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Xayah Build Guide by PH45

ADC diamond

[10.21] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel!

By PH45 | Updated on October 14, 2020
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Runes: Sorcery secondary

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[10.21] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel!

By PH45

Hello, I'm PH45, and this is my Xayah Guide.

My real name is Patrik, but you can call me either way. I am a long time League of Legends player (started back in Season 1). I'm a top lane main who mainly plays Jax. I have played Xayah quite a bit though on and off since her release.


You can also follow me on Twitter for more updates on everything. (Starting to use it if I actually get any followers xd) Twitter

Xayah was introduced in the patch 7.8. She is a high-DPS ADC with a good sync with crit chance as her Bladecaller damage scales with crit chance. She can dish out immensive amount of damage in teamfights if she is able to setup feathers in her way and draw them with Bladecaller. This guide is going to go through her abilitys, playstyle, matchups etc.
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+ Excellent waveclear especially in late game
+ Has a ult that makes her invulnerable, countering ults like Zed ult
+ Good ranged poke with Q and feathers
+ Has great burst in mid to late game
+ Has very good damage once you get a couple crit items
+ Has CC (root) which can CC multiple targets
+ Pushes towers fast with W, especially after getting some attack speed items
+ Extremely rewarding and fun champion when ahead and doing well

Xayah is a very fun ADC, with very good mid and late game. She has lot's of burst with her feathers and a ult that makes her invulnerable which can help against assasins.

- Struggles against very aggressive lanes
- Requires time to setup feathers in order to maximize damage and utility
- Weak to CC and focus when ult is down
- Can be tricky to learn
- You have to pay attention with feathers if you want to use them to your fullest with Bladecaller
- Struggles against long range lanes
- Somewhat immobile (Hard to catch up with enemies]

Xayah can struggle against aggressive and long range poke lanes. She needs time to scale up as she isn't really that strong in the early game. She is also quite tricky to learn as you have to constantly think about aiming your feathers and keeping an eye on when you can use her ult to its fullest.
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Precision is pretty standard choice for most ADC's, and Xayah is no exception here.

Out of the keystone choices, I like Lethal Tempo the most. It allows you to throw a lot of feathers in a quick succession to the battlefield, creating threats to the enemy team so they have to care where they step. If they don't you can root them with Bladecaller and potentially kill them. The amount of attack speed you get from this is really good and the downtime is only 6 seconds so you will have it up for most fights.
Next one on the list is Presence of Mind. It's really good since getting kill participation gives you back some mana and also increases your maximum mana, so you won't run out of it so quickly.
Next are the Legend tier runes, from which we either take Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Bloodline. I personally like Legend: Bloodline on most champions more, as I feel Legend: Alacrity quite overrated. Both are fine choices, however Legend: Bloodline scales into the late game better.
Lastly from the Precision tree we have Coup de Grace. With Coup de Grace squishy targets will melt faster overall I feel it's the most reliable rune choice for Xayah since you aren't really often going to be surviving on low HP for very long, meaning Last Stand probably isn't too worthwhile to consider.

You grab this to have a better lane phase, with some extra sustain and free boots to allow you to allocate gold into other things.

This rune is nice since whenever you cast a summoner spell, you are granted movement speed for a few seconds, which can come in real handy in most situations (either for escaping or chasing for a kill).

Gathering Storm simply gives you more scaling, which never hurts on a marksman champion.
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  • Clean Cuts (Passive): After Xayah casts an ability, her next 3 basic attacks strike all enemies in their path dealing 100% damage to main target and 30/40/50% to other enemies passed. Feathers stay active for 6 seconds. Feathers can be stored up to 5 basic attacks.
  • Lover's Leap (Passive): Xayah has a second passive. If either Xayah or Rakan is recalling, the other may move up nearby and join the other in recall.
  • Double Daggers (Q): After a short wind-up, Xayah throws two feather-blades rapidly in the target direction, and leaving 2 Feathers on the ground at maximum range. The feather-blades deal physical damage to all enemies they pass through, reduced to 50% against units beyond the first.
  • Deadly Plumage (W): Xayah surrounds herself with a storm of feathers-blades for 4 seconds, granting her bonus attack speed, 20% increased damage on her attacks, and 30% bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever she attacks a champion. If Rakan is near Xayah when casted, he will gain Deadly Plumage, increasing the bonus damage on each of them to 40%.
  • Bladecaller (E): Xayah recalls all her Feathers, dealing physical damage to enemies they strike on their way toward her, increasing by 0.5% for every 1% of Xayah's Critical Strike Chance. Minions take 50% damage. Enemies hit by at least 3 feathers are rooted for 1.25 seconds.
  • Featherstorm (R): Xayah leaps into the air, becoming untargetable for a short amount of time but still able to move. After a short delay, she unleashes a volley of feather-blades forward in a cone, dealing physical damage to all enemies struck and leaving a line of 5 Feathers at the end of Featherstorm's maximum range.
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> > >
In my opinion Bladecaller is the best choice to max first as it deals a ton of damage. Second max Deadly Plumage for more attack speed so you can increase your DPS and maximize your rooting potential. Lastly max your Double Daggers and of course take points on your Featherstorm whenever possible.
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[RIP] Basic instant root combo was nerfed and can't be done anymore but I'll leave the explanation here still as you can do the combo but a bit slower than before: Start by casting your Double Daggers, after the cast immediatly auto attack once and then cast your Bladecaller. This will result your target being rooted. Extremely effective in 1v1 situations and even in laning phase if you want to initiate a fight.

Q + R + E combo: Start by casting your Double Daggers, after you have initiated the cast follow up immediatly with Featherstorm. This will overlap your Double Daggers animation, resulting in both Double Daggers and Featherstorm being cast at the same time. After your Featherstorm has ended cast E for your root/burst. This combo is extremely convinient in teamfights as it get's you more feathers than just with your Featherstorm alone. Of course you can auto attack etc if you have time after your Featherstorm has cast but this is a semi-secure way of CCing multiple targets in a teamfight.
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Xayah is a pretty good champ to pick up on ranked if you know what you are doing with her. She can peel for herself with her ult and she has very good damage late game especially if you manage to get good Featherstorm and multiple feathers on the ground + Bladecaller. She can struggle against agro laners such as Draven but with a good support it's a winnable lane.
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Essence Reaver, spammy spammy
This item works really well on Xayah. It gives you some mana, mana refund, crit chance and CDR as well as AD. Great item as it lets you dish out a lot of abilities in teamfights without running oom.

Infinity Edge
Every crit users best friend. It's build path is alright and you get a good damage boost out of this, and with the crit you build up you'll deal a lot of damage once you get a good amount of crit as your crits will deal 25% more damage.

Rapid firecannon, range is power
Great item for Xayah. Often times I go this item as it helps you poke your opponents. It gives you extra range on the empowered auto attack once this item stacks up.

Phantom Dancer, duelist's dream
Gives crit which is important, and attack speed boost from this item is really good.
It also now gives a shield, kind of like Sterak's Gage so you'll have some protection vs assassins with this.

Blade of the ruined king, sustain and attack speed
This item is good for giving you some sustain while giving you the % hp damage to deal with more tanky champions. The attack speed boost is also nice, although it's not as big as it used to be.

Runaan's hurricane, autoattacks everywhere
I know what you are thinking, it doesn't give feathers on Runaan's procs. I know it doesn't work, but still I feel this item is really good on her, as it is relatively cheap, gives her lot's of attack speed and overall increases your DPS a good amount since you are throwing 3 autos instead of 1. Also it gives you more damage with your Deadly Plumage.

Statikk Shiv, bring the thunder
I haven't actually built this in a single game on Xayah, but thanks to a comment on this guide I included it here. I generally have always liked more of Rapid Firecannon and Runaan's Hurricane, but needless to say Statikk Shiv has it's pros also. It gives nice burst damage with it's proc. I wouldn't pick it up first tho, rather late game if you need that extra burst and 100% crit chance.

Lord Dominik's regards, the tank destroyer
Helps really a lot dealing with tanks especially late game where they have 4-4.5k HP.

Berserker's greaves
Pretty standard boots for ADC's. Gives you attack speed and movespeed. In some cases you can substitute for Ninja Tabi but in my opinion this is important for your DPS especially early.

Guardian angel, savior from assasins
Although Xayah has her ultimate to avoid ultis from Zed etc, but it isn't always up when needed so Guardian Angel helps really a lot especially if you are getting focused down in fights which in most cases happens.

Mortal Reminder, answer to healers
Good item if you are facing a lot of healing in the opposing team. Especially if the enemy team has a Soraka or Swain. Helps you kill them faster and also gives you armor pen which is always nice.

The Bloodthirster, sustain god
Gives you lot's of sustain and damage, and the shield helps especially a lot in teamfight's once you stack it up.

Maw of Malmortius, negater of magic damage
Good item to get if enemy AP carries/carry is fed and you can't avoid their damage.
Gives nice amount of damage and also gives you some sustain after the shield procs.

Since Stormrazor was updated to give crit chance again, it's actually an okey item to build again. It's a bit more costly but you can round up your crit chance with it and get some attack speed and AD on the side, + get the 0.5 second 75% slow when you proc and Energized effect.
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I will add more once I get decent clips.
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Xayah is an adc who can dish out a lot of damage in a quick burst and sort of peel for herself with Featherstorm. She is a solid choice for soloq, although the new crit item changes take a bit getting used to.

Have a great time feathering your way to victory as Xayah!

If you enjoyed the guide upvote it and maybe check out my other guide on Jax! Link to the Jax guide

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Also some of the code used in the making of this guide is from @jhoijhoi

- PH45
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Any feedback is highly appreciated as I'm constantly working on improving this guide!

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