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Rammus Build Guide by hactori111

Top {10.6 Update) 2,9 MILLION MATERY Rammus Top lane + Jungle ca

By hactori111 | Updated on May 21, 2020
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Runes: Good build for Top lane

1 2 3 4 5

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #2 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

{10.6 Update) 2,9 MILLION MATERY Rammus Top lane + Jungle ca

By hactori111
About myself
I am one trick pony Rammus. I play rammus from season 3. And Now I have 3 Million mastery point Rammus. And I was a grandmaster until patch 9.8.
But After 9.9 Infinity Edge rework so I got down to rank Diamond. It Still OK
Remember Playing and building rammus like classic you need team very very good. But with my build you can win lane and carry team.
Rammus's mission is kill Carry of enemy not become a decoy.

My tips about rammus: When rammus have Q lv 4 and Ultimate + Bramble vest+ phage you will certainly kill enemy top lane (Not die more 2 times without kill) . THey won't escape the dead even Top 1 challenger.
My mastery rammus:
I played rammus more 4000 games to know what is best for rammus.
You can subrice me and see more videos in:
In seson 10 Back to Top
RAMMUS 9.24Stats:
HP per level increased to 95 from 86
Frenzying Taunt (E):
Cooldown changed to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 from 12
And nerf Conqueror.
Rammus will have more change for use E again.
With 20% CDR: 8s rammus will reuse E again
With 40% CDR: 6s rammus will reuse E again.
Remember Back to Top
Almost Rammus jungle depend on his team and he need too much items to carry (2200gold for BLOODRAZOR 50 AS and don't have HP ,armor). Other side jungle enemy like lee sin, elise, Jarvan IV,
But With rammus top lane + Trinity force + bramble vest you can get carry easy and have more choise:
1. See jungle in bot lane: Solo kill enemy Top lane.
2. push lane With R (rammus push lane very fast with R)
3. push Creep and Roam mid lane/ Kill Rift Scuttler.(enemy can't trade with you)
4. after B back to home: go to bot lane and gank after that use Teleport to get back Top lane.
Rammus very strong in duel even 1 vs 2.
Ưse W when enemy hazzard you or for farm in turret.
In turret Rammus verry strong for defending.
Don't trade until lv 3. Behind 50 cs is not problem. Rammus in lv 6 can solo kill with his combo (>250 mana for combo)
And when rammus snowball, play safe and win game.
Some game Enemy have Hard CC (stun,taunt,...) build QSS.
Rammus Jungle Back to Top
Farm carefully and gank soon.
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