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Thresh Build Guide by Stomper

Support 100% Wifesteal: Stomper's Comprehensive Thresh Guide (S4)

Support 100% Wifesteal: Stomper's Comprehensive Thresh Guide (S4)

Updated on February 12, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stomper Build Guide By Stomper 54,623 Views 10 Comments
54,623 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stomper Thresh Build Guide By Stomper Updated on February 12, 2014
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Still ugly, but all the information is here now, so I'm unarchiving it.

Other than graphical elements, this guide is pretty much done.

I'm going to add some hopefully nice-looking banners/pictures and otherwise pretty it up and format it as nicely as I can, but all the information's here.

I will also add a warding section that'll show good places to ward on the map.

Photoshop pls finish installing.
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Thanks for checking out my guide :-)

Before I discovered Thresh, I always thought of support as “that role”- the one nobody wants to do, the reason you don’t want to be last pick, etc.  I mean, who wants to sit in a lane where you’re not allowed to CS and have to be some whiny AD’s b***ch all day?  It’s a sentiment I shared with all of my friends, and was only reinforced by the stigma from the rest of the League community.

Then I got a taste of Thresh’s kit, and that alone made me want to support.  He’s up there with the most beautifully designed champions in the game.  As the most versatile support in the game, Thresh brings a lot to the table with his high skill cap, extremely fun-to-use kit.  He has remained a god-tier pick despite shifts in the meta and direct nerfs and has quickly become a staple support- in the same way Lee Sin and Orianna will always be very powerful jungle and mid picks, Thresh will remain strong no matter what.

This season I managed to achieve Platinum rating, primarily through supporting as Thresh.  I’m not the best player, but I believe I know at least a few niche things about Thresh and the support role, and I do think I have the ability to put those things in a nice guide. Enjoy!
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Masteries and Runes

Thresh AA's a lot because of Flay's passive, making AD Marks a good option. The Crit Chance mark is 100% necessary :D.
Armor Seals are pretty standard and don't really need explanation.
Split scaling/flat MR Glyphs is my preference, as it makes us tankier in lane while still being valuable late-game.
Quints are pretty self-explanatory, gotta be beefy :-)
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Item Build


This is my favorite start for Thresh.  Doran’s shield is an extremely overpowered item right now.  Its health regen and passive combined with 21 points from the Defensive mastery tree and your biscuit will keep your health high even through heavy trading, and the flat +100 health in tremendous in all-ins.  You only lose ~200g compared to the traditional Ancient Coin start (unless you don’t back for like 10 minutes or something), although obviously you also don’t get a ward.  The Mana Regen from AC is not too noticeable on Thresh unless you’re hooking a lot.  Ancient Coin is also a fine start and is arguably safer.


Relatively self-explanatory.  If you started Coin or have the extra gold to do so because you’re rich, go ahead and upgrade to Nomad’s Medallion.


Next item you’ll want is a Sightstone.  As soon as you get your Sightstone, sell any Stealth Wards in your inventory and trade in your Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens.  You’re only allowed 3 wards on the map at any given time, and Sightstone provides 3 per back anyways.  I would also recommend investing in 1 or 2 health pots.

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelante talisman of ascension OR

Generally get Mobi’s and a Talisman.  Mobi’s give good map mobility for warding, which leads to picks, which lead to objectives, which lead to wins.  I’ve also seen Mercury Treads be a very effective pickup, but IMHO they’re not for Thresh.  So much of your late game is centered around being able to land good Death Sentences to pick off priority targets in between fights, and Mobi’s give you the MS you need to ward and get in range to make that happen.  Talisman is just OP, the active is absurd.  If you’re very behind get a Giant’s Belt instead, because you need to be tanky in order to not get dissolved instantly, then get your Talisman afterwards.


Randuin’s is my personal favorite 4th item; the stats it gives are great, the active passive are invaluable, and it has a smooth build path.  Mikael’s has great synergy with Thresh because your friends can’t click your lantern if they’re CC’d.  Together they give a good combination of Magic Resist and Armor, as well as a nice chunk of HP from Randuin’s.  If you really want to go for picks and your carries are very far behind the enemy’s, substitute Mikael’s for Twin Shadows for its great active.


So here you can go for something selfish like BV or Thornmail, or get something more team-oriented.  Generally I would suggest doing the latter.  Items that come to mind include: Banner of Command, Frozen Heart, Twin Shadows (Mah favorite cuz spooki gostes), Locket, basically any tanky or half tanky item that gives a nice active/passive and fits what you’re trying to do. Something weird went down if the game is lasting this long anyways.
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Skill Usage and Order

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelanternclickth Damnation
This (along with pretty good base stats) is what makes Thresh tanky. You should have around 100 souls by 25 minutes, which is 75 Armor and AP- no small amount. If you have health to spare, it’s often worth it to tank an auto attack in lane if it means picking a soul up. Keep in mind that your lantern will pull in and absorb all nearby souls when you use Dark Passage, which is very useful for collecting souls from jungle camps over walls or if you’re getting zoned. Reading the fine print on this is a good idea: your enemy won’t be able to see your souls unless they have vision on you.

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelanternclick Death Sentence
Thresh’s flashiest, most recognizable skill. The windup time is somewhat significant and it has a pretty small hitbox. While this makes it easier to thread through minions, it obviously makes it tough to land as well. Pick your hooks decently in lane, because your all in power goes down considerably while Death Sentence is on cooldown. Most of the time, you’ll want to wait for your victim to get pulled to you for a couple of seconds before flying in (prolongs the stun, etc). If you do fly in in lane, always remember to lantern your AD so that they can come with you; otherwise they’ll just get solo’d by the enemy support or ignored as you get 1v2’d. All you get for leveling this skill up is a lower CD, so max Death Sentence last.

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelanternclick Dark Passage
Deceptively hard to use; leading targets with your lantern is quite a bit tougher than it sounds. Practice makes perfect! Mastering this skill is a huge part of mastering Thresh’s mid game. In lane, throw out Dark Passage before flying in with Death Sentence so your AD can follow you. Later, it’s rarely useful to use Dark Passage just for the shield, as the utility it provides is just insane (but if you can save a bro, do it!). Max Dark Passage second for a bigger shield and a lower CD.

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelanternclickthel Flay
Here’s what makes Thresh so amazingly versatile. It’s a great CC but also an amazing disengage that can interrupt nasty gap closers like Zenith Blade and Resonating Strike. Creative use of this skill can completely stop ganks. Missing it is a lot easier than it seems though, so make sure you practice :-). The passive is absolutely awesome. If the enemy doesn’t ward lane brush, just chill in the brush until it’s fully charged up, come out and bop them on the head, then go back to lurking. You can also get an occasional sneaky kill by combo-ing a fully charged Flay auto with Ignite. Not a lot of carries are going to expect you to be able to burst them for 400-500+ damage (watch out for Barrier though!). Max Flay first for the passive, as well as for increased AoE damage.

clickthelanternclickthelanternclickthelanternclickth The Box
Not a super strong ulti, but still not weak by any means. There were some QoL changes in 4.1 that made it harder to last-second clip people with the edge of The Box, but they were really no big deal. Amazing for disengage, and a great tool for all-in’s early game. If you can put a box up around your AD in a team fight, it makes it that much harder for enemy divers to reach your carries; alternativelyy, stick a box in a choke point like a jungle pathway to prevent the enemy from chasing or escaping. Obviously, get a point in The Box at levels 6, 11, and 16.
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The Laning Phase

Thresh Specific Stuff:

First of all, Thresh has enormous kill potential in lane. You always want to keep that in mind and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to hook a killable enemy.

Outside of that, Thresh is also very good at both poking and counterengage. Using Flay to push back a hostile Leona or incoming Graves can not only save a life, it can turn a fight in your favor so that you can counter while the enemy's skills are still on cooldown. Make sure to utilize Flay's passive. Fully charged auto's sting like hell; if the enemy doesn't ward the brush, just lurk in there and come out every time Flay's fully charged to bop one of them on the head.

Basically, three Thresh-specific things to look for/keep in mind during the landing phase:
[*] Look to land a Death Sentence on someone you can kill.
[*] Bop 'em on the head whenever Flay is fully charged.
[*] Be on your toes so you can counterengage.

General Stuff:

Always think about where the enemy jungler is. Ward or save your ward accordingly. In the current meta, jungles are usually going to start at their bottom buff and then go to their top buff, then go fish for a gank top lane at 3:00 or so- so you haven't got to worry about warding too much until ~the 4:00 mark. This is why it's okay to start with a Doran's Shield and a Biscuit and rely on your Warding Totem. However, that being said, stay on your toes. The jungler could easily take a different route, or the mid could roam, etc.

Don't eat free harass. If the enemy hits you, hit them back. Try to stay out of situations where you won't be able to hit them back.

Force your opponents to eat free harass. If you can catch an ADC mid-animation while they're CS'ing, they won't be able to do anything about you auto attacking them.

Brush control is important! Either you or your ADC should use your trinket to ward the lane brush. Otherwise, it's a little patch of safety for your enemy and an avenue for a jungler to come make your life miserable. If they don't ward the lane brush, sit there so they don't have vision on you. This will make it harder for them to dodge your Death Sentences and allows you to come out and auto attack them, then go back to the brush without retaliation.

Basically, three general things to keep in mind during the laning phase:
[*] Pick good times to harass, try to avoid getting harassed without hitting back.
[*] Brush control
[*] Keep an eye on the position of the enemy jungler (and also MIA laners).
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Thresh Specific Stuff:

During the midgame, keep your eyes peeled for picks on priority targets. Pick = objective, because it makes the game a 4v5 until whoever your team killed respawns.

Mostly, you're going to see skirmishes in the midgame rather than full-fledged 5v5's. Thresh excels at these because of his utility and high damage (for a support). Always keep in mind how good at skirmishing Thresh is when you're thinking about how risky it is to take an objective.

This sort of falls into the "general" category, but wards are even more important for Thresh than other supports because of how good he is at getting picks off.

Essentially, there's one, main Thresh specific thing to keep in mind in the mid game:
[*] Picks.

General Stuff:

Warding the map becomes a big deal now. That should be one of your primary focuses. Good wards perform a multitude of juicy roles. They:
[*] Prevent you and others on your team from getting caught.
[*] Help you catch members of the enemy team.
[*] Allow you to keep tabs on neutral objectives (buffs, Dragon, and Baron).

Already touched on this, but neutral objectives are your next largest priority. Do not underestimate the awesomeness of controlling all 4 buffs on the map. Also, Dragon is obviously a huge amount of gold for everybody on your team. Getting a Drake can help you keep the momentum if you're already ahead or gain momentum if you're struggling. To a lesser extent, same thing with buff control. (Baron too obviously, but we're not too worried about him yet.) Dragon takes 7 minutes to respawn, buffs take 5 minutes.

Another general note about the midgame is that everybody's power level is pretty similar right now. ADC's are not insane yet, but they are no longer tiny and weak. Bruisers are not yet unkillable, but their damage hasn't fallen off too hard yet. With that being said, you do probably want to focus one enemy in particular- the AP carry. Being both squishy and a huge source of damage, the enemy AP carry should be your team's primary target (assuming nobody's fed).

General midgame, in a nutshell:
[*] Ward, damn you!
[*] Dragon and buffs are very important to swing/keep momentum.
[*] Everybody's power level is kind of equal, but AP carries should be focused.
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Lategame and midgame are very similar, but there's one core difference: everybody has items.

What does this mean?

Well, first of all, ADC's do ungodly amounts of damage. They'll melt your entire team's face off if they aren't focused. AP carries still do tons of damage, but they're overshadowed by AD's because people have picked up MR and they only have one combo (whereas ADC's just keep on auto-attacking).

Also, tanks are actually tanks now. You never want your team to focus them because they're built to be unkillable.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, picks are now even more important for two reasons: the increased strength of carries and longer death timers. Killing an ADC now means an extremely favorable 4v5 for a very long time, and allows you to pick up a huge objective like an inhibitor or Baron.

Speaking of inhibitors and Baron, Dragon and buffs are no longer your main focus. You're trying to close out the game now, so that means you should be looking at the enemy's inhibitors and at good ol' Baron Nashor. Because of Baron, your team should direct the most effort towards getting the enemy's top inhibitor, because it'll put a ton of pressure on that side of the map and may allow you to pick up a free Baron.

What do inhibitors give you?
[*] When you kill an inhibitor, it's dead for 4 minute before it respawns.
[*] While it's dead, minions in that lane deal increased damage and take decreased damage.
[*] On top of this, your team will start spawning Super Minions in that lane. Super Minions are exactly what they sound like and have giant health pools + do tons of damage.
[*] Basically, infinite push (for 4 minutes) in the lane that lost the inhibitor.

What does Baron give you?
[*] 300 gold to everybody on your team
[*] A buff that lasts 4 minutes and gives...
[*] Up to 40 Ability Power/Attack Damage
[*] 3% of max HP/5 seconds of regen
[*] 1% of max Mana/5 seconds of regen
[*] Basically, 300g and steroids for 4 minutes.

Like Dragon, Baron spawns every 7 minutes.

Finally, you'll see less skirmishes than midgame and more full-fledged 5v5 teamfights.

So basically, in a nutshell, lategame is similar to midgame except:
[*] People have items (ADC's OP, can't kill tanks)
[*] Baron and inhibitors instead of Dragon and buffs
[*] Picks still hugely important
[*] Less skirmishes, more 5v5's
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Thresh's job in a teamfight is really simple. You're going to try to do one of two things.

1. Kill the enemy fed enemy ADC or super fed enemy APC (their carry is ahead or yours is very behind)
[*] Not much to say. Try to land a hook on them. If your hook misses, well, just peel for your own carry because you're not going to be able to get there anyways.

2. Peel for your own carry (your carry is ahead/theirs is super behind/it's neutral)
[*] Death Sentence whoever's hurting your ADC, get them out of a sticky spot with Dark Passage, and Flay away whoever's hurting your ADC. Put up The Box around your ADC to make them harder to get to. Also use Mikael's/Randuin's/whatever else you've got to try to keep them alive.

There are some games where your team will need your help to know when to engage. Thresh isn't the best at engaging, but he definitely can do it quite well. Just Death Sentence, fly in, flash into the middle of their team if you have to, put up The Box, and Flay as many people as possible. You can also throw Dark Passage back to one of your tanks so they can combo with you (E.G., Wukong).
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Tips and Tricks

Most of this information is also floating around elsewhere in the guide, but I've condensed all of my Thresh tricks into one section for your convenience :-)

General Tips
[*] In lane, periodically press the S key. This is the default hotkey to make your champion stand still. After stopping, Thresh will occasionally twirl his chain around; this looks almost identical to the windup for Death Sentence. If the enemy is expecting you to hook them (E.G., a low health Sivir under tower), this can be a great way to bait out something like a spell shield or even the occasional Flash. Even outside of pressure situations, it keeps both your lane opponents on their toes about when you're going to throw out a hook.

[*] Dark Passage is a great tool for when your jungler wants to gank your lane. Your lane opponents know this, and you can use this to your advantage by throwing your lantern backwards during a sticky situation, even if there's nobody there. This bluff can pay off big time and can save lives if it makes your enemies back off.

[*] Lee Sin/Jax/Katarina can Safeguard/Leap Strike/Shunpo to your lantern. Make sure they know about this before you try to make plays around it, though!

[*] Flay interrupts mobility; you can cast it to halt an incoming Leona/Jarvan's Zenith Blade/Dragon Strike. Death Sentence also interrupts mobility, but it's considerably harder to land on a flying target. Pretty widely known, but I think it deserves a spot here. You definitely want to master this if you're trying to get good with Thresh.

[*] You can pick up sneaky kills in lane by using a Flay-passive-charged auto attack plus Ignite. Most ADC's won't expect you to be able to burst them for 400-500+ damage. Be careful about Barrier, though!

[*] Your lantern will collect nearby souls, so if there's a soul that's out of reach (over a wall, a dangerous spot in lane), it's sometimes worth it to throw out a Dark Passage to pick it up.
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Synergies and Counters

[*] Thresh works amazingly with any low-mobility, high-damage ADC. Jinx, Draven, Sivir (I know she has her ult, but still), Twitch, and Miss Fortune all come to mind.
[*] He also works very well with anybody whose ultimate benefits from The Box- Lucian (dat irony thooooo), Miss Fortune and Twitch again.

[*] Honestly, Thresh doesn't really counter anybody and he isn't really countered by anybody. I've heard a lot of people say that he counters Leona because he can Flay her Zenith Blade, but it's honestly a skill matchup because she's very good at counterengaging him when he Death Sentences her ADC. Annie is probably the best candidate for a Thresh counter, but she's reasonable enough to deal with and it's pretty close to a skill matchup.
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This section is not done. I plan on adding Blitzcrank, Nunu, Sona, Janna, and Lulu ASAP, plus many other supports later. The formatting is also God-awful right now. I'll tidy up the section once I'm done writing all of the matchups. Stay tuned :-)

Alistar (YOUR FAVOR)-
Alistar has absolutely ridiculous Mana costs. He's got good sustain, but if you poke him enough, his Mana is going to run dry really fast. He has excellent counter-engage and engage, but if you force enough fights, his Mana is going to run dry really fast. Hit him and his ADC often with Flay charged auto attacks. Brush control is very important in this matchup to protect against Alistar's great engage and to maintain vision on the cow so he isn't safe from your auto attacks. Despite huge mana costs and complete lack of poke, Alistar has two strong points you absolutely have to respect if you want you and your ADC to survive. The first is incredible potential to both engage on your ADC and protect his own ADC. Headbutt and Pulverize both provide absolutely insane amounts of utility, and when Alistar has both off CD and enough mana to cast them, he's extremely scary. The second thing you need to acknowledge is Alistar's immense natural tankiness. Both from Unbreakable Will and really high base stats, killing him is pretty tough to do. Trying to land a Death Sentence on Alistar is just stupid. The last point I'm going to make here is that if you can interrupt Headbutt with Flay, it makes him a complete sitting duck. He just used a third of his Mana pool on his only ranged skill with a 15+ second cooldown and had it interrupted- abuse the hell out of him for those 15 seconds. In a nutshell, press your strengths over Alistar- poke and Mana sustain- and respect his all-in potential when he has Mana and cooldowns.

Annie, along with Zyra, is probably the hardest matchup you’re going to have. That being said, it isn’t a hard counter by any means and the lane can easily go either way, but there are a few things you need to look out for so you don’t get embarrassed. First of all, you need to respect Annie’s kill potential. Even though she’s a support, she can do immense damage to both you and your ADC, especially if she’s running Ignite. Be very careful of the AoE stun from her Pyromania FLAME CONE SKILL combo and try to avoid grouping up right next to your ADC. You have to keep a MENTAL count on how many charges of Pyromania Annie has built up. When she has 4 stacks (in effect, her stun is ready), she’ll get a grayish vortex aura- however, relying on this graphic is NOT a good idea because Annie players will often sit at 3 stacks of Pyromania, then use Molten Shield before casting an ability to get the stun off. Without her stun, Annie is substantially less dangerous and it’s often safe enough to get a Flay-charged auto attack off on either her or her ADC. Speaking of AA harass, Annie’s auto attack range is an absurd 625 (yours recently got nerfed down to 425). Her auto attack animation is extremely long, though, so if she starts auto attacking you at ~500 range or less you can close the gap and slap her before the animation finishes. During all-ins, focusing Annie is sometimes your best option, but if you can get to her ADC it’s better to do that because of Annie’s Molten Shield. Pay attention to Annie’s Pyromania charges, fit in safe auto attacks whenever you can, and respect Annie’s immense kill potential, and this matchup should go your way.

Karma is a jack-of-all-trades and a pretty rough match for Thresh. She can do just about everything pretty well: excellent poke, pretty good all-ins, pretty good sustain. Because of this, there's no definitive way to counter her hard. The one weak point you might be able to exploit is her squishiness and lack of disengage. If you can hook Karma or her ADC, it's pretty easy to snag a kill. However, if you end up fishing for hooks too long, you're going to have your health whittled down in no time by Mantra'd Inner Flames. Land hooks and this match-up is yours. Fish for hooks unsuccessfully for too long and it's really, really difficult.

A really fun skill matchup. Leona can be pretty dangerous because of her ability to 1v1 your own ADC in case you land a grab on her ADC. She is also extremely tanky and has great initiation ability, so it’s actually a bad thing to land Death Sentence on her. However, you have two key advantages over Leona: your ability to interrupt Zenith Blade with Flay and your innate poke from Flay’s passive. Leona has no sustain (only a shield) for either herself or her carry and no poke of her own. Abuse these advantages as much as you possibly can. Brush control is absolutely key in this matchup so Leona can’t hide from your auto attacks or surprise you with Zenith Blades from the fog of war. Considering this and the fact that you won’t be eating many auto attacks from Leona, you may want to start with an over doran’s shield . All in all, press your range advantage, abuse the Flay vs. Zenith Blade mechanic, and maintain brush control, and this matchup is a piece of cake.

Nami's strength lies in her incredible poke, her Aqua Prison, and her ultimate, Tidal Wave. Because of Ebb and Flow (both the damage and healing components) and Tidecaller's Blessing, trades with Nami are not going to go well. That being said, Nami is NOT good at all-ins if they're on YOUR terms- i.e., Nami excels in fights that she initiates with a landed Aqua Prison, but if you land a Death Sentence there's no guarantee Aqua Prison is going to land. If Nami misses Aqua Prison, the fight's pretty much over and she and her ADC are sitting ducks. Getting the picture? This matchup is all about who lands their skillshot first. If you or your ADC get bubbled, it's bad news bears. If Nami or her ADC get hooked, you just won a fight. The final point I'll bring up about Nami is her absolutely ridiculous power spike at level 6. Tidal Wave is an all-but-guaranteed knockup on both you and your ADC. Knockup-> bubble-> bad news bears. Thresh's level 6 is good, but not as good as Nami's... be very careful about the level 6 fight. When all's said and done, though, Nami vs. Thresh is an extremely skill-intensive matchup, and it's a treat to play. Have fun!

Soraka is a sustain-bot. Tons of Health for both her and her ADC, and tons of Mana for her ADC. IF her ADC is somebody like Varus or Ezreal with a mana-costing poke ability, she brings a lot of poke to the lane. Otherwise, she doesn't bring a whole lot. Soraka's glaring weaknesses are her squishiness and horrible all-in potential. Get a hook on her or her ADC and get a free kill, especially if you've got Ignite. Land hooks and this matchup is a piece of cake. Even if you miss your hooks, make smart decisions and the lane will still go even.

Taric’s strong points are an abundance of sustain and tankiness for both him and his ADC. However, Taric’s sustain costs Mana and he has no poke of his own. Furthermore, being melee, he has no real way to retaliate if you auto-attack him or his ADC. Just keep your head up and eyes peeled for Death Sentences on the enemy ADC; eventually, you’ll land a hook or Taric’s mana will run dry. When that happens, the lane is yours. All-in them for an easy kill or two :-). When you all-in, though, respect Taric’s ability to 1v1 your ADC- he’s one of the best in the business at it. A combo with auto attacks woven in between can drop a squishier ADC really, really low or even flat-out burst them, so you *have* to Dark Passage your AD if you fly in with a Death Sentence, then protect your ADC with Flay. Whittle down Taric's Mana with Flay-charged auto-attacks, maintain brush control, land Death Sentences on the opposing ADC, and respect Taric's potential to 1v1 your ADC. Do all that and the lane's yours.

A Zyra matchup plays very similarly to an Annie matchup. Because of her low health pool and lack of sustain, it’s tempting to try to poke Zyra- however, you’ve got to respect the insane kill potential she gets from Grasping Roots; a fast-fingered Zyra can cast Wild Growth twice during the travel time of Grasping Roots to spawn two thorn spitters. The root also enables Zyra’s ADC to bash on you for free. All of this deals a LOT of damage, with very good range. Because of this, it’s unadvisable to try to poke Zyra or her ADC, because the damage you’ll take is nowhere near worth it. However, Zyra is extremely squishy and, unlike Annie, has nothing to make her tankier. Land a Death Sentence on her and she’s a free meal. Hitting level 2 first in this lane is extremely important; since both Thresh and Zyra have such high kill potential, it’s important to get the lane snowballing in your direction as early as you can (volatile lane= snowballing is more dramatic). Solo Queue jungles don’t always listen since they get a lot of this, but since it’s such a volatile lane an early jungle gank can be really beneficial- so you may want to be the guy who’s like “GANK PLS THX”. Conversely, be aware of ganks from the enemy jungler. In essence, respect the volatility of this lane and you’ll come out ahead.
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Thank you so much for reading this far. If there's anything else you want to know or you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to PM me on Mobafire, comment on this guide, or add me on LoL- In Orbit (NA). Please try to contact me with one of those methods and see if I can change the guide/follow your suggestion before you downvote. If this guide helped you, I'd really appreciate an upvote for visibility :-)

Happy hooking!

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