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14 May

In this strategic analysis, you learn how to steal baron from the enemy whilst acing their team.

To start off with, all players must have Flash and you must hold the top base. You can reverse this to work with dragon if you so wish.

Once baron pops up, start placing wards on it and near it (this allows you to get in position) to keep watch. Once you see the enemy players heading for baron, get four of your team to go over to the half-semicircle...
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13 May

Welcome, MobaFire, to my official blog start. From now on, I'll only be posting one of the following two topics:

Unfathomable Workings is my work, i.e. Champion Stories, Sedah and all of that. I will give you updates on the happenings of my nefarious doings. Or put simply, when something goes wrong you'll know about it.

Strategic Analysis will be about Strategy. Strategy is my fortay and so I...
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12 May
Sorry it's a couple of hours alte, I actually finishd it ages ago. Lost track of time :/ fml why does this stuff always happen to me. Anyways, it's up here for you're pleasure. Enjoy.

I know the artwork is coming up really late now guys, but my artist is overloaded with work atm so...yeah. Everyone seems to be doing something around this time :/
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12 May
Mother's day is close. For me anyway people-from-different-time-zones. So I'm busy preparing that for my mother/mum. If I say mother, I sound like a distant prick yet if I say mum, I sound like a little kid. Aghhhh. kk, new word alert. Mothum: The perfect name. So yeah, preparing Mothum's day since she prepares every other day in the year. Whilst my dad does nothing, lazy s-let's not go there. don't take that seriously, or my value of you just decreased. Now, since I am organizing mother's day, I was waning on whether or not to do the two champion stories. Yet last time I didn't make...
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09 May
This is partly to let you know what I'm working on, and mostly to keep track of all that I'm doing. Some of these things do not involve LoL. This will be updated. Now:

- Champion Stories. Updates will occur once every week on Sunday at midday (GMT +10)
- Sedah. Updates will occur once every two weeks on Sunday at midday (GMT +10)
- Battle Stories. Updates will occur once every two weeks on Sunday at midday (GMT +10)
- New Champion (his passive is an ability similar to clairvoyance, I'm interested in it's strategic use)

EDIT #1: Also while my editor is away, I'll have to continue to...
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