refuses to divulge that information. Any attempt at approaching is nigh impossible, he refuses even the barest of friends for reasons unknown.

Yet in battle, he has never been questioned; for he has one...
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19 May

What did he say :O yeah. As you all don't know, I have many assignments due and exams coming up. That's right, I've reached the time where I have to stop procrastinating and knuckle down for some hardcore work. This means that I am getting rid of the time constraints, for now. I will be posting up Champion Stories whenever I can, but I doubt you'll see any of my other workings yet. So sorry, feel free to hate me.

Plus I'm working on an Ahri guide, mainly focused on strategy. I think....
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18 May

So...I lied. I really tried to only post strategy and updates, but I couldn't help it. Deal with it. Or don't.

On to my real point. Has anyone else realized the inflation of blogs lately? It's Germany all over again. damn Nazis.
There are simply so many, everyone seems to have realized that a blog button exists and are madly pressing it.
Then they talk about non-sequential **** that no-one cares about. Like pfff, how stupid.
Oh wait...

Anyway, my point is that this blog...
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