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Jax Build Guide by ItsmeKenny

Top [10.19] Kenny's Guide to JAX l SOLO CARRY ANY GAME

Top [10.19] Kenny's Guide to JAX l SOLO CARRY ANY GAME

Updated on September 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsmeKenny Build Guide By ItsmeKenny 5,523 Views 1 Comments
5,523 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsmeKenny Jax Build Guide By ItsmeKenny Updated on September 18, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Time Warp Tonic
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[10.19] Kenny's Guide to JAX l SOLO CARRY ANY GAME

By ItsmeKenny
Hello, I am Kenny a High Elo Jax Top lane main. I have played him since season 2 and have basically played every possible matchup. If you would want to just learn the basics, just use the Standard builds. However, if you want to master Jax and know the specifics, please I mean please read ALL the notes. There is a lot of information about all the possible builds and tricks you can learn from this champion. If you have questions about any matchup, please discuss any questions you may have.
Jax is a champion that helps you develop a strong fundamental for top lane. In order to succeed playing Jax, you would need a good understanding in wave management, itemization, trading, split pushing, pressure, and CSing. These are core traits Top Laners stride for.

The playstyle of Jax is very feast or famine. You cannot fall behind or you will become almost useless. However, you are rewarded with the power to 1v9 if you win lane. Becauase of this, you need to learn how to win matchups to prevent from being useless.

+ Strong dueling
+ Good split pusher
+ Tanky
+ Scales well

- Lots of difficult matchups
- No built in sustain
- Poor waveclear
- Useless when behind
You would want to start Corrupting Potion, as Jax needs sustain and mana. However, you can start Doran's Blade aganist tanks early and look for an all in.

Choose boots based on match-up and enemy team composition. For the builds, I have Boots as a place holder. Please replace it based on enemies.

Because Jax is a mechanically simple champion. Itemization is key and a core fundamental when learning Jax. Please take time to understand each build's strengths and weaknesses and when to go a certain build. I have notes for which build to use aganist certain matchups and enemies. Playing around Jax's powerspikes is what seperates you from a good Jax to a master Jax player.

Every game decide on which build you are going. There are routes that dictates which build you are going. Plan ahead based on enemy teams. Read item notes for reference.

- Good aganist brusiers and tanks.
- Strong dueling.
- Strong darly powerspike.
- Good split pushing power.
- Bad teamfighting.
- Poor item build path.
- Low durability.

- Applies pressure early.
- Good aganist hard matchups.
- Strong one item powerspike.
- Good waveclear.
- Delays Trinity Force.
- Weaker late game (Titanic Hydra bad item late game).

- Strong one item powerspike.
- Good item build path.
- Strong aganist squishies.
- Expensive.
- Lacks power aganist tanks.
If I could tell you every matchup, I would. But honestly, it would require an endless wall of text. Instead, you should play Jax and learn every matchup. Limit test the champion. Do NOT play Jax passively and hope to get carried. Identify enemy mistakes and be aggressive. Take aggressive trades and gain a lead by CSing and outtrading opponents. Find what works and what doesn't. Learn how to trade and know when to all in. Know his item powerspikes and punish enemy mistakes. Jax is very strong aganist enemy mistakes, knowing how to punish them can snowball a lane and win the entire game.

Jax is a macro based champion, so you will have to learn by playing this champion. Watching VODS of other Jax players aganist certain matchups can help you get a general idea, but playing the game will provide you priceless knowledge that will help you dominate every matchup. If you know every matchup inside out, you should win 99% of your matchups.

However, I can give you general tips on laning.

Wave Management
- Wave management is key on Jax. Early on you would want to push and gain a level advantage. Do not hardshove the wave first two waves, but try to crash the wave under the tower by the third wave(Cannon Minion Wave) and recall for an item lead.

- Try to get level 2 before enemy and Leap Strike on them and Counter Strike for a clean trade.

- You can also let them push if the enemy jungler is path towards top and your jungler is not. Be sure to freeze the wave and deny a crash under your tower. By freezing early you can farm safely without the enemy ganking you.

- Most of the time, especially if your jungler is pathing top, you would want to push for an advantage. By pushing you have prority to help your jungler take scuttle crab and have a level advantage. Even if you get ganked, your jungler should be able to help you and you should win the 2v2 since you have a level advantage by pushing. (Just be careful for team differences. If the enemy has a stronger 2v2 comp than yours just play it safe). However, this knowledge comes with playing the game.

Ability Usage
- Your Empower is an autoattack reset.

- Try to save your Counter Strike aganist empowered autoattack abilities ( Ruthless Predator, Thundering Smash, Siphoning Strike). In doing so you can win the trade or all in them and kill them.

- At level 6, stack 2 attacks on minions, Leap Strike on the enemy, autoattack, and autoattack reset with Empower. If you think you can all in and potentially kill the enemy, use Counter Strike and Grandmaster's Might. If you cannot all in, walk out and save Counter Strike incase they engage on you (If they attack back, feel free to use Counter Strike, hitting them back, stunning, and running afterwards).

- If the enemy walks up, you can autoattack, cast Counter Strike, walk up (So you don't miss your Counter Strike, autoattack, stun and walk out. Do not overextend a trade, as you can lose a trade because you tried to do an extra auto-attack.

- To trade aganist ranged match-ups Leap Strike on them and autoattack reset with Empower and run away. Save Counter Strike if they auto you back, this way you minigate all their autoattack damage while you are running away.

- Despite Jax's Relentless Assault, Jax is better on short trades rather than long ones.

- If the enemy has a dash such as Quinn's Vault or Fiora's Lunge, DO NOT USE Empower as an autoattack reset. Instead, use Empower to empower your Leap Strike. This is because you will not be able to autoattack reset, as they will dash out of your autoattack range.
Mid Game
In the mid game, your laning phase decides what you will do for the entire game.

You would want to be split pushing OR teamfight with your team.

You would want to be a stunbot using your Counter Strike and get picks for team.
Peel for your carries.

Splitpushing and Pressure

Many people don't understand when and why you splitpush. Splitpushing creates pressure.

Pressure is applied when you are on a sidelane and demands enemy attention. In doing so, you can attract enemy team to stop you from pushing, which will create opportunties for your team to push down lanes or take objectives.

Because Jax scales well, he should be able to 1v1 anyone in a lane as long as he is not behind. Therefore, it is important to stay ahead. Since Jax is a strong duelist, it would take 2-5 people to stop Jax. This way you can drag the enemy team to your lane, while your team takes objectives.

How to splitpush?
There are many factors that decides when you should splitpush. The general idea is pushing your minion wave to their tower. While split pushing, you should consider the following factors.

1.) Identify the enemies you can 1v1 (Matchers)
2.) Identify the which you cannot 1v1 (Threat)
3.) Identify the enemies you can 1v1 undertower (Free)

Through experience you should be able to identify these types of enemies.

There are 2 types of splitpushes.
Pressure Farming
This way is safe, as you shove the minions under the tower and wait (hide) until the wave bounces back. This way you can farm and apply pressure in a lane. This will usually demand attention and allows you to farm and scale up, while attracting the enemy team.
NOTE: Don't worry about not pushing, you are basically farming for free while demanding attention. Just repeat until an objective is up or you find an opportunity to tower push.

Tower Pushing
This is a more riskier method, as it will require you to hit the tower, which limits ways you can escape if you are collapsed on. The method is simple, you push a wave and hit the tower.

When to farm and when to push?
While split pushing you should be aware of the map situation.

You should Hide when...
- Their entire team is not visible on the minimap.
(In this case, just hide in a brush and wait until the enemy shows up on the minimap, so you don't get 5 man and die).

You should Pressure Farm when...
- The "threat" is not visible in the mini-map.
- The "matcher" is under their tower.
- The "matcher" is visible, but their other teammates are not. (If you are strong enough to 2v1, try to attract 2 people and fight them).

You should Tower Push when...
- Every enemy on the minimap is shown and there is no one in your lane.
- When your team is pushing together in another lane AND you can escape or stall long enough for your team to push.
- When a "free" enemy is shown in your lane and you can safely tower dive him (Remaining enemies is far away to not be able to support him)
- The enemy is at a teamfight.


For the most part Jax should be splitpushing, however you may have to teamfight. But for the most part avoid teamfights unless you are certain you win them, as Jax isn't a teamfight champion. You should only stick with your team if they cannot defend towers.

When to teamfight
Staying with your team is usually a burden to you and will only weaken you as a result. You should ONLY help teams on objectives that you have a chance to contest OR your team is stronger than the enemy and a 5v5 is favorable for your team. If your team is weak, DO NOT BOTHER helping your team. If your team can clear minion waves effectively, just splitpush and apply pressure.


You can use Teleport while in a sidelane to join a fight. HOWEVER, you should try to avoid fighting and even if a fight breaks out, the right play may not be the Teleport and to help your team. If you can push towers without losing the game, it is usually worth to push and take down towers. You should only Teleport when you are certain (near 100%) that you win that teamfight. Check if the enemy team is stronger in a 5v5, if they are just back ping your team to avoid fighting while pushing. If a fight does break out decide if you should Teleport.

If you do Teleport try to clean up or kill prority targets.

If you do not assist your team, push enemy towers and try to get their inhibitor and recall. Even if the enemy wipes your team, your pressure will force them to recall. Therefore they cannot push. After you get the inhibitor of a certain lane, go to another lane repeat.
Overall you would want to take objectives and towers while playing Jax by splitpushing and only joining teamfights when necessary. Pushing towers is very important as you can take towers down quickly and soak up pressure for your teammates. You can cause panic and chaos, which your team can get picks or take objectives like baron to win the game. Getting rid of the outer towers and help your team siege the Inhibitors, which can help you get objectives like Baron or Dragons to end the game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsmeKenny
ItsmeKenny Jax Guide
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[10.19] Kenny's Guide to JAX l SOLO CARRY ANY GAME

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