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29 Apr
so. yeah. It's been like a week and a half now :/ and I've finally given you another one.
I could lie and say it's time management.
but that's lying.
I just, as I've previously said will happen, did not feel like making one. So there you go. But it is up here for you're pleasure.

artwork is not up yet. Update when that changes
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29 Apr
It can't just be me. I mean, when I hop on skype or some **** and I start talking to people it's ohk and everything. But then they're like "can you do a call?" then you start thinking things like "****, my voice is gonna sound weird through the headphones" "****, he's gonna start laughing at me" and other crazy start that makes no sense and would not happen. After this flashing through you're head in the span of a second, you think ohk sure I can and then type "awww sorry dude, I have to uh...go...and do some...stuff. bye!" then you quickly close...
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27 Apr it double posted yet came up with error on first post.

WTH trolling.

I might as well make this post useful lolz. So, I'm gonna go ahead and lol at this I have seen:

someone creating another account to play new characters so they don't do **** on their main account. like wut, really. LOL. WOW. It's not that bad I suppose, but I just can't see myself bothering.

Another thing to blab about. How to train your dragon is an mazing movie. I keep watching it over, I first watched it when it was out in the cinemas so yeah. Just telling people who haven't seen it to go and watch...
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25 Apr

Views: 516 Is rep really worth it?

Its complex I tell you. I mean, there’s three ways to go about rep.
Be a prick and go “omg guyz, don’t you think my guidez waz likez amazingerer then otherz. Give somez plus repz if you do.
^ You’re a gay ****, no-one’s gonna give you rep.
You’re the king of pricks. You create a whole other account to give rep to yourself and tell people that you’re amazing
^ Yes, this does exist. There are people so sad, they have to give themselves rep.
Do amazing **** so people give you rep anyways.
^ That’s what I do. Actually, I talk about myself a lot and people rep me....
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