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Riven Build Guide by Seth346

Top [11.23] Become A Riven God

Top [11.23] Become A Riven God

Updated on November 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seth346 Build Guide By Seth346 2739 177 11,014,016 Views 251 Comments
2739 177 11,014,016 Views 251 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Seth346 Riven Build Guide By Seth346 Updated on November 26, 2021
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Runes: The Ideal

Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Riven Runes

Champion Build Guide

[11.23] Become A Riven God

By Seth346

I am Zerivalg. I peaked D1 promo but plan on much higher heights come next July. Right now I'm training, re-learning the game, and perfecting the basics. I'm breaking my ties to past beliefs that have likely limited my viewpoint and perspective and so far it's been great in most aspects. I took about a year-long break but now... I'm back.

Make sure to vote on the guide, matters more than you'd think. I want to be the best Riven guide on Mobafire.

My Riven Coaching Program is available below as the Discord button. This is also a hyperlink to the Discord server. Feel free to click the last sentence or the discord button below to join. I will show you all of the Riven Combos that are also linked in the text "Riven Combos" and later in this guide.

The more advanced tactics I'll include will be focused mainly on laning. No one has any idea how to lane. There's infinitely more to it than anyone can imagine. This includes trade timings, approach timings, intricacies of csing around other timings, the first waves and their importance, teamfight engagement strategies, and these are only the beginning.

What are you waiting for? You can either invest in yourself or leave that potential wasted, your choice.


Flash Use it to secure a kill, or an escape when necessary. Once you get good enough you won't need to flash aggressively. Forget your limits, they're just a construct of your mind.

Exhaust The Smart Man's Spell. This spell allows you to catch up, engage, outduel, or escape nearly any situation on a similar cooldown to Ignite. With this much versatility, I find the spell to be a no-brainer in most cases. This is actually especially useful when your laner is also an edgy eboy with Ignite. In every case, this spell will give you the upper hand, or let you at least stay on the table.

Teleport The Cautious Man's Spell. This spell will often be used to get a wave or two. That's what you get. While that is a great advantage, it often won't change a lane state. I find that I rarely have to recall after the first or second back and when I do I can return to a gold source rather quickly by pathing through the jungle or to a lane that's pushed. It is a spell to make up for failure. With proper wave management and lane dominance, it is rather unnecessary in most cases.

Conqueror: Riven scales the most with AD and Ability Haste. Conqueror gives you a good chunk of AD that augments everything along with healing to stall out till your next rotation. It's a no-brainer.

Triumph: Triumph is used for exactly what it means. Take your victory, and leave in glory. Triumph is always useful even if only for the gold. Most of the time the health will help you be much safer or even amount to an outplay.

Legend: Tenacity: Just avoid most cc that you are able to. For those you can't, this tenacity will be useful. The Elixer of Iron is also valuable in some games. If neither of these is enough, Silvermere Dawn will cleanse a cc and give you 40% more tenacity for 3 seconds. Along with the Tenacity page there shouldn't be anything to stop you with these considerations.

If the enemy has no CC though, bloodline is a wonderful option due to the investment in a similar stat generally being taxing on a build path. While we do pick up some of it inherently with our mythic item (whichever we choose) it's still a great asset.

Coup de Grace: You never want to be low on health if you don't have to be. Killing your opponents while you're at full health is valuable, thus, the choice for this rune. It gives you max damage even if you're full health leaving you better equipped for when a new challenger approaches!

Secondary Tree

Nimbus Cloak: Movement speed is an incredible stat in this game. To get it when you need it is paramount. This also opens the way for some paths that wouldn't be possible without Nimbus Cloak. One of these paths would be flashing for 3 autos, or igniting to force flashes and conserve dashes with the MS. Even just igniting while running can be useful.

TranscendenceGives an insane amount of potential in teamfights and allows for less CDR in the main build if it's preferred. This allows you to play the game with just lucidity boots for quite a while.

Runic Blade
Range: 125
Riven's abilities charge her blade for 5 seconds, causing her to do 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 / 54 / 60 % of her attack damage as bonus physical damage on her next basic attack. Riven can store up to 3 charges, and can only expend 1 at a time.

This effect lasts 5 seconds allowing you to "prime" it. You do this by spacing out your qs 3.9 seconds and then you can have 3 procs and the q cd back off cooldown.

While doing this, it makes it difficult for the opponent to engage because you have no downtime or weak points. This can also be abused with lifesteal.

You are a disgrace if you spam Broken Wings regularly. If you don't NEED the knock-up or the mobility, get an auto in between each use.

Broken Wings
Range: 1st & 2nd: 112.5 3rd: 150 Range With Ult: 1st: 162.5 2nd: 112.5 3rd: 200 Cooldown: 13
ACTIVE: Riven dashes towards the target nearest to the cursor or in the direction she is currently facing, dealing 15 / 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 (+ 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65% AD) physical damage to all enemies in front of her. Broken Wings can then be reactivated twice within the next 4 seconds, with the second cast refreshing the timer. The third strike will knock enemies up and can be used to jump over terrain.

This is the ability to max for DPS, as well as being a good tool to poke, engage, escape, and burst down enemies. As for "The Fast Q", auto between each Q and use animation resets by clicking behind you after the q is cast then immediately assigning another auto. Don't worry about this too much if you're below gold. As long as you get the auto q timing down decently you should be ok.

Priming: Using qs slowly outside of combat (3.9 seconds between each cast) or in preparation for a teamfight.
Slow-Rolling: Using qs slowly in combat waiting for the enemy to run so you don't waste mobility.

Priming is used to increase damage with passive procs or to set up a combo.
Slow rolling is used to deceive your opponents on how much damage you'll deal and doesn't decrease overall DPS. It also allows you to use your mobility when they run instead of blowing it for a temporary illusion of burst.

This ability can also be used to dodge abilities. You just have to be very quick with a directional click. If this is too difficult, use e instead until you've practiced to the point of perfection.

Because of a glitch that a certain game company has yet to fix, sometimes this ability will direct itself towards an unintended outcome. To fix this, hover over your target if the chance of unit collision is high.

The 3rd Q: This strike is quite different from the other 2. Its animation is slightly longer, you knock enemies up and can even hop over many walls and towers.
While initially counted as a bug, it has been embraced as a base part of her kit. Some jumps require e to glitch into the wall, one of these being "your mother", the fat wall near either base.

This last cast is used in many of our combos and even just to poke in some cases. Do your best to master directing it.

Note: If your movement speed is above 550, using your abilities will slow you down. Her dashes do not scale with MS.

Ki Burst
Range: 125/135 with ult.  Cooldown: 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7
ACTIVE: Riven's sword emits a burst of runic energy that shocks nearby enemies, dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 100% bonus AD) physical damage and applying a stun for 0.75 seconds.

This ability allows very profitable trading. A stun that deals good damage has a short cooldown and scales nicely. It has a lot of outplay potential, just make sure to be close enough to hit it.

From poking, interrupting autos, chaining cc, profitable combos, and interrupting certain abilities like Rammus's [Powerball], this ability has many uses and you should look to master all of them.

This will be our second maxed ability because of its low cooldown, great damage, and obviously, its stun.

To escape ganks you can perform what's called a "sliding w" You basically use Valor and Ki Burst in quick succession and it stuns the place you started the cast of Valor.

Range: 325  Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
ACTIVE: Riven dashes in the direction of the cursor, gaining a 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 (+ 100% bonus AD) shield for 1.5 seconds.

Blocking damage, engaging, disengaging, your E is a good ability. Time Valor right and you can block anything from Decisive Strike to a turret shot. A great tool that can really help keep you alive and win trades. Its cooldown is terrible though, so we max this last. They also nerfed the shield value so this is a decision that should have no remorse.

Look to use your e when you can abuse the shield the most. If you have lifesteal use it after taking damage. If your opponent has something that will crack the shield (Renekton empowered W), wait until they use it if possible. If your opponent has a heavy-hitting ability, use it in response to that if possible. Use this ability to dodge enemy abilities as a last resort. Broken Wings should be plenty to dodge abilities but if you're not used to that yet this is a good alternative.

Blade Of The Exile
Cooldown: 120 / 90 / 60
ACTIVE: Riven empowers her sword for 15 seconds, gaining (20% Bonus AD) and (75 bonus range) on her basic attacks. This ability also increases the range on Broken Wings and Ki Burst, and gives you the ability to re-cast your ult 1 second after activation to use Wind Slash once for the duration of the ult.

This ability can turn almost any lane around. The increase in damage scales well with any kind of build. The increase in range will help you hit the knock-up and stun just a little easier. On top of that, its secondary activation Wind Slash and you have yourself a strong ultimate ability.

Cloak this abilities usage by chaining it with another. This is most commonly animation canceled with Valor -> Blade of the Exiled.

Some variations of this include:
- Blade of the Exiled -> Broken Wings
- Blade of the Exiled -> Ki Burst
- Blade of the Exiled -> Valor -> Broken Wings and/or Ki Burst in doublecast order or regularly.

Wind Slash
Range: 900 Angle: 75° Speed: 1600
ACTIVE: Riven unleashes a wave of energy in a cone, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies hit, increased by 0% − 200% (based on missing health).

This ability scales at a 1.8 ad ratio. This is Riven's greatest strength, a true execution. Do not miss your shot, hit them square in the face. Do em dirty. I want this ability to stick in their heads for the next few hours. They might even have to shower to get over the humiliation.

This is actually a very simple section here, I've made a video to do all the heavy lifting. Instead of reading big walls of text, you just get a video that you can even speed up based on your comprehension rate. This video explains the Riven combos that are worth teaching.

1. Creep Score

Quick note: Fight with your minions for the early game. If your minions are outnumbered, wait till you can change that. If your minions outnumber the opponent, trade one auto and walk into your creeps. Then if they walk into your creeps just auto and slow-roll qs till they run and when they do, end them with all your other abilities.

Creep score is incredibly essential to absolutely everything you do in the game. Many top Riven players are incredibly dedicated to csing. It's like knowing how to dribble in basketball. You can't get far in the pro league without it, and you're going to embarrass yourself on the court if you go out there without knowing how to do it. It takes incredible time and actual dedicated effort to get good at csing. I've prepared a video to help, but this is just one of the ways of improving your cs. People have many other methods and you basically need to practice with all of them. My favorite Riven main, Rueven, is incredible at csing. Whenever I've watched his stream he's gotten 10-13 cs per minute. This inspired me to go for 14 which I've hit a few times now. Below is a video I made to help you cs better.

2. Enemy Jungle Camps

You don't have to miss lane creeps to get jungle creeps. Push a wave then walk past tower and kill the wave there, this is proxying. If you're strong enough to fight either your laner or the jungler this is one of the best ways to "buy time". Buying time for things like jungle camps, or killing the enemy jg/mid then running back top in time to catch the wave. Sometimes enemies will even let you proxy in front of tertiary tower but it's pretty risky. You need some form of lifesteal or high level q to proxy without risking a lot. Health pots help but they aren't the answer if you intend to juggle waves and camps.

Enemy jungle camps are gold swings. This means that they're gold that you get, and your opponents miss out on. This makes them incredibly valuable. A 100 gold camp is suddenly worth 200 using this formula. You can sweep a side of the jungle without too much difficulty most of the time and that's a 1k gold swing.

3. Enemy Jungler

If you can also kill the enemy jungler or at least force them to back without taking too many risks yourself suddenly you've impacted the entire map, not just your island. Taking a red buff and killing a jungle on their first clear isn't irrational and this is a game ending play. The enemy jungler may just afk off of it, or be a level or two behind the entire game.

4. Killing Your Laner

Killing your laner is nice, it gets 300 gold. Make sure you set up your kills to do more than this though. 300 gold and denying an entire wave, that's huge. 300 gold and recalling because a tp is coming in and you're low and them crashing the wave on you, that's kind of pointless.

5. Another Laner

Killing another laner can actually be more useful than your own because then you both can push the wave and get a few plates while denying creeps. It all depends on how you set up your roam. If you proxy 2 waves before leaving that could make it obvious but also give you the most time.

6. Pressure

If you constantly have their entire team on top of you, this is what's called "drawing pressure". You should smile every time this happens even if you die. Feel special, look at all the attention you got. Don't even look at the rest of the map to see what your teammates did or didn't do. You did your job. You did it damn fine. Be proud. Having said this, try to prevent deaths like this the best you can. If you can just waste their time without giving them any gold it's even better.

The big thing about pressure is the more pressure you have on you, the less there is elsewhere. This means that your 0-8 bot lane can recover and your mid laner who doesn't know how to push a wave after their laner leaves can get some cs. This is carrying through pressure.

7. Abusing a lead

Once you get a lead from one of these tactics, my favorite thing to do is stand between the enemy tower and the second tower. Then watch the enemy laner squirm as they try to figure out what to do. I've seen people teleport, just give up and walk into me, steal from their jungler, take an excessively long path just to die anyways when they get under their tower. Honestly it's comical, and you should get in on the joke.

8. Split Pushing

This is when your team is elsewhere and you are alone or matching your laner. You have to keep a very close eye on the minimap to make sure no one else is heading your way. I know we want to think we can 1v2 in whatever circumstance but sometimes it works out for the enemy and that's not good for you. Whenever someone is walking top if you play within your means without dying you're just wasting their time and pressure. This opens plays for dragon or towers/jg camps on the other side of the map. Not to mention all the creeps they'd be getting, basically for free.

If you take TP, having it up while your laner doesn't is extremely important late game. If you can shove a wave in, then back off and tp bot and make a play it can just win the game.


Check out my matchup section for the champion you're facing and heed it's advice.
Hell, you might just want to bookmark it.

Avoiding Ganks:

If you rush t2 boots like I recommend, It's going to be incredibly hard to die to a gank. If you're being camped, you may just have to chill back for a bit and wait for the wave to push in. Know your pressure is doing valuable things.

Lvl 1:

So, you know that front bush in top lane? Yeah, that one close to the tower. Well, if you're facing a squishy opponent or anyone with a weak level 1, sitting there will give you a great opportunity to get first blood. Make sure to prime your q for your passive procs. Now, just walk at your opponent once they cross an imaginary line (example below) in the lane that you set to where you can get a q combo off. Against squishy laners, this is any circumstance. Against stronger laners, this is only if they cross the line before minions come to lane.

Here's a visual for reference :

If they respond immediately, use your first Broken Wings to get to them then Q combo. This most likely won't kill your target, but often it blows flash or gets a huge health advantage. Doing this against some lanes can get you killed, so against someone like Urgot I wouldn't suggest it.

TP Playstyle: Make much more calculated trades around your wave and your cooldowns. You don't win auto trades as hard without Ignite so you have to only play around your q cooldown here. Often starting a combo with auto/q and ending it with your third q to deaggro minions is the correct choice.

Lvl 2:

Take W, and after the lvl 1 trade, it should be easy to one-shot nearly any champion, especially if you took nimbus cloak. The level 2 oneshot combo kills from any health value below ~50% health.

TP/Ranged Matchup playstyle: If you're facing a ranged champ that you haven't got much poke onto, e is the best option level 2 because it allows for farming without losing hp, which is crucial in those matchups. It also allows for more damage by not having to use Broken Wings to close the gap. Valor also keeps your health pool up as a preventative measure for ganks.

Lvl 3:

You have access to all your abilities, this is where you're very threatening and can easily capitalize on mistakes. Realize where someone messes up, like that Jayce who just switched to cannon form and has his E on a 6-second cd EVEN IF IT'S UP! This is one of the best examples of a "Green light" like a Renekton w-ing a minion, it means GO! Abuse it, but be wary of the enemy jungle. They should be top by now. Make sure to ward, and don't go for extended trades or long fights unless you see the enemy jungler.

TP playstyle: During these levels you're mostly looking to chip away at your opponents health bar with short trades around your w and e. Your q should just be kept up as much as possible unless you're using it quickly for a heavy trade.

Lvl 4 & 5:

At these levels, you just get an extra 90 damage on your q combo with each point. While this can lead to some incredible plays I don't think too many changes with your playstyle. Some champions are hard to kill pre 6. This is usually the section where you give them some space. Focus on the farm and see if your jungle can come to give you a gank.

Lvl 6:

This is when you pop off and most matchups can be easily killed at this point, Especially Darius. If you walk close to him, and he pulls you in, pop your ult and turn the fight around. If he doesn't pull you in, ER - Auto - W - Q (through him to avoid his pull) - Auto - Q (through him again to avoid the pull if he saved it the first time) - Auto - Third Q - Wind Slash - Auto and it should be more than enough to kill him. This is very similar to most matchups, however, facing ranged champions you generally engage with ERQ - W - Auto Q - Auto Third Q - Ult Auto.


Free 250+ health in the river from the honeyfruit, if you need it, get it.

Herald (You'll want a control ward): Make sure to pink this then take it or have your jungler take it. Hopefully you've gotten some plates down, you may be able to end a tower even this early if you have it.

Plates are falling in two minutes, try to go get some. If you've already gotten your tower, shove top and rotate mid. Those spicy 2 plates worth 320 will thank you for your effort. Plates will fall after you get the second one most likely, but if not finish off the tower.

Baron (need another control ward) and ask yourself if your team can sneak it.

Make sure your flash is up, if not, notify your team. Then you can happily go splitpush. Make sure you're flashing into a fight that means something. If they're on your side of the map, that may just have to be that way. If you can get an engage near their towers though, that can open up progress. If you ace them at your inhibs it's just empty gold, if you ace them at their inhibs, it's game over.

Teamfighting is rather difficult on Riven. But you really just have to wait for an opportunity to engage with ERF Third Q -> Auto -> W. This gives you 1.5 seconds of cc and whatever other damage you can get off in that time.

Always target champions with cc that you can one shot. Morgana? Nami? Sure! Alistar? Sion? Probably not. If you can hit them and the adc/mid laner with the combo and live to tell the story or reengage that's the ideal timeline. Of course you could always hit the miracle combo of all 5 with everything but that's incredibly rare.

If you must, a shorter range combo offers less time for your enemy to react. It's much more complicated though. ERHF -> WQ (third) -> R2 -> Q. The aforementioned combo is incredibly difficult and unnecessary in low elo where people don't react to the normal teamfighting combo. I had to develop this because I kept eating cc before my third q landed in high elo. Even a simple thresh flay would just ruin my day.

This usually can kill one or two champions assuming you don't get interrupted (make sure that doesn't happen). Sometimes you just have to wait for someone to "draw aggro" (run in like an idiot) and then engage because all the CC will be used on them.

Use your Goredrinker proc at half health if you have it. You most likely won't get time for two uses. You also want to make sure you get Goredrinker off since you spent so much money on it.

If you're using other items, you don't have to think about that, congrats. The lethality build is very built around one shotting it's targets while also being durable. The crit build is based around long fights so it can get out many autos. Meaning it's best for split pushing.


Credit Where Credit is Due
- Unswlolsoc for his multiple tutorial videos
- Riot games for their game and all icons/pictures/maps I used
- All the people who wrote the league of legends wiki pages
- Arkhala_TheSlayer gets the biggest thank you for helping me with all the coding throughout the guide!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Seth346
Seth346 Riven Guide
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[11.23] Become A Riven God

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