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24 Apr

I'm sick of hearing people going "omg, this guidez suckz. I went 0/9/3 with thiz guidez cause it sukz."
GUIDE: to supply (a person) with advice or counsel, as in practical or spiritual affairs.

*****ez, learn the word guide. It can't make you good, it only helps you improve where you're already at. It's up to you to lose your life and play the character so much you're talking like him and dreaming him in your sleep.
That's possible.
I went 50/0/23
Sleeps so much kewler.
so take my advice and PLAY THE DAMN CHARACTER....
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24 Apr
I seriously don't know. I mean, am I spamming maybeh? because I go to the blogs and it's like blog then me then a blog or two then me then a blog and then **** THIS **** ITS HIM AGAIN. I SHOULD TROLL THAT *****.
Well, that's what I feel like you're thinking anyways. It's probably more like this.
heh. what a loser. Posting a blog. hehehe.
^ woops, that's what I think. Sorry. How about this one.
...*squints really hard* shifty...cake...:@ RAGE TROLL **** THIS RAGE ASDNAASDASD awww look, a blog about penguins.
^ that more accurate? or maybeh deep down you're really nice...
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24 Apr
ohk, first thing's first. I'm just going to give you a basis on my time management for making these stories.
none at all.
SO what does this mean?
It means one champion could take 10 days, while another could take 5 hours depending on whether I "feel like doing it". SO yeah.
You gotta deal with a lazy, narcissistic, self-indulgent ****.
So me and my brother.
Jokes, I'm not that bad.
Just a warning to never expect when a stories coming. :P

Now the other thing I reckon I'm gonna do is at the 10 story mark, put it up on the main LoL site. This I am unsure about, I mean is it...
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23 Apr

Views: 402 Champion #7

Alistar. artwork not up yet, I'll update when that changes.

you guys probs want the my bad.

artwork is up
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23 Apr
Is done. They are Dr Mundo and Veigar. So check them out through the link

artwork is up

totally ignore this bit. I'm at school, and have nowhere else to put it where I'll remember lolz.
Wish to spread the word? code for sig blagh blagh blagh <--- I said ignore that, so damn you if you read it :P
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