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Evelynn Build Guide by KingStix

Jungle diamond

[10.15] Hard Carry as Evelynn JG Guide - KingStix

By KingStix | Updated on July 21, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

[10.15] Hard Carry as Evelynn JG Guide - KingStix

By KingStix

A Challenger Jungler (NA) and Youtuber

Hello, I'm KingStix. I'm a challenger jungle main on NA and I play a variety of jungle champions in challenger. Evelynn is my absolute favorite! I climbed to challenger with a 68% win rate on Evelynn and love playing her in both high elo and for 1v9 smurfing in lower elo. She is such a fun champion to play due to her 1 shot ability and sneaky invisibility passive Demon Shade. I'm excited to share with you my Evelynn playstyle and tips so you can hard carry your Evelynn games as well! I really hope you enjoy this guide, and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. I will be constantly updating this guide to make sure it is as helpful as possible with all of the Evelynn information you could possibly desire!

Thank you for checking out this Evelynn guide. I'm passionate about improving at the game and helping other people improve as well. If you're interested, I make guides and other educational content for League of Legends on my YouTube channel . I also post A TON of Evelynn content since she is my favorite!

Find More Here!

Pros & Cons Back to Top
Evelynn Pros

She can get picks easily due to invisibility
She has a great escape with her ultimate
She has great tower dive potential with her ultimate
Her ultimate is AOE and can set up great plays bot lane or in team fights

Evelynn Cons

Control wards can be the death of her
Pre 6, her ganks are kinda sad (but now a bit better!)
Pre 6, she can't fight any enemy jungler
She is very squishy and will likely die from any CC
Early Game Back to Top
Early Game Evelynn

Ok, you might have heard it 100x or maybe you had no clue but... Evelynn's early game sucks. However, in a recent patch (10.8) Evelynn received more damage on her Q Hate Spike which has given some help to her early game. This means you should have more time to gank early from a faster clear speed and more damage for your ganks. Make sure to keep an eye on the map for good gank opportunities as it is really important to help your teammates out in the early game to allow you to scale. Don't forget that lane minions give a lot of XP and after a successful gank, you should help your laner push the wave to the tower. Also, if your laner dies and there is a wave crashing under your turret, it's a good idea to soak that XP and gold. A lot of people have been discouraged from playing Evelynn because she is weak early which means she tends to get invaded by the enemies early on (especially as you climb to higher elos). I've included some information below on how to avoid this from happening which can make a world of difference if you follow these tips.

Here are your early game options for clear routes:

1. A full clear. This is a great option for Evelynn below plat. . Depending on which side of the map you are, it will be either->

Red, Smite golems, raptors, gank* wolves, then blue & Smite gromp simultaneously. gank* OR
Blue, Smite gromp, wolves, gank*, raptors, red, Smite golems gank*.

2. A 5 camp clear. My most common go-to clear route for Evelynn. Currently my favorite. It's a full clear BUT you skip gromp (if starting blue side) or golems (if starting red side). This gives you more time for a gank after your clear, is safer versus invades since you get to opposite side faster, and gets you to scuttle in faster time after your gank. I recommend starting blue side UNLESS your red is bot and you feel it's very likely top will be a free gank at the end of the 5 camps.

3. If you are playing against Lee Sin, Graves, Udyr or another strong early game jungler, you can start on your blue buff (on either side of the map) then run directly to your red then golems. You will then be level 3 and you can gank. The reason for this clear route is to avoid having your buff stolen and avoid dying to the enemy jungler invade. If you go from buff to buff they will not get there in time.

**To clear camps**: Use your Q Hate Spike and E Whiplash every time as soon as they are off cool down and kite the camp. While your Q is on cool down, use your W Allure then Q again to charm the camp and deal more damage. Make sure you are autoing the camp as well once you pull it out. Pull it towards your next camp for a faster clear speed. You should not be charming the camp first, you use charm Allure after your Q Hate Spike is on cool down to maximize your clear speed.

*Ganking during your first clear--> Look for enemy laners pushing up too far or enemy laners who are missing health. A lot of people don't expect Evelynn to be ganking early so they do not respect it by playing safe. Ping that you are on your way so your laner is ready to follow up. If the enemy is pushing up too far, you can run behind them and use your W Allure as soon as you're in range then Q to charm. However, if the enemy is NOT pushing up but they are half health or below, you can go in from behind/the side and wait to use your W Allure until they can see you. In this case, you probably are unable to charm the enemy (unable to wait) but using your W Allure first will still slow them while you use your Q Hate Spike + E Whiplash to finish them off. Only go for the gank if you feel certain you can kill the enemy, if not keep farming.

Level 1 Ward--> Make sure you get a ward out level 1 in the pixel brush on the enemy red side by the 0:55 second mark then recall and pick up your Oracle Lens for early ganks. If you are against a strong early game jungler that can hop the wall like Graves, Jarvan IV, or Kindred then you should put your ward NEAR the pixel brush (take a look at the images below to see what that would look like). If YOUR red buff is bot side, look on the mini map using your ward vision to see if the enemy jungler goes to your BLUE after his own red. If YOUR blue buff is bot side, look on the mini map using your ward vision to see if the enemy jungler is coming to steal your gromp and kill you. If so, run away and do wolves as fast as possible before going to your red side. Just make sure you pull the camp towards your red side to stay safe in case the enemy jungler does check your wolves.

Early game tips for Evelynn:

1. Be safe rather than sorry. If you see them at scuttle or suspect that they are there, do not go.

2. Pull the camps in the direction that will allow you to have the fastest escape route if the enemy jungler arrives.

3. Make sure you buy Dark Seal as Evelynn relies on doing high damage and 1 shotting her squishy enemies. Getting Dark Seal stacks will set you up for pushing your lead and carrying your games.
Mid Game Back to Top
Mid Game Evelynn

Congratulations summoner, you have made it past Evelynn's brutal early game and hopefully with 0 deaths on the board and a couple of successful ganks! Welcome to the mid game where the map is yours. We will call "mid game" once you have reached level 6 and you now have both your ultimate Last Caress and your invisibility from your passive Demon Shade. This is the time to go for as many ganks as possible (but please, don't go for ones that you feel probably won't work).

Here are some tips for ganking as Evelynn in the mid game (level 6+):

1. Pay attention and take a mental note when laners blow their summoner spells (especially Flash) and make sure you take advantage of this by going back to gank before it is up again.

2. You can avoid common places for control wards by running through the middle of the lane to gank instead of walking through bushes.

3. Try to set up tower dives when your ultimate Last Caress is up by making sure your teammates has enough health and mana and is nearby. Ping them to engage when you start your charm (W) Allure. It's also a good idea to check the enemy's items because if they are already rather tanky, you might put your ultimate on cool down for nothing.

4. Gank the lanes where the enemies have little escape or where your laner has CC.

5. Some top laners ( Darius, Renekton, Illaoi) can 1v2 or 1v3 when they are ahead. You're better off ganking another lane if this happens. In general, you don't want to be ganking a lane that is hard losing because it is risky.

In this video, you can see where I am 0/0/0 by the time I'm level 6 (8 minutes into the game) yet I'm able to take advantage of my level 6 power spike and dominate the game.
Late Game Back to Top
Late Game Evelynn

Patience. Patience is your friend in the late game and trust me, you will need it. The late game is truly about waiting to go in at the right time. Although Evelynn is a "late game champ", you really need to build that lead in the mid game because playing her from behind is not fun... difficult indeed. Hopefully you were able to upgrade to Mejai's Soulstealer. Aside from a 25 stack Mejai's Soulstealer, the real beauty late game will be your Rabadon's Deathcap! (Check below for more information on itemization!) Evelynn is not the best at team fighting. This is not her playstyle for consistent wins. When you play Evelynn, you should be looking for picks which means it is very important to keep an eye on the minimap and know where the enemies are and where they are likely headed. This takes a lot of practice, especially if you are new to the game. I have a lot of video commentaries in this guide where I explain my thought process. Watching these will give you a much better understanding of how to play Evelynn. Try to put yourself in their perspective and ask yourself where you'd be headed next. It's easier than you think! Some examples-

1. The enemy red buff is spawning soon (the yellow indicator on the minimap- 15 seconds or less) therefore you know the enemy jungler or ADC (usually the ADC) will be going for it and you can get your pick there. (or jg/mid going for blue)

2. The enemy team is dead but their death timers are staggered meaning they are all reviving at different times. Look at where the waves are to see where the enemy respawning first is likely headed. Make sure you can kill this champion, if not wait for the next to respawn.

3. Dragon or baron are spawning. An enemy will most likely be coming to ward it or the enemy jungler could be coming to try to steal it. You don't wait in the pit, you wait in a bush by the enemy's buff to catch them out on their way.

**Please Note**: If you are far ahead, you will not need your ultimate Last Caress to pick off a squishy. However, it is risky to be going without your ultimate and flash so make sure you know for sure the squishy is alone and if they happen to blow flash and start running before you could finish them off, don't chase. Not dying is extremely important. If you know you'll need your ultimate, of course just keep farming until it is coming up before you get your pick.

Although getting picks and avoiding team fights is preferable, team fighting definitely still happens. So here are some things to note about team fighting on Evelynn:

1. You shouldn't be the first one to initiate the fight. Wait until the enemies have used their CC abilities.

2. Do not stand by your teammates in team fights, you need to flank so come in from behind or from a side position.

3. If the fight hasn't broke out yet but everyone is grouped, you can be waiting by a side wall for an enemy to step off a bit to the side to pick them off right before the fight.

4. If your team has AOE CC such as a Malphite or Amumu ultimate, you can wait until the enemies are CC'd to go in for an ult. Getting off your ultimate damage on multiple enemies during a team fight makes a huge difference and can really change the whole fight in your favor.

Playing VS High CC Comps
When you are playing against enemy teams that have a ton of CC, you will likely not be able to use your entire combo (W, Q, E, R) before ulting out or you will get CC'd and die before being able to ult out. Instead, you can go in without your charm so enemies don't have as much time to react and instead of using your E (which pulls you to the enemy and puts you at higher risk) you can just ult out quickly. Heal back up with your passive then rejoin the fight when enemies CC are on cool down.

**TIPS**: If an enemy has Banshee's Veil or Edge of Night, you can still charm them, just smite them right before your Q to break their shield. Make sure you are pressing tab to see what the enemies are building to know if you are able to kill them- for example, you don't want to flash in to kill the enemy mid during a team fight if they have Stopwatch or Zhonya's Hourglass.

If you'd like to watch my educational video on playing Evelynn in the late game, you can check it out here:
Itemization Back to Top
Core Items
The only items I really consider "core" on Evelynn are Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes and Mejai's Soulstealer. I didn't list Mejai's Soulstealer as a core item because I know it can take a lot of practice on Evelynn before you are able to confidently build and stack this item. But in reality, if you want to win your games as Evelynn, not dying is very essential and getting 25 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer means you are getting 145 AP and 10% bonus movement speed for only 1400 gold. What a steal! However, if you're just learning the champ or you're really behind then you can skip upgrading Dark Seal. Don't sell it though until you're ready to purchase a bigger item and have no slots left. Sometimes we are behind then pick back up momentum and realize we are able to keep fighting without dying & can upgrade it later. Sorcerer's Shoes are a staple for nearly everyone who plays Evelynn because she's an AP assassin. However, I've recently been building Boots of Swiftness in games where I know I can dominate early (pre-6) by getting off as many ganks as possible. It helps you land your full charm proc by being able to chase the enemy down. When going Boots of Swiftness, I purchase them on my first recall.

When to buy Dark Seal
The exact purchase order early game is mostly just dependent on how much gold you were able to recall with. If you back with 350 gold, you'll want to pick up Dark Seal instead of boots. Rushing Boots of Speed on your first back is never the best option, but if you only have 300 gold then that's what you're able to buy- spend it. I prefer to purchase Dark Seal over Stalker's Blade. Being able to smite the enemies for a slow in a gank is great, however you are still able to smite a lane minion and gain a speed up with your Nimbus Cloak. So, I'd prefer to get stacking ASAP!

***TIP*** Try to keep a Control Ward on you at all times mid game as this can really help you in situations when an enemy enters a bush.

Optional Items
Hextech Protobelt-01 is a good 1st buy item after your core items. It helps Evelynn from getting 1 shot, it can help her dodge CC or skill shots when needed, and helps her get on top of enemy champions especially when they have a dash. This item is also only 2500 gold so it's a great buy when you are behind. If the enemy team is more tanky and doesn't have dashes, I'd skip this.

Spellbinder is 2900 gold so also pretty cheap for what it gives (tons of AP, a speed up active, and 10% movement speed). A lot of people build Lich Bane on Evelynn but that is 300 gold more expensive and I don't find it as helpful as it doesn't give as much AP or movement speed.

Rabadon's Deathcap is something that I buy nearly every game after either Hextech Protobelt-01 or Spellbinder. The only reason I would ever skip this is if I was in desperate need of a Void Staff because the enemy team is tanky and building magic resist. If the enemy team is building magic resist but they aren't tanks, an Oblivion Orb into Rabadon's Deathcap would be better.

Speaking of an Oblivion Orb, I really dislike Morellonomicon on Evelynn. That's not to say I never buy it, I just... hardly ever buy it. It's 3000 gold! Dang, you must really think I'm cheap by now. I guess it's true. The only reason I'd finish this item is if my teammates were refusing to build an Executioner's Calling. I mean, seriously, for 3000 gold I don't think Morellonomicon provides enough value especially comparing it to Executioner's Calling coming in at only 800 gold. I mean, come on ADC mains- step up & buy it!

Zhonya's Hourglass is not a favorite either. Where's my damage at? Why aren't these people dying?! Yeah, it can be rough to build this but there are times when you are forced to whether it be a fed Rengar or Veigar or whenever you find yourself in the position of being bursted where the Stopwatch effect would be lifesaving.

Banshee's Veil is similar to building Zhonya's Hourglass. It just kind of depends on the enemy team comp and more specifically- who the biggest threats are. If there is point and click CC that is destroying you every time you go in, you'll probably find more value building this than hourglass. Annie no, please stop Annie I don't want to die. Again, it's always better if you can build more AP to deal more damage as your job as Evelynn is to KILL fast not just survive. But sometimes, it just ain't happening bro.

Finally, Nashor's Tooth. Yes, yes... it seems a bit troll and it is extremely situational but hey, I figured you should know. There are really close games where your team is completely unable to win a team fight and the enemies just won't seem to ungroup (that's not a word... is it?) In this case, I sometimes go for Nashor's Tooth to sneak an inhibitor or 2 when they're open or hey, maybe even the Nexus is open? Getting inhibitors is really powerful on Evelynn as people tend to split up more for waves and you are then able to pick them off. So this can be game saving in these situations. P.S. It also helps you clear Control Wards faster ;) Riot, can we please get Evelynn E to count as 2 or 3 autos to Control Wards... please?!

Into AD Burst
When you are playing against a heavy AD burst team, Dead Man's Plate is actually a good buy. It makes you extremely fast and it applies an extra 100 damage (at max stacks) on your E Whiplash. This will prevent you from dying so you can keep your 25 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer. You will still have plenty of damage. You will still be able to burst squishy champions. For champions you can not 1 shot, you should easily be able to run out of the fight, heal up with your passive Demon Shade and come right back in to fight some more. This is good into champions such as Qiyana and Talon when they are fed. Especially in combination with Hextech Protobelt-01, you should definitely be able to survive bursts, deal tons of damage, and re-enter the fight. ** Dead Man's Plate works really with the Celerity rune. Please make sure you are running the rune page suggested at the top of the page to go this build. It wouldn't be as optimal with Magical Footwear (which I don't think is best on Evelynn anyways).
Duos & Synergies Back to Top
I mostly prefer to solo queue. However, there are some favorites champions that I like to have on my team. If you are soloing but see one of your teammates is good at one of these champions and it works well given the team comps, you could try suggesting that they play one of these.

Pyke is a monster champion with a very broken ultimate Death from Below. The passive on his ult, is Your Cut which allows you and Pyke to both get gold from kills made by his ult and since his ult resets with a kill, that can be a ton of gold... The reason I love this duo with Evelynn however, is not because of the gold. Pyke has CC with both his Q Bone Skewer and E Phantom Undertow. It's going to be hard to NOT get a kill when ganking a Pyke lane with Evelynn. He is also a great champion for roaming so Pyke and Evelynn can take over the whole map together!

Tryndamere is a great split push champion. Evelynn is better at getting picks than she is at team fighting so this actually works out perfectly. When Tryndamere (or Jax) start splitting, it will force enemies to split up and rotate. At this point, it will be easier for you to get picks because they will no longer be grouped up.

Yuumi is an interesting duo with Evelynn for sure. Yes, Yuumi will be invisible too when Evelynn is! If it's a good Yuumi player, this combo can be amazing. It can help you survive situations that you otherwise wouldn't and kill people that you wouldn't have had enough damage to kill on your own. Keep in mind though- there could be some synergy issues here. If Yuumi randomly gets off to break a Farsight Alteration ward for example. It will give away your position or if she uses her Q Prowling Projectile too early, that can also give away your position. The Q is definitely not invisible! lol. If you'd like to see what the Evelynn + Yuumi combo looks like, you can view that here -->

NOTE: Evelynn has synergy with some AP champions as well but duoing with another person who plays an AP champion can be difficult because the point of duoing in ranked is to have an advantage by playing with someone who you know can carry as well. If you're both ahead, you can bet the enemies will be stacking magic resist items (although, the lower elo you are- the less this will probably matter). This will force the two of you to rely more on teammates which isn't the best strategy to climb. In addition, you could get stuck with a full AP team which would probably need to result in a dodge.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KingStix
KingStix Evelynn Guide
[10.15] Hard Carry as Evelynn JG Guide - KingStix
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