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23 Apr
Hecarim + Alistar = OP

that's right. When you get them together, they're just so incredibly OP it's not even funny. How do I know this? I played a game with my friend with it, and we got 4 kills straight up. basically we both have cc's while dealing high damage + alistar tanks the damage. Early game, it makes it easy to take them out. Just gotta get behind them.

So yeah, if you're playing with a friend then try alistar and hecarim.
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23 Apr
Anyone have a clue what this new update is. For if it's nothing, I'm gonna be majorly pissed seeing as it's stuffed up my fmodex.dll again and I can't get a fix on it.

Stupid fmodex.dll'

EDIT #1: holy ****. After all that bluddy effort, this is the solution :@

ohk, go into you're league of legends folder and play the leagueoflegends.exe.admin one. that's it. enjoy. LOL.
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23 Apr
Anyone else get this? I mean, when you're hardcore losing from op players but you manage to hold your own. Then you get complemented from enemy team for doing exactly that, it feels pretty awesome.

Also, it's really fun versing them. Makes you use all the tricks you have, and more.
So perspective on losing is situational.
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23 Apr
We have sorted it out, and he has agreed to be the editor for Champion Stories. This means he will review what I have done and seek improvements/fix what's there. I'm eternally grateful, for this will reduce the time I have to work on the stories by half.

So basically, the deals closed. I now have an amazing artist, a superb editor and me. Wait, so I'm useless? jokes, but anyways, enjoy what's coming!

Also I will have Champions #5 and #6 up in the next 2-3 hours. I have already finished the stories, just have to type them up now.
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