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Sett Build Guide by TheInkKingLoL

Jungle [11.1] Sett Jungle Guide - New Player Friendly

By TheInkKingLoL | Updated on January 9, 2021
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 50%
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Hi guys, I'm The Ink King and welcome to my Ekko guide. I've been playing League of Legends for the past year and currently main jungle. I am climbing through the demoralizing environment of ranked solo queue with my Season 10 rank being Silver IV. I have experience against Platinum and Diamond players through my playing of Clash and competitive esports. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments!
+ Powerful Skirmisher
+ Good early and mid game
+ Strong cc
+ Strong shield
+ Several item and rune path options
- Poor late game
- Easily kited out
- Low cross-map mobility
- Easily caught by cc
- Low base attack speed
Sett is a decently powerful jungler right now and is an extremely powerful skirimisher. He has an especially strong mid game and will usually win fights with his cc and sustain. He also has multiple rune paths he can run, as well as multiple item options. He's a great addition for a frontline for your team. While Sett has powerful early and mid game, in late game he tends to do more poorly. He gets easily kited out by enemies at this stage in the game. He also has extremely low mobility for getting across the map, so can have difficulty being a good control jungler. He also doesn't have a dash so gets easily caught by cc. Finally, he has a low base attack speed, so his DPS is extremely poor without items.

FLASH: Standard for 95% of champions. If you are not taking this in matches on Sett I can guarantee you that you will find yourself in a situation where you wish you grabbed it. You also need it for the utility build.
SMITE: The absolute non-negotiable for junglers. If you do not take Smite you can't buy items you will need like Hailblade or Emberknife. If you don't take this you will definitely lose the match.
This is simply the best keystone in the Precision tree. It provides you with healing and damage and is extremely good for dueling in all stages of the game.
The only option in this row. Presence of Mind is useless for Sett and so is Overheal since in this scenario he is being played in the jungle. Triumph is also helpful for diving or getting kills on low HP, so take it every game.
Again the only good rune to take in this row. It gives you lots of tenacity, which is extremely useful in preventing deaths because of cc chain.
This is a very fighting oriented row and this one is great on Sett more often than not you will get below 60% HP and so the increased damage can save you in fights. Take it every game.
This rune helps you with fights significantly, allowing you to heal up even more. You should take this every game.
This rune has crazy synergy with Haymaker and if you aren't taking it then you are probably inting.
This is a great keystone that helps you provide a lot of utility for your team and gives you a lot of sticking power. Take this when you need to be a utility bot for your team or when you need to be able to stick to high-mobility enemies.
This is the only viable rune in this row, and it has a lot of synergy with Hextech Flashtraption.
This rune has a lot of synergy with Knuckle Down and your entire Phase Rush kit. Take this every game.
You need this rune to get around the map faster and to have more skirmish power against the enemy jungler.
This has perfect synergy with your Phase Rush runes. You can use this rune on a lot of ganks (but don't just waste your Flash to gain access to it).
Cosmic Insight healps with being able to use Hextech Flashtraption and any items with cooldowns more. However, if your team has some other cc then you should take Approach Velocity to make your movement utility be more effective.
> > >





































Starting Order
Start Q at level 1. The auto attack reset and increased damage increase your clear speed of your first camp significantly than any other ability.
Take W at level 2. This is a powerful skirmishing tool, which you can use if you are invading or get invaded. It also lets you take less damage from camps because of the shield
Take E at level 3. You just need to take this ability third to have it.

Max Order
Max Q first The movement speed towards enemies is extremely useful, as well as the auto reset and extra damage.
Max W second. This is mainly for the powerful shield. The shorter cooldown it is the better, so you can use it more.
Max E last. There's no need to max this ability first or second since there is not a very helpful difference in its upgrades in the early game. It is simply used for its cc.
Max R whenever possible. You should always take points in your ultimate when possible. It adds to its damage and reduces its cooldown.
Pit Grit
Sett's basic attacks alternate between his two fists and have a short delay after hitting with his right fist. He also passively get's % health regeneration.
Sett's right first deals increased damage, has increased attack speed and has increased range.
This is a powerful passive damage and sustain wise, but it has its drawbacks with the attack speed. This is why we buy attack speed items as a bruiser, so don't skip out on them.
Knuckle Down
Sett empowers his autos gains bonus attack damage and attack speed.
He also gains 30% movement speed towards enemy champions. Using this ability resets his auto attack timer.
You can use this ability to catch up to enemies in ganks/fights or to reset your autos/increase your auto attack damage.
Sett passively 100% of post-mitigation damage as grit on his secondary resource bar (usually mana or energy) for up to 50% of his maximum health.
When Sett activates the ability, he gains a shield equal to the amount of Grit he used, and blasts the target area. Enemes hit in the center of the ability take true damage.
This is a powerful shield that also deals a significant amount of damage. Keep in mind that you should wait until your maximum shield before using it. Also because of this ability you should try to tank tower when diving enemies because you can mitigate all of the damage from a turret shot with a event half charged Haymaker.
Sett pulls in enemies in a target direction. The direction includes the opposite direction.
If enemies are only pulled in on one side they are slowed. If there are enemies pulled in on both sides then the enemies are stunned.
This is a powerful cc tool that can help in both fights and ganks. A good combo to remember is to The Show Stopper into the enemy team and then use Facebreaker to get off a stun.
The Show Stopper
When the ultimate is used, the enemy Sett grabs is suppressed and then the enemy and Sett unstoppably dash a fixed distance in the target direction. The dash ends if Sett hits a wall.
When Sett lands, all enemies (including the enemy grabbed) within a small radius take % health damage based on the health maximum of the grabbed enemy.
The best way to use this ultimate is to grab the most tanky frontliner of the enemy team and ult them into the rest of the team.
Wolves, Raptors
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 2:00

Gromp, Krugs
Spawn At: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:00

Buffs (Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback)
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00

Rift Scuttlers (in river)
Spawn At: 3:15
Respawn Time: 2:30

Rift Herald (in Baron Pit)
Spawns At: 8:00
Respawn time: 6:00
Despawns at: 19:45 (19:55 if in combat)
Elemental Drakes
Spawns At: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00
Elder Dragon
Spawns: 6:00 after a team gets 4 Drakes
Respawn Time: 6:00
Baron Nashor
Spawns At: 20:00
Respawn Time: 6:00
Plants are stationary, neutral units with 1 health. They can be destroyed with a basic attack to trigger an effect. There are three different types of plants that will spawn in the jungle and river. Their spawn timers and locations vary slightly but for the most part they are fairly predictable. The first spawn locations for all plants are predetermined.
Red = Blast Cone | Blue = Scryer's Bloom | Green = Honeyfruit

Blast Cones

Blast cones are red plants that, if you attack when a champion is within a radius of the unit, will launch the champion (yourself included if you are within the radius) in a predetermined direction. This can send units over terrain (so you can launch yourself or others over walls with it) and reveals enemy champions that get launched (this means that you can see them even in the fog of war temporarily). An indicator for landing point appears only for the player targeting the plant.

If the game is Infernal Rift (the map is changed because of an infernal soul), then additional blast cones will spawn in entrances to the jungle and in the alcoves. The locations are:
  • Near each tri-brush near Gromp.
  • By the Wolf Camp.
  • In front of each base's gates.
  • In the alcoves.
The spawn times of the blast cones are as follows (you can find each referenced location on the map):
  • The first inner cones initially spawn between 1:15 and 1:25.
  • The first outer cones initially spawn between 5:00 and 5:30.
  • The inner cones respawn between 5 minutes and 7 minutes after use.
  • The outer cones respawn between 5.5 minutes and 6.5 minutes after use.


Honeyfruits are green plants that, when killed, drop 5 fruits that restore mana and health when walked over, while simultaneously slowing the champion. These are very helpful for restoring your health before or after fights (and sometimes during fights if truly necessary).

If the game is Ocean Rift (the map is changed because of an ocean soul), then additional honeyfruit will spawn in each jungle quadrant. The changes are:
  • New honeyfruits first spawn 30 seconds after the rift transforms.
  • The respawn times of the new honeyfruits from after the rift transforms is 2 minutes.
The spawn times of the honeyfruits are as follows (you can find the referenced locations on the above map):
  • First honeyfruits spawn between 6:00 and 6:30.
  • The respawn times are between 5.5 and 7 minutes.
  • Important Note: If a honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.

Scryer's Blooms

Scryer's Blooms are blue plants that, when hit, reveal enemy champions for 3 seconds and non-champion enemies for 12 seconds in a cone in the direction the attacker was facing. These plants are extremely useful for checking for and clearing vision in different parts of the jungle and river (specifically the pit) and to also check for objective contesting.

If the game is Cloud Rift (the map is changed because of a cloud soul), then additions scryer's blooms will spawn at the the entrances to the jungle. The locations are:
  • In front of each base's gates.
  • In front of each tri-brush in the river.
The spawn times of the scryer's blooms are as follows (you can find the referenced locations on the above map):
  • First spawns are between 3:00 and 3:30, always at each quadrant's spawn point nearest to the side lanes.
  • Next spawn time is at either spawn point, between 5 and 6.5 minutes after the plant is destroyed in that quadrant.
  • Important note: Only one scryer's bloom can be present in each individual quadrant of the jungle.

Warding Safely

If you've played this game before and you've ever tried to place wards, you've probably ended up dying because of it at least once. That can easily occur since you naturally want to make the dark areas of the map light. However, while you (probably) had good intentions doing this, we want to avoid dying when warding. So how do you ward safely?

To avoid this trap, when you are looking to ward you need to go through a mental checklist to decide on safety and how deep you can push into the enemies side to ward.

1. How many, and which, enemies are missing?
2. Do my nearby laners have lane priority?
3. Where and when did I see the enemy jungler last?
4. Will allies be able to rotate to me if I get into trouble?

If you have recently seen the enemy jungler on one side of the map, then that should be your cue to go in and ward in the enemy jungle. This is a very important condition unless you are extremely ahead because it will minimize the risk of getting killed simply to place a ward.

You should also look at mid priority. Does the enemy mid laner or your mid laner have priority? (This means that they are pushed up) If they do you should be careful or not go to place a ward at all. Other considerations are the champions that are being played. If the enemy laner is playing a champion that can rotate very easily (examples include Talon, Galio, and Taliyah) then you might not want to go ward unless you know they just recalled. This also applies vice versa for champions on your team.

The main thing to consider when going to ward: Will I die if I run into the missing enemies? If you will then don't. If not, then you are clear to do as you wish. You may make mistakes sometimes, but we are only human, and so this is normal. The main thing to remember is to learn from these mistakes.

Level 1 Wards

These wards can be crucial to place in the early game. It gives you information about the enemy junglers pathing, as well as potential invade information. It isn't necessary to place this ward every game, but it can be extremely useful, and I recommend especially against powerful early game junglers like Graves.

If you place your ward from the time frame of 0:45-0:50 you can recall and buy Oracle Lens (for ganking and vision clearing) in time to get back to your starting camp when it spawns. However, you can start recall at 0:50 and place a ward at 0:56 in the middle of your recall to get the maximum value out of it.

Level 1 Wards: Pixel Brush
This is one of your options for an early ward. It helps gives you information about enemies invading early into the match as well can help alert your laners about level 2 ganks. However, while this is a good warding location, it does not give as much information as you could get out of a level 1 ward. It depends on the situation though, so if you are playing against a level 2 ganker or the enemies won't let you ward raptors you can place your ward here.

Level 1 Wards: Raptors
This is the best level 1 ward you could place. It gives you information on the enemy junglers early clear path. The best way to make use of this is to check which lane leashes their jungler (they will be late to lane) and then keep an eye on your ward if it is on the side where they started. If they started on that side but don't walk past the ward then they likely went to Krugs, which is still useful information for you.

Trinket Management
This trinket is your starting trinket and has a cooldown of 240 - 120s per charge (this decreases with levels). This trinket provides vision for a large area, but only provides vision of bushes it is in.
This trinket sweeps for enemy wards within a large detection radius, with a cooldown of 90 - 60s (this also decreases with levels). It will deny the vision of enemy wards it detects until the ward is no longer being detected, and allows you vision of the ward so you can clear it (this includes Stealth Wards)
When swapping your trinket, it carries over the cooldown from the previous one. An example is if you just used a Stealth Ward 5 seconds ago and then swap to Oracle Lens you will have the full cooldown of the trinket at whatever level you are, minus 5 seconds. Keep this in mind when swapping trinkets.

Usually when you are swapping trinkets in a match it will be permanent. You will also always be swapping to Oracle Lens. Good times to do this are: after a level 1 ward, once a champion with lots of traps hits the level where they can place lots of traps (example being Teemo at level 6), or once your support has gotten their upgraded ward item and can place Stealth Wards for you.

Defensive Wards

Defensive wards can be used in many situations. They can be used to protect your laners or your jungle, even against specific champions. They can also help keep you safe from invades when you are behind or none of your lanes have priority. Keep in mind these wards if you are ahead too since the enemy jungler might have a brain and use them.

Jungle Protection: Entrance to Raptors
This ward is extremely defensive. It provides you vision of the entrance to your jungle, which is useful against highly aggressive junglers (I've brought him up many times but my mind goes to Graves as an example). It can help you be aware of or prevent invades from the enemy jungler, and it is also a very useful ward when you don't have lane priority in either that side of the map, or just anywhere in the map in general. Keep in mind if you are ahead the enemy jungler might place a ward here.

Jungle Protection: Blue Side Jungle Entrance
This ward is like the pixel brush ward, but less highly contested by the enemy jungler. It still provides a decent amount of information, and can be extremely useful to both you and your laners if the enemy jungler has been camping/focusing a specific side of the map.

Lane Protection: Pixel Brush
This is a highly contested ward position. It provides a lot of vision of the river and can help defend you against invades, in objective fights, and protect your laners from incoming ganks/roams from both the jungler and mid laner. Make sure to check for wards here and place a Control Ward if you don't need it in a different place.

Lane Protection: Mid
This is not going to be a ward you place often simply due to the fact that it is very matchup specific. What this ward does is prevent your laners (or at least give them more information) from getting ganked by specific champions. These champions include Zac, Shaco, and even Twitch who can gank mid lane with stealth of high mobility and don't necessarily have to enter the river (or even your side of the map) to do it.

Lane Protection: Top Tribush
Sometimes your top lane will not remember to ward, or will ward, but not here. What this ward does is allow your laner to push a lot more safely and also protects top laners that may be ahead or are being camped. However, keep in mind this ward spot doesn't work as well against some champions (like Nocturne who doesn't need to leave his jungle to gank you with ultimate) and is very situational depending on the state of your top lane.

Jungle Tracking Wards

These are important wards in the early and mid parts of the game. These give you information on where the enemy jungler is throughout the game, allowing you to take objectives, gank lanes, and invade.

Raptor Brush
This is a strong ward to place, but can be very risky. This deep ward gives you lots of information about the enemy junglers jungle pathing and it can help protect you from getting caught invading the enemy jungle. While this is a strong ward, it can be risky to place, so you can just place a ward in the location of the level 1 raptor ward if necessary.

Red Buff
This is a good ward to place when the enemy's red buff is coming up or up, or if you are looking to get more information on the enemy's red side jungle. However, this isn't the greatest ward unless the red buff is up/coming up or if you are looking to start an objective in the baron pit.

Blue Side Jungle
This ward gives you lots of information on the pathing of the enemy jungler, giving you information on a large amount of the blue side. An alternative to this location is placing it in the little dirt crossroads above and to the right of the blue buff alcove. This is a powerful ward for protecting objectives as well as your laners.

Red Side Control Ward
This is definitely not the greatest ward to place in the mid-late game. However, it is a powerful deep ward to place at about 6:50-7:00 when red buff is respawning. It gives you some information on the enemy jungler, but is a very cheeky ward. It's also very deep in the jungle, so make sure to have lane priority before you go to place this.

Objective Vision

You will often ward like this when you are trying to get/force objectives. They provide lots of information about potential steals and prevent the enemies from getting vision on the pit. You should try to ward these locations when you are doing objectives, or be aware of these ward locations when looking to steal objectives.

Around the Pits
These are amazing ward locations for around the pits. They help you know about potential steals and what enemies are waiting on the other side of the pit wall. You don't necessarily need to place these wards when doing dragons since you can pull the objective out to the edge of the pit, but when looking to get baron nashor you should be placing these wards since it is stationary.

In the Pit
This is a good Control Ward location when looking to prevent vision on the pits if enemies can place wards over the pit walls (the pit wall is on their side of the map). It disables wards that the enemies place and requires the enemies to get in the pit to destroy it.

This is another good ward to deny vision for objectives. Place your Control Ward here is the enemies are not in a position to place wards over the pit wall (the pit wall is on your side of the map). If you place it here then you are giving yourself vision and denying any possible vision of the pit as long as you swept the pit with Oracle Lens first.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you found it helpful. If you are currently reading this conclusion then you should know that the guide is nowhere near done, I am currently still working on formatting and aligning the design and coloring.

Special thanks to Wicked Cherry for creating the heading banners for this guide! Please go check her out! :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheInkKingLoL
TheInkKingLoL Sett Guide
[11.1] Sett Jungle Guide - New Player Friendly
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