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Kled Build Guide by xoonaka



Updated on June 3, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xoonaka Build Guide By xoonaka 6,148 Views 0 Comments
6,148 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xoonaka Kled Build Guide By xoonaka Updated on June 3, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide


By xoonaka
Hey there, I'm xoonaka, a Kled mid main and I am currently gold in Garena SG server. there aren't a lot of Kled mid guides, so I'll try my best to help those who are willing to give Kled mid a try.

So, why Kled mid?

Well, for me it's because he is a really good counter to many meta champs, in fact he can stomp a lot of S tier Mid champions this patch such as Yasuo + Sylas, not only that but not many players (especially mid mains) don't know how to play against Kled and have very little knowledge on how to punish your mistakes. His R is an insanely versatile ultimate that allows you to roam, dive, get into fights and escape. whilst your basic abilities make you a solo killing machine. Because of your tankiness you can go for INSANE plays that you wouldn't be able to do with other champs.
    -Highest base HP in the game.
    -High solo damage output.
    -Insanely versatile ultimate.
    -High early game map presence.
    -Really strong counter against meta mid champs.
    -Twisted fate level roams.

    -killable if demounted without W up.
    -His W cooldown(14 s during early game) can be used against you as it is
    automatically activated when farming, and your damage output goes way down without
    -Somewhat of a feast or famine playstyle.
    -Develops bad habits such as overstaying.
    -Falls off late game.
    -No AOE damage for teamfights.
When playing Kled there are 2 keystone that you can choose from, that being Conqueror and Press the Attack, In general, you want to be taking Conqueror as it allows you to sustain in 1v1s and teamfights, Press the Attack is in my opinion only viable if they have no tanks in which Press the Attack can be a good option. Even if the enemy has 1 tank, Conqueror becomes a much more useful keystone than Press the Attack.


As mentioned before, Conqueror allows for prolonged trades, 1v1s, teamfights and skirmishes because of it's extra 15% healing and bonus adaptive force. It's really good early game and doesn't fall off too bad late.

Press The Attack

Take this rune if the enemy is squishy and have no tanks, its especially good against ADC mid matchups like and as you can kill them before they dish out all their damage. otherwise, go for Conqueror


Triumph is the best of the 3 possible runes you can choose here, it allows for clutch kills and can sometimes help you win 2v1 situations, It has saved me a ton of times which allowed me to snowball and carry multiple games.

Legend: Alacrity

This rune helps a with Kled's low base attack speed which can help you remount faster. it also synergizes well with your passive as it can help proc your W to deal huge amounts of damage.

Legend: Tenacity

Take this rune into heavy CC comps as Kled is quite prone to CC. I personally feel like this rune has a a a lot of value especially during the mid game since in teamfights, you ALWAYS want to go for the backline and it can really help with annoying peel champs like and .

Last Stand

This runes synergizes very well with Kled as it is always activated when you are dismounted since your HP will be below the 60% threshold at all times.

Absolute Focus

The bonus damage from is really useful since it scales with levels it can help in the later stages of the game as you are starting to fall off.

Gathering Storm

Gathering storm can help a a lot during the later parts of the game because of the extra adaptive force you get, it ensure you don't fall off as hard.


This rune is great for getting early turret platings to snowball, it can also be useful in the later stages of the game where you should be splitting in the side lanes.

Bone Plating

This rune allows you to play aggressively against champs like and , really useful in all stages in the game and especially during the laning phase.
Flash is essential for Kled. He is able to chase enemies, get out of hairy situations and use flash to combo with his abilities. Always take flash Ignite allows you to go for early solo kills and help you snowball into the midgame, Take this to get ahead and throw your opponent out of the game. Teleport is pretty useful for getting back into lane, but more importantly for the late game where you will be mostly splitting, its very situational, but sometimes the fight is out of your ult's range and that's where this spell comes in handy, take it for teamfights, otherwise just stick to ignite.

Starting Item

Doran's Blade

I try to buy every game because it allows you to play aggressively into many melee matchups level 3 which can really set your lane up for success. The bonus omnivamp is also pretty nice to help sustain in 1v1 fights.

Doran's Shield

I buy this item into many poke matchups because it allows you to maintain your HP until lvl 3 in which you can go for an all. You usually buy this item into ranged champs like or .

First backs

Ironspike Whip

For Kled mid, you want to try to rush Ironspike Whip as soon as possible, it has so much value for killing the enemy laner or to clear your wave in order to roam.
Note:If you don't have enough gold for or , you can buy a or to build later.

Core Item


Rush this item as soon as possible, this item is really good for Kled whether
he is on Skaarl or not, he can use this to basically 2v1 most fights and of course, dive the enemy laner and snowball.

Sterak's Gage

Get this item after boots. This item allows you to do greedy and a aggressive plays such as diving, it also has important stats such as AD and HP.

Plated Steelcaps

Get these boots if the enemy consists of mostly AD champs, the passive is also really good for tanking a bit of damage form the enemy ADC since that's who you will be targeting for most of the teamfights.

Mercury's Treads

Get these boots if the enemy jungler and midlaner are both AP champs, you can also get this if the enemy has a lot of CC or peel champs for example: and

Legendary items

Titanic Hydra

Titanic Hydra gives you the extra wave clearing capability that Kled needs to split push efficiently. Choose between Ravenous Hydra or Titanic as both work well on Kled.

Ravenous Hydra

Ravenous Hydra gives you the extra wave clearing capability that Kled needs to split push efficiently. Choose between Ravenous Hydra or Titanic as both work well on Kled.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

This item is amazing on kled, The base stats and passive of the item makes Kled super tanky along with the active that stacks with Kled + Skaarl's HP which results in an INSANELY huge shield, the key is to use it when dismounted for a guaranteed remount, but there is no shame in using it whilst mounted either.

Chempunk Chainsword

Great item if the enemy has more than one healing champs


Another option for anti-healing, get this instead if you prefer tankiness or if the enemy has many AD champs

Randuin's Omen

This item is good for a last item option as it provides a lot of tankiness towards ADCs and champs that build crit damage such as or

Guardian angel

Another great last item that you can get if you have a big bounty or if your team heavily relies on you. The build path is also good because you can get stopwatch.

Death's Dance

A good item if they have a lot of AD champs. It has good base AD and Armor stats, the bleed passive is also really useful for Kled as for each takedown, the bleed effect is removed which can help you remount in sticky situations.

Black Cleaver

A really good item if the enemy has more than 1 tanky champion.

Level 1-3

from level 1-2, you want to respect your enemy laner, always keep in note of who you are fighting, if it's a melee champ like with a short range poke, you can try to step up and farm, if the champ has poke like W or a ranged champ like , stand back, get EXP and last hit with your . Secondly, if you opponent is a champion like or with no poke, but has insane trading potential, you should also stand back and farm with your . This can also throw your opponent off because they may think that your early game is weak and they will push the lane in which you can use to set up a kill once you hit lvl 3.

Once you hit lvl 2 DO NOT UP ANY ABILITIES! It's a very common mistake new Kled players make, save your points if the enemy decides to attack you, because unlike many steroids in the game, your activates whenever you attack anything including last hitting minions, which in that period of time (14s cooldown) you are vulnerable, continue last hitting and farming until lvl 3.

Once you hit level 3, put a point into your E and wait patiently while farming, this time, you can try farming with your auto attacks instead of , if the enemy walks up to auto attack or poke you, that is where u can combo him by using your E1 and follow up by putting a skill point into , followed up with AA,AA,AA into E2 and the last AA with the bonus maxHP damage.
So your combo will look something like this: E,Q,AA,AA,AA,E,AA
NOTE: when using E1, you have 3 seconds before E2 runs out, try waiting for the enemy to flash or use his mobility, before using E2, additionally E2 can go through walls whilst E1 can't. Use this to your advantage when the enemy flashes through a wall or If you're against .

Level 3-5

Depending on whether you got a kill on your midlaner lvl 3, there are a few things you can do. If you got a kill on your opponent and have enough to buy a , you should reset. If you need a bit more gold, you can greed and overstay OR you can reset and buy + . If you attempted to kill your enemy midlaner but failed, and dismounted, you can stay and try farming with your + your increased auto attack range. If your opponent is someone a lot of all-in like , and ,it's better to just back and buy whatever you can afford.

Now that you reset and got your items, you want to walk up and slow push the lane, wait for the enemy to make mistakes, try to bait them into your E1 range so that you can go for another kill, if you successfully killed the enemy again, shove your wave and reset again to buy . aditionally ALWAYS keep in note of where your jungler and the opponent's jungler is, if you need to contest crab, it usually results in a a kill or 2 in which you can snowball from.

Level 6-9

Once you hit lvl 6, there's a lot of things you can do. DO CHOOSE WISELY as your ultimate has a very long cooldown (150s in the early game).Your options are 1.Dive the enemy mid laner. You can do this if you have + , HOWEVER please keep in note of the enemy's champion. Always wait for them to use their CC before diving them, Their mobility does not matter (except for )since you have E2 to catch up to them, Don't forget to use to get out of turret range if you're dismounted during the dive. If you somehow miss your during your dive, it's best to just bail and stop the dive. 2.You can roam to bot/top lane. Make sure that to go BEHIND the dragon/baron pit to corner the enemy. Also depending on which side of the map you're playing on, it's sometime better to just through the river. If you are planning to dive the enemy top/bot lane, you should always be the one tanking as you have a A LOT of HP and your dismount cancels the tower agro. 3.Save your ulti for chasing enemies/helping out teamates. the last option is pretty self explanatory. Save your ulti for emergencies (such as Rift/Dragon) or to chase an opponent to secure the kill.

NOTE: When roaming, Your ulti DOES NOT need to hit an enemy. try your best to predict where they will move but it is not necessary for the ult to hit.

You want to continue playing like this until you hit lvl9, make sure to shove your waves after diving your midlaner or before roaming. Also don't ignore the turrets. Turret platings are kinda broken and you can get A LOT of gold from them, be sure to get them whenever you can. Make sure to damage the tower as much as you can and swap lane with your AD so you can move onto the mid-game where you will be focusing on split pushing and objectives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you're dismounted in lane, try to get last hits whilst looking to poke the enemy with your to build up your courage. If you're courage is around the 70%-80% mark, you can start playing more aggressively as you need 1-2 more AAs on the enemy to get Skaarl back.


There are a few ways you can initiate, Initiating with Chaaaaaaaarge!!! is Ideal as you can save your Jousting for the enemy DPS (eg. ADC/mage). Your purpose in teamfights is to focus 100% on the backliners. This is why champs like Lulu can be annoying as they have so much peel. Once the DPS is backliner is down, the fight should be over.

You can also wait for your team to initiate and flank from behind using Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, I find this technique to generally be better as the enemy team tend to ignore their ADC one they start chasing your teammates down.

Mid Game

During the mid-game, as Kled you want to be playing the sidelanes and split pushing turrets while waiting for objectives. Try to get towers as Kled with Titanic Hydra+ Violent Tendencies as it allows you to shred turrets. You're also going to want to see what your team is doing. Because of the versatility of your ultimate, You can start/get into fights with no real issues. Let your team engage and Use Chaaaaaaaarge!!! to flank from behind, ideally killing the enemy backliner. Try to pick solo enemies off as you should be able to 1v1 anyone as long as you're ahead.

Additionally, if your team has a strong teamfight, you can group with them instead to force fights over objectives, pushing lanes or invading the enemy jungle.

When an objective is spawning. start playing wherever the objective is. Prioritize baron over dragon because ideally you want to end the game fast as Kled falls off a bit during the lategame.

Late Game

The late game isn't much different from what you've been doing. The only difference is that you might already be outscaled by many champs. Try to focus on baron nashor or Elder dragon as they are basically the win condition of the late game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author xoonaka
xoonaka Kled Guide
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