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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rhino22


Rhino22 Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is about Critical Strikes and damage.

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Pros / Cons

Lots of Money
Crits are plentiful
lots of damage
very Fast

really weak
Stuns take gp out easily (eve, sion)
cant get through tanks armour

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First 6 items

->philosopher's stonex1 x4 x1

I start off with a regrowth pendant and upgrade it to philosopher's stone at the same time i get tier 1 boots.
then 4 avarice blades over time and then finish off with the ionian boots upgrade. this is great for your ulti cos it takes 2 minutes to cooldown

Infinity Edge

This is where you sell your stone and get a B.F sword. and wait until you get enough money until you can finish off the infinity edge.


Well sadly here you part with your first avarice blade. but you get a B.F sword for it :) once this is complete you should be getting some nice crits. considering you have 70% crit chance

Phantom Dancer

This item is a good choice for any dps. buy it.

Trinity Force

Who doesnt love this item in their inventory? i sell my avarice blade for a zeal and then wait til i get the money to buy it. main reason being that i like to maximise the time the avarice blades are spent in the inventory and therefore more money

Finally you can choose whatever you want. But by this stage Gangplank is really soft so i go for a warmogs or frozen mallet. maybe turn that last avarice blade into a Youmuu's?

A Choice Between

or or

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Skill Sequence


Skill this up quickly, use it to hit then spell the minions for quick gold. this is a great ranged weapon later on when you're critting 70%

Raise morale:

this is 2nd priority. its great. attack damage and move speed. awesome! dont use the deny too much as it costs a lot of mana but use it on the cannon minions some times

Cannon Barrage:

Cannon Barrage has a 2 minute cooldown. dont be cheap and use it to ks. you will be worse off. Use it to block off escape routes for enemy champions. use it when ambushing out of the brush.

Remove Scurvy:

i get this last. yeah its nice to heal but the mana should be spent on parlley and farming

Grog Soaked Blade:

Damage over time and -50% healing is sweet. sadly it doesn't proc with parrrley. it was deemed to be too op. which i probably agree with. Always try to get 1 hit on your opponent just so the DoT is killing him. and you must try get a hit on when they are regenerating. it keeps them out of your lane :)

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Summoner Spells

My Preference

Flash & Ghost



I'd say FLASH is the number 1 priority for this Gangplank build. when the enemy is in range. you flash on them and hit them once and finish off with a parrley shot. hopefully 1 of those is a crit and a kill. otherwise flash is a must have for safety. blink over a forest or blink to escape getting ganked at the dragon.


Ghost is another good option for chase or for running away. i choose this one over cripple because you can escape more easily with this spell over cripple


or or or

Teleport, Exhaust, heal and ignite are all great spells:

Teleport is good for farming and surprise gank.
Exhaust is good for chasing down people and limiting AD heroes
Heal is good for surviving
Ignite is good for extra damage and it goes well with Grog Soaked Blade.

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I go the usual offensive skills and some utility up until you have greed. What ever spell you choose boost that spell in masteries. Don't change your spell choice without changing your masteries to suit. I went ghost as i prefer it.

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Stats at level 18

+24.93 Armour Penetration
12.06% Critical Damage

Quintessence and Marks

greater quintessence of desolationx3 & greater mark of desolationx9
+9.99 Armour Penetration (+3.33 each)
+14.94 Armour Penetration (+1.66 each)

Seal & Glyph

x9 & x9
+7.02% Crit Damage (0.78% each)
+5.04% Crit Damage (0.56% each)


Seal & Glyph

x9 & x9
3.78% Crit Chance (0.42% each)
2.52% Crit Chance (0.28% each)

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Tips For Playing Gangplank

First few levels

Regrowth Pendant
In the first few levels you will have your regrowth pendant. so dont be afraid to use it! be smart about it. if you're full health you can risk getting hurt to cause some damage. If you're low health regen up. so hit them and then run regen up and then do it again. if they arent a special character or dont have regrowth pendant they may have to go to base 2 or 3 times to heal.

I've been yelled at for not using Parrrley and called a noob or whatever. I use Parrrley to farm creeps. i won't harrass unless they are less than 50% heath or if i've got my philosopher's stone. use this skill to get money. remember to hit the creep then shoot them. its really easy that way

Philosopher's stone
Once you have philosopher's stone use parrrley whenever you can. Harrass and farm 50:50. if you are spoilt for mana then use the raise morale ability to kill the creeps. I find if i am low on health and have to tower hug the safest option is just to deny and wait for health.

4xavarice blades
try get these when you can. i wait until 1500gold to get 2 at a time. but this depends on how the game is going.

infinity edge
once you have 1600gold and your 4 blades sell philosophers stone and buy B.F sword. now you can crit every 2nd shot. which means you can get insant minion kills half the time. Great! once you have 2230gold finish off the infinity edge. now you crit a lot and hurt too! try parrleying the enemy champions

Team Fights

It is important to be CAREFUL in team fights. dont be seen if possible! wait until someone else initiates and try pick off the weaker AD characters or mages. Flash on them hit them and parrrley them. if you crit them twice. they die. always look for weak targets first. and Always note who has a lot of Armour. It is so stupid to attack the guy with a lot of armour. remember to have the order you want to kill them in your mind before fighting.

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PATCH notes Gangplank changes


The new patch has messed around with some of gangplank's abilities. Here are some pointers as to what has happened:


reduced damage, compensation: reduced cooldown and reduced gold from last hitting minions.

This for me is a sad change. it is nice using parrrley more often but it doesnt have the same amount of power. instead of doing massive crits its doing much less. its annoying because its my favourite part about gangplank

Raise Morale:

No more denyplank. they took away the ability to deny creeps and gave us more speed and damage for the compensation. i'm not overly fussed about this one. i think it is a bonus since you can now use it anywhere. i'd often be chasing or running away from someone and could never use this ability to help. now its great! i like the change

Cannon Barrage:

The circle is SO much smaller now. and to compensate everyone is slowed in the circle. this is a big nerf! the ulti is now somewhat useless. it takes no effort at all to escape and the bullets are still random, so there is no guaranteed damage. this one sucks a lot. how do you think nunu would feel if we reduced his ultimate AOE!?