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Ivern Build Guide by wyjebnik2zuk



Updated on October 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wyjebnik2zuk Build Guide By wyjebnik2zuk 27 4 29,614 Views 2 Comments
27 4 29,614 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wyjebnik2zuk Ivern Build Guide By wyjebnik2zuk Updated on October 7, 2021
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Runes: aery + inspiration

1 2 3 4 5 6
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


summoner spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role Ranked #6 in
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Champion Build Guide


By wyjebnik2zuk
i play Ivern for like a 2 years now, i watched a lot of otp's and learned champion, after new items change when ivern gets some really nice items (moonstone/staff of flowing water), i decide to make my own guide about this champion, explain why you should do something and why somethings you should avoid, i will describe which items and runes you should get and why, hope you will enjoy it


stealing enemy camps was never easier
strong peeler
daisy is basicly second champion
he fit well in most comps of nowadays meta
fast early clear


very unique playstyle which makes ivern harder to master
controling daisy and ivern at the same time is must have and its not that easy
he can be very easily counter jungled
in early without help of your laner you cant win fight
solo drakes without daisy are imposible
you rely on your team

FLASH:its must have summoner spell for ivern, its awesome defensive and agresive tool at the same moment, it helps you to run away from risky situations or dodge skillshots and helps you to catch enemy on gank.

SMITE: you playing jungle. so without smite you basicly cant play, i choose blue smite cause it helps you to catch enemy and its also great escape tool with nimbus cloak, i really dont feel playing with red smite but it could be good in some very specific situations.
So i choose these boots every game, i think that with lower price and with provided ability and summoner speel haste which helps to have your smite and shield faster, they fit just perfectly to ivern build. I dont really feel that i need this movement speed which these boots provides. When i started playing ivern i was playing and choosing them every game but after nerf that changed it cost from 900g to 1000g i started choosing Ionian Boots of Lucidity. PERSONALY feel more comfortable with ionian boots thats why i choose them every game. But still see often that ivern mains like to play them and its great, you should try both and decide which feels better in your hands
Shurelya's Battlesong

Amount of speed for your engagers is insane, also it helps to catch solo kills and snowball midlaner for example. I see that now shurelya is not that op as it was and for now i rarely choose it over moonstone - but still think there is certain situations where it could be utylized better than moonstone with movement speed which is provided by this item
Moonstone Renewer
Healing which provides moonstone is not that insane as it was, but item is still viable but just not that op as it was when moonstone come in to the game. It procs on healing targets Chemtech Putrifier/ Staff of Flowing Water/ Ardent Censer and you can basicly cast ardent on two targets as you cast one shield, one on shielded person, and person who will receive healing
chemtech putrifier
Chemtech Putrifier is in my opinion great choice after mythic, with ivern you want to be in every fight, like i said you can proc with moonstone/shurelya chemtech pasive on 2+ targets, so buying this item makes that noone in your team need to buy antyhealing

Staff of Flowing Water

Staff of Flowing Water could be also great choice, after nerfs its not must have item but its still strong ivern item after all, it can proc on more than one target with moonstone/redempion as putrifier. Giving cooldown reduction and ability power for team is great option.

Dark Seal
Dark Seal is very strong on ivern, if you will play some games with tree boi you will see that if you play well,you die very rarely so you wont lose stacks often, and it makes that dark seal is very strong option in early phase of game which if you catch lead can transistion into Mejai's Soulstealer

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Yea so basicly my thoughts about these like before, there is no much to add. You rush boots for movement speed which helps you to take faster your camps and helps in ganks

Mobility Boots
like ionians, describe my whole statement about these boots before, nothing too add, i just feel more comfortable with ionian boots.

ardent censer
i choose Ardent Censer only if i got 2 or more champions who can utilize it, if you havent got a lot of attack speed using champions in team dont even buy it, its not worth

Mikael's Blessing
Mikael's Blessing is very strong item to protect your hypercarry from cc, and at current state of meta you will meet comps with a lot of cc so this item is very usefull for ivern in current state of the game

Redemption is very standard ivern item, gives you some hp which is nice for ivern, i don't play it every game, it always depends (as any other item xd) if my team need that extra healing and if there is no any other better item, but if you can apply Staff of Flowing Water or Ardent Censer at 4 teammates (even after death) why should you not consider buying it

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass is great item when you need that survivality. If you face enemy that have a lot of champions who can just oneshot you easily, get it

Mejai's Soulstealer
Mejai's Soulstealer- like i said earlier, you easily can stack dark seal, and if you are really strong and ahead, feel free to pick mejai's, movement speed which mejai's provides from passive is insanly strong for ivern

Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive is for me very nice item for ivern, provides a lot of cdr, some movement speed, ap and hp which ivern really enjoys. I never get it as second item, for me its best as 3/4 pickup.
Summon Aery Summon Aery is insanly good rune for Ivern, you utylize damage which rune provides- it really helps on ganks in early game, and you really like bonus shield, it means basicly that every time you give your shield, it gets a little bit stronger with aery. I really like this rune by how great ivern can use it, also for me its very helpful for new ivern players for which Guardian can be a little bit harder to use.

Nimbus cloak Nimbus Cloak is best rune for me in this Sorcery section, movement speed on ivern is always great, with nimbus cloak escaping or chasing down enemies is a lot easier. Manaflow Band cant be stack at all in jungle, Nullifying Orb is only better if you play into like 5 ap's which wont really happen.

Transcendence Transcendence is awesome rune, you really love ability haste on ivern, this rune provides 5 ah after lvl 5 and another 5 ah after 8 lvl but after 11 lvl you will get -20% of ability cooldown after takedown, so in teamfight you will receive a quicker shield/root after kills. Its really great for ivern

Celerity Celerity its just ok, but i think that this bonus movement speed is not that necesery as ability haste which Transcendence provides. Still its not worst rune cause after all ivern really enjoys movement speed but for me Transcendence will be slightly better

Waterwalking Waterwalking as ivern you like bonus movement speed as i said so this rune is very nice and only go to in this rune section.

Future's Market Future's Market helps you get your item spikes faster, with future's market you basicly always got Ionian Boots of Lucidity on first back which makes you really strong.

Cosmic Insight Cosmic Insight provides bonus summoner spell haste and item haste, you got faster actives of items like shurelya or redemption which is awesome, but more importantly with spell haste you get your smite faster which is very important on ivern to secure camps

Hextech Flashtraption Hextech Flashtraption cant tell you a lot about this rune, i know that its pretty strong when you use it correctly, but i never try on my own to play it on ivern, however i see some ivern one tricks playing it and i think this rune is worth to mention, when i learn on my own about her i will update it

Cheap Shot Cheap Shot just helps in early game, if you land root you deal more dmg. At ivern you lack of dmg so it's great in early, in late it doesnt really matter

Relentless Hunter Relentless Hunter -like i meantioned 1000 times ivern really likes bonus movement speed, which helps him with clear/ganks. Relentless Hunter provides you some movement speed which of course is really nice

Eyeball Collection Eyeball Collection gives you flat dmg after takedowns, i really like to use it with guardian page which basicly dont give you any dmg so this bonus ap feels really nice.

Guardian Guardian provides a lot bigger shield than aery, which helps to save allies quite often. A little bit harder rune and for me its more for ivern players who played quite a lot with him to understand his limits cause of that Guardian doesnt give any dmg which aery provides, and without it ivern can feel like he miss this dmg, but good ivern player will use guardian better than aery. Also whole resolve tree gives ivern more than sorcery in my opinion.

Font of Life Font of Life - Q root and slow from your E proc it, when it happend ally who deal dmg to marked enemy will receive some healing. Just great rune cause of how easily you can proc it. Demolish and Shield Bash feels weaker for me so i dont even consider them

Conditioning Conditioning provides some bonus armor and magic resist after 12 minute, its for me a great option

Bone Plating Bone Plating will be better than Conditioning if you play into some early game junglers and you will need to survive this early fights. Otherwise conditioning just scale better.

Revitalize Revitalize is for me insane rune, more shielding with your E and Guardian / Summon Aery, more heal with Moonstone Renewer, Font of Life or Redemption. Its the best option in this section and you dont even need to consider taking Overgrowth or Unflinching
i will explain everything one by one. This clear is in my opinion most efficient, obviously you never got same clear patch, its always rely on enemy and who you want to gank, but this patching set you in good spot and let smite crab at 3.15 or do gank pretty early.

First of all you mark Greater Murk Wolf , Blue Sentinel , Gromp , Red Brambleback you smite it for lvl so you dont need to wait this 6 seconds for mana to mark wraits, so you mark Crimson Raptor .

You take wolves and blue at same time with blast cone you done that by aa blast cone which throw you towards wolves, and shoot q just as you cast your aa. With this metod you jump with blast cone to wolf pit, take it and your Q let you to go instantly to your blue, so you basicly take 2 camps at once, then you take your gromp, you got lvl 3 at this point,and you can chooseYou have some time to spawn Rift Scuttler and you obviosly dont want to fight enemy jungle without prio so you take wraits and go for crab where enemy jugnler shouldnt be or you can ignore wraits and go instantly at gank after gromp, and after gank you can take Rift Scuttler and take your wraits if enemy jungler dont take them earlier. You are able to do this clear at either blue or red side of map

NEVER EVER DO Ancient Krug CAMP with ivern you get only gold for big and medium krug so you dont get 120 gold but around 50 and same thing goes with exp, you get it only for big and medium krug, so never waist your time for them, just let your teammates take them or just ignore them

At early focus to gank,mark camps and try to counter gank by tracking enemy jungler. Its very important to dont fall behind cause it will be hard to comeback, try to help botlane by pushing or killing enemy to take dragons, ivern solo dragons are very slow even with daisy so make sure that you got prio or botlane could help you, when you see that enemy jungler done gank at botlane or he takes dragon, with daisy you can easily take heralds, and i do it often in my games, when my bot is inting i just focus on heralds and take plates with midlaner or toplaner.

If you play at champions like Nidalee or Olaf and you know they enter your jungle, your lanes havent got prio, dont try to fight for your jungle, give it up and try to take enemy jungle and do something on map
At late game you want to stay close to your hyper carry, remember that your shield at this moment give around 360 shield and it got cooldown like 3 seconds.

You always want to play daisy before some fight, she is great for facechecking bushes and at this point of game, if your teammate facecheck bush (it shouldnt happend in higher elos) and get oneshoted it could lose you game, and daisy dont even need to die and if she died she will come back right after cause at this moment you will have really short cooldown on Daisy!.

Daisy is also very good at being ward when your team doing objectives, for example your team doing baron, you let daisy stay next to one entry to baron pit so you will see if enemies will aproach from this site.

Basicly late game is based only at that you should stay near hypercarry and make sure that he wont get oneshoted, try to survive assasins which would really like to kill you cause they know that they cant just oneshot adc throught your shields.
It's my first guide, i will still work on it and constantly update it, i hope you enjoy it and it will help you in learning Ivern
League of Legends Build Guide Author wyjebnik2zuk
wyjebnik2zuk Ivern Guide
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