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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Viego Build Guide by Harambe Homie

Jungle [11.13] The #1 Viego guide for season 11

Jungle [11.13] The #1 Viego guide for season 11

Updated on July 2, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie Build Guide By Harambe Homie 22 5 53,341 Views 6 Comments
22 5 53,341 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie Viego Build Guide By Harambe Homie Updated on July 2, 2021
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Welcome to my Viego Jungle guide! This guide will cover Viego in as much detail as he can possibly be covered at this stage in his development. Since he is still so new we will be updating this guide as time goes on so please be patient. I will base this guide entirely around what the most successful Viego players have been doing as of right now. By the end of this guide, you will be a lot more comfortable with this champion and you will be able to find success with him in your games.

The guide will be covering pros & cons, summoner spells, runes, itemization as well as general game knowledge and decision making you will need to take note of while playing this champion. We will also be going over clear paths, advanced combos, basic combos, and all basic abilities. We will be covering the early - late game as well.

This guide in particular we have put an incredible amount of work into, and I sincerely hope that everyone can leave a comment and thumbs up to show your support. All feedback will help me with future guides and updating this guide as we move along!

Special Thanks to Sleepininthegarden who designed the guide as well as proofread it.

Kewllkiddo is a passionate and competitive League of Legends player who primarily plays the ADC role. Outside of League of Legends, he can be described as an outgoing peoples person who always wants the best for those around him. One day it is Kewllkiddo's hope to stream and make Youtube content full time for the League of Legends community and perhaps communities outside of League of Legends.

In Kewllkiddo's, own words he is just another person in this world trying to be their best self while helping others do the same. Focusing on personal development and prioritizing this over most things Kewllkiddo eventually will achieve whatever goal is set out in front of him

"Take advice from those who have been where you are and, are where you want to be"


+ Great Early Game
+ High Carry Potential
+ Strong Teamfighter

Viego is a low range bruiser with good damage, utilizing his damage to get ahead in the early stages is key to winning your games. The key to performing well with Viego is dueling your opponent whenever they overstep and punishing them to oppress them and gradually grow a lead. You want to take fights at Rift Scuttler and you want to invade at the right times to deny your opponent where you can. Viego has incredibly high snowball potential so if you do this consistently throughout your game you will roll over the
enemy team.

The reason Viego's skill cap is so high is that to play him efficiently your macro needs to be amazing. You need to constantly be tracking the enemy jungle all the while taking key objectives and ganking at key times. If you can't manage to do these three things you will need to practice your macro a bit more.

- Weak vs. High CC Comps
- Weak When Behind
- High Skill Cap

While Viego is a fantastic duelist and is amazing into many different matchups, he is out-classed by some champions in the early game. Champions like Elise and Taliyah can really shut you down hard early making the rest of your game incredibly difficult. Champions like that also out clear you so you have to be careful going into these matchups.

In matchups like these jungle, tracking is especially important for you to need to pull of ganks that arent going to be counter ganked. Try your best to path on the opposite side of your enemy jungle and pull off ganks that they can't counter.

Try to take the time to learn what every champions basic abilities do in the game before playing Viego as well. In order to play Viego to his maximum benefit you need to be able to utilize his passive well.

Conqueror is currently the undisputed best keystone for Viego, you stack it really quickly with your low cooldown Blade of the Ruined King, all the while you also utilize the full stacks consistently throughout a fight for you are tanky with this build. The sustain is also very helpful.
Sudden Impact procs off Spectral Maw and Heartbreaker as well as Flash which means Viego makes excellent useage of this rune. Generally works with all of your combos as you'll start with dashing in, so getting a burst of lethality to up your damage is really nice.
Triumph is fantastic and the best seondary option for Viego in the Precision tree. It provides Viego with sustain on every reset you get in fights which is something you should be getting a lot of!
Ravenous Hunter is an the best hunter rune as sustain is key to clearing camps healthy, dueling, and staying in and getting resets in fights. Taking Ravenous Hunter is a must as the others are weaker options.
Legend: Alacrity is the best option in this part of the tree for it provides you with both amazing attackspeed for early clearing, dueling, stacking up Conqueror and making the most out of the spell Blade of the Ruined King's passive.
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
Coup de Grace is the best rune for consistent damage and for assisting you in getting resets. You want to be executing as many low health champions as possible every fight.

Take Flash every game on Viego as there is simply no other better option to take when it's a core on almost every champion. The added mobility and playmaking ability cannot be matched by any other summoner spell.
Smite is essential for jungling, as it allows you to make use of the jungle-only items which you need to keep up in experience and securing monster objectives. Building Emberknife or Hailblade will allow you to cast spell on enemy champions.


Enemies who fall before Viego become wraiths. By attacking a wraith, Viego temporarily seizes control of the dead enemy's body, healing for a percentage of his target's max health and gaining access to their basic abilities and items. He replaces their Ultimate with a free cast of his own.
Utilizing your passive is both the most rewarding and challenging part of playing Viego, as the reason being is that you need to know quite literally every single champion's basic abilities in the game in order to maximize the utility of this ultimate. This is why I don't recommend brand new players to play Viego.

An important interaction to make use of is this passive makes it so that while you are transferring to the enemy champion's soul you become untargetable, this is huge for diving and dodging skill-shots in the middle of a fight. This passive also resets your ultimate Heartbreaker, make sure before the 10 seconds are up you use your ult to re-engage or escape.


Viego's spectral blade passively deals bonus percent current health damage on-hit and strikes twice vs. enemies he recently hit with an ability, stealing health. Viego can activate this ability to thrust his zweihander forward, impaling enemies in front of him.
Utilizing the passive on this ability is extremely important in maximizing your DPS. You'll want to be hitting a champion with an ability, auto-attacking, and then hitting them with another ability and auto-attacking again, etc. The auto attacks applying your passive heal as you'll heal an incredible amount and also deal a great amount of damage. Learning to weave auto attacks in between abilities is key.

Blade of the Ruined King will be maxed first as it's your main source of damage, sustain, and a spam-able spell.


Viego charges up before dashing forward, releasing a ball of concentrated Black Mist that stuns the first enemy hit.
Casting this ability instantly will give you a nice dash, while holding it will increase the stun range. Generally, when you are outside of vision either in your Harrowed Path or in the fog of war as you'll want to fully charge this ability before showing to stun an enemy, otherwise you can simply just do a short cast to escape or into a Flash to get an unexpected stun.

This ability will be maxed third as having the damage of Blade of the Ruined King and uptime of Harrowed Path is much more important than Spectral Maw.

Viego commands the Black Mist to haunt and surround a piece of terrain. Viego can hide in the Mist as a wraith, gaining camouflage, movement speed, and attack speed.
While clearing jungle camps make sure that you arent using this against terrain! You don't want your Harrowed Path to give away your position. I see plenty of Viego players make this mistake, you don't want your opponents knowing where you are for they can just play around you easily. Make sure you throw your path down but it doesn't connect with terrain while clearing camps. Only hit it against terrain when you don't care if your opponents know you're there or not.

This ability will be maxed second after Blade of the Ruined King for the bonus attack speed, movement speed and to lower the overall cool-down of the ability.


Viego teleports to a nearby location and executes an enemy champion on arrival, piercing their heart and causing a destructive shockwave around them that knocks away their allies.
This ability is amazing for popping off in team fights. It provides both cc and great execute damage, so make sure you are using it on low health priority targets. Since it knocks enemies on the outer part of the circle away it's great for isolating a target and going to town on them. Try surprising your enemies by hopping out of your Harrowed Path and comboing with your E - Auto - Q - Auto - Ult Combo.

As with a majority of champions, put points into your ultimate whenever possible, at levels 6, 11, and 16.


The Standard Build.
The Build vs. Heavy AD.
The Build vs. Heavy AP.

The general rule of thumb is that every game will be different so you won't always go for the same build path. In the section below, you'll find the build paths for different situations. Remember that there are times that you can't afford your items and that's completely okay. Get your expensive stuff when you are able to.

Emberknife, Refillable Potion and either Stealth Ward or Oracle Lens is by far the best starting items for Viego as he is very strong at dueling and Emberknife assists you greatly with dueling. The damage reduction and bonus burn damage, far outweighs Hailblade.

On your first back you'll generally will have around 900 gold assuming you did a full clear, so you will want to get a Long Sword, Ruby Crystal and a Control Ward to start building towards Goredrinker. If you manage to get a kill early off a gank opt into a Ironspike Whip instead.

Core Items are items that are crucial to your build as you should focus on building then every game as soon as possible. However, occasionally you may need to delay the completion of an item if the situation calls for.
Goredrinker provides amazing sustain, great damage, and great health. This is a must buy on Viego right now because it gives you the best mix of stats you want to have on him.

Blade of the Ruined King works extremely well with your Q passive, gives you even more DPS and even more sustain. This item helps you duel essentially anyone in the game once its completed.
With Bruiser/Off tank champions like Viego, Sterak's Gage is an fantastic pick for both surviability through 400 health, sustain and a Lifeline passive that can easily save your life as well as some damage.

Like most bruisers Viego makes great use of Sterak's Gage as the sustain will and lifeline will make you incredibly hard to kill and provides you with even more offensive stats.

vs. Heavy AD
vs. Heavy CC
vs. Heavy AA Champs
Dead Man's Plate is a fantastic choice on Viego for it provides you with all the stats you need when paired against AD opponents. It gives you bonus mobility, bonus
armor, health, and a touch of cc.
Mercury's Treads is great when the enemy team comp has heavy crowd control. If you see multiple enemies that can stun, root and/or slow you this is a great option for the tenacity it provides. If they only have 1 or 2 AP champs its still a great item to get anyways. Plated Steelcaps is best picked up when the enemy team has multiple high damage AD threats, or multiple champions who are auto attack reliant. Such as Kayle, Kai'Sa, Twitch etc.
vs. Armor Stacking
vs. Heavy AP
Spirit Visage is a great pick up against heavy magic damage comps. It provides you both with bonus sustain and great HP/Magic resist for tank stats. it pairs extremely well with your core items Goredrinker and Blade of the Ruined King as well with Enchanters. Force of Nature serves as a last item against heavy AP comps. It provides bonus mobility and HP/MR which is incredibly helpful in keeping you alive and able to skirmish in teamfights effectively. Death's Dance should be picked up when snowballing and looking to get more damage as well as surviability against AD champs. If you see a heavy AD team and you are really ahead this is great for taking control of the game and closing it out early.

At this stage of the guide we will go over Viego's Jungling. This is incredibly important and will greatly assist you in winning your games. If you can find a better clear path than your enemy jungle in lower elo, such as silver, gold, and plat, you will generally win your games off the advantage you gather from this alone. Viego is incredibly reliant on gathering an early game advantage so pay attention closely.

We will be going over Pathing, Ganking, Invading, and as well as Epic Monsters. An important aspect of a good jungler is to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at you.

Pathing is what will lose or win you games on Viego, while you are loading in you always need to understand your matchup and how to play against it. Let's say you are playing against Evelynn. Since you win early game skirmishes with her you can start bot side for she will most likely start the bot side as well. You then go and do a full clear and go to the top scuttle as it spawns. If Evelynn shows at the top scuttle crab to try and contest it, you will win the fight, and you will force her back or kill her. After forcing her away you can go and take the bottom scuttle crab as well and you've essentially just won yourself the game.

Now let's say you are against Elise. Since Elise is incredibly strong early you can't fight her early. So instead of starting bottom side, you will start top side jungle, once again you will do a full clear and then you will take your bot Scuttle crab uncontested. After this, you can either look for a gank or reset entirely and do another full clear.
Blue Buff Gromp Wolves Raptors Red Buff Krugs Scuttle

The Standard Blue Buff start into full clear.
Red Buff Krugs Raptors Wolves Blue Buff Gromp Scuttle

The standard Red Buff start into full clear.

In the current meta of Jungling doing full clears is extremely important to gain XP and gold advantages on the lane opponents. Currently, jungle camps allow you to snowball incredibly fast and be much stronger than the rest of the lanes on the map assuming they arent getting kills every 30 seconds.

You want to maximize your efficiency by clearing camps as quickly as possible and taking ideal pathing as I mentioned above. If by whatever chance your enemy lanes are playing extremely aggressively by 3 minutes into the game you can look for a gank. Only commit to the gank if it's a guaranteed summoner spell for free, or if you have a guaranteed kill though. Otherwise, you are giving the enemy jungle the advantage.

Viego has great ganking ability, you want to utilize this throughout the entire game. If you are stronger than your enemy jungle you can simply go ahead and look for overextended lanes where ever and whenever and try to snowball.

When initiating a gank you want to start by using your Harrowed Path. This provides you with bonus movement speed and the element of surprise. Make sure you place this ability in a pathing that allows you to position behind them. then walk in and get as close as possible to your enemies. After you get as close as possible while still being just outside of vision use your Spectral Maw to stun them and do a full combo on the enemy you are ganking. If you are ganking an overextended enemy this will generally always result in a kill or a flash.

When you are against a jungle that is stronger than you early you want to be a bit more intelligent with your ganks. This is where jungle tracking is incredibly important. You should always be trying to keep tabs on where the enemy jungle is, and if you notice they are on the opposite side of the map try for a gank on the other side. You don't want to risk taking a 2v2 with the enemy jungle if they win. only take fights that are in your favor.

Viego is fantastic at invading, his great clear speed and great dueling potentially allows you to really pressure the enemy jungle both inside and outside their jungle. If you are against a matchup you hard stomp early you can look to invade very early as well. A very common invade strategy is to start top side, clear your buff and on jungle camp on your topside jungle then walk over to the enemies top side buff. By the time you arrive there, you can simply just take their buff and walk out or you can wait a bit after taking their buff and kill them too.

Throughout the rest of the game you want to constantly be tracking the enemy jungler, and if you notice they are ganking bot and you are top, go to their top side jungle and take their camps. Make sure you invade as soon as you see them on the map. This will allow you to gather a resource advantage that will greatly assist you in snowballing the game. Nothing is more tilting than walking into the empty jungle that you didn't clear. If you are a duo with your mid laner, get them to follow you as well. 2 is always better than 1!

I wanted to cover epic monsters for dragons and barons as they ultimately win games in many different elos. On Viego, if you ever get a kill either mid or bot, and the Dragon is up ALWAYS go straight to the Dragon. You want to basically take this objective every time it's up. If you take every dragon as its spawning you can have soul pre-25 minutes most games, and at lower ranks, this will win you the game.

The same goes for Rift Herald . If you get a kill top go straight to Rift Herald. Try to always take rift at around 11 minutes while tower plating is still up. Getting the free 320 gold and potentially the first tower is huge in snowballing the game.

A general rule of thumb is to go straight to whatever objective is up after you gain a numbers advantage from a team fight or a pick you get.

In team fighting, your main priority on Viego is to access their squishy high damage dealers so you can take their souls and wreak havoc on the enemy team. The easiest way to access the enemy team's backline is to use Harrowed Path's stealth while the fight is going on. Then charge up Spectral Maw and wait to Flash onto a priority target and instant stun combo them. Follow this up with your other damaging abilities and then take their soul to deal boatloads of more damage. Try to get as many resets as possible in a short amount of time as possible. This will put a ton of pressure on your opponents and force them to either wait for you as you are invulnerable transferring to a new soul or to flee, either is good for you to have great chasing and great sustain to keep fighting for long periods of time.

Generally, to access the backline in team fights you will want to position in a flank position or somewhere outside of your opponent's vision. The easiest way to do this is to sweep a bush and wait for them to over-step so you can unleash a full combo. making sure you don't engage too early is extremely important, for if you get caught out when your team can't follow up you will solo lose the game for your team. Make sure you either have guaranteed to follow up on your engagement or your team has already provided some form of crowd control before you go in.

It's very important that you fully utilize Conqueror in team fights as well. You can stack it very quickly to maximize its effectiveness. Make sure you weave auto attacks in between your abilities for both your Blade of the Ruined King passive and Conqueror stacks wherever possible. This will assure you are maximizing your DPS and getting your opponents as low as possible for your ult execute to finish them off.

Knowing your combos are important with Viego as with a majority of champions. While his combos are all generally simple to do, they are extremely important in ensuring that you maximize your DPS.

You want to be weaving in auto-attacks and spells together to maximize your Blade of the Ruined King passive damage and sustain.

We will proceed to show you all the combos you need to know!







Thank you so much for reading my Viego guide! I hope this guide helped you in some way shape or form. My goal was to help elevate your level of gameplay and teach you a few things you maybe didn't know before! Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section and leave a like! I will continue to work and update this guide in the future so stay tuned as new patches come out!

I'd like to give a huge thanks to the MOBAFIRE community for giving me the opportunity to make guides such as this, this community has truly helped me develop as a person and grow substantially and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Please follow my twitch stream, where I stream daily, and give me a follow to show some support! Also, feel free to join my discord community with tons of league players in every region!

Much love!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie
Harambe Homie Viego Guide
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[11.13] The #1 Viego guide for season 11

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