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Kindred Build Guide by King Turtle

Middle [11.23] Menace To LoL Kindred

Middle [11.23] Menace To LoL Kindred

Updated on November 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 3,604 Views 0 Comments
3,604 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Kindred Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on November 16, 2021
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Runes: Main Runes

Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Kindred Mid/Top
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] Menace To LoL Kindred

By King Turtle
Build Introduction
This build is an idea I had based on skirmishes around your W. Essentially at full build you have tons of sustain, mega low cooldowns, and enough damage to end up top of the charts. It's very powerful in the early game, and if you know how to play around your hunts you can be a total force even if you don't get insanely fed. There's some decent tech, a few tricks to learn and a lot of fun to be had. We'll go over the pros and cons, abilities, runes, items, and the phases of the game below.
Pros and Cons
Massive Damage: Kindred does insane damage early game with her E and PTA. You can essentially pair the two together to chunk most enemy laners for half their health bar at level 2 to get your first hunt stack. You can win most trades before level 6 and scale that into mid and late game.
Good Mobility: Kindred already has good mobility with her Q, and with W reducing that cooldown you can kite extremely well. Add on Navori Quickblades and you can perform Q auto Q combos if you can get the crit to make yourself even hard to reach.
Infinitely Scaling: Kindred is one of only a few champions who have the ability to infinitely scale through a game. This means there is always a chance to get back into the game and get ahead, no matter how far behind you were 5 minutes ago. It also helps that her roam have playstyle matches perfectly with how you'll want to play in the mid game.

Extremely Squishy: Kindred is naturally a very squishy champion, as she's essentially just another marksman with more mobility and scaling power. We're getting shieldbow and sustain to mitigate some of this issue but it's not entirely avoidable.
Susceptible to Ganks: Naturally, seeing as you're one of the squishier champions in the game you're any AD junglers wet dream, so you're usually going to be a heavy target to ganks and tent pitchers. The best way to counter it is to either play safe after your level 2 all-in or use your kiting potential to force the jungler off or kill them.
Early Mana Problems: Kindred's early mana isn't all that great, thus is why we're running presence of mind. Unfortunately for us that won't mitigate all the mana issues we face in the early game, so play aggressive but don't go full blown genocide. On the upside, once you get Essence Reaver you shouldn't struggle with mana all that much.

  • Innate: Lamb and Wolf mark targets to hunt, Lamb(you) marks Champions, Wolf marks Jungle monsters. Getting a Takedown on a hunt target permanantely empowers kindred's abilities. Once Kindred hits 4 stacks she gains 75 attack range, and every 3 stacks after grant her 25 attack range. The bonuses are calculated by how many stacks you have, so at 4 stacks you gain an additional 20% attack speed on Q, 4% additional current health magic damage on W, and 2% additional current health physical damage on E. Therefore at 5 stacks, Q will increase by 5%, W will increase by 1%, and E will increase by .5% for 25%, 5%, and 2.5%. These bonuses stay the same for champions and jungle monsters. Kindred can mark enemy champions for 75 seconds before being able to select a new target, and if a target is hunted successfully, they cannot be selected for another 4 minutes. Wolf on the other hand, starting at 3:15, will select a random large jungle monster in the enemy jungle for 180 seconds. After the target is killed or the time expires, Wolf will wait 45 seconds to select a new target. The type of target selected also depends on your stack amount.
    0= Scuttle, 1-3=Scuttle, Raptor, or Gromp, 4-7= Krug, Buffs, Wolves, 8+= herald, baron, dragon, and elder dragon.

  • Active: You Dash in a target direction, gaining 25%(+5% per mark) bonus attack speed for 4 seconds.

    after dashing, you fire an arrow at up to 3 enemies, dealing physical damage. enemies currently being attacked will be prioritized by one of the available arrows. Casting Wolf's Frenzy or using Dance of Arrows while inside Wolf's Frenzy will reduce the cooldown of Dance Of Arrows. You can also cast kindred's other abilities while using Dance Of Arrows. Finally, Dance Of Arrows counts as an auto reset.

  • Passive: as Kindred moves around and attacks enemies, they build up 100 stacks, similar to fleet footwork, at full stacks kindred's next auto attack heals them an amount determined by their missing health.

    Active: Wolf dashes to a target location, attacking any enemies within the target location. Wolf will prioritize any enemies currently targeted. Wolf's attacks deal magic damage and scale with 25% of Kindred's bonus attack speed. Wolf deals 50% increased damage against monsters and slow the target by 50% for 2 seconds. Wolf's Frenzy ends after 8.5 seconds, if Kindred leaves the circle, or if they die.

  • Active: Kindred fires applies a mark on a target enemy, lasting for 4 seconds and slowing the target by 50% for 1 second.

    Kindred's attacks on the target apply a stack, at 3 stacks wolf pounces on the enemy, consuming the mark to deal additional physical damage on-hit. The damage is capped at 300 against monsters. The additional damage will crit on enemies below 15-65% of their maximum health depending on your crit chance. In our case at full build 80% will crit enemies who are below 55% health, otherwise the additional damage cannot critically strike. the auto attack portion of the pounce can still crit independently.

  • Active: Kindred blesses the ground beneath her in a 535 unit radius for 4 seconds, ALL units inside the circle, including champions, can't be reduced below 10% of their max health and become invulnerable for the remaining duration after reaching the threshold. Units also cannot be healed during this time, but can still regenerate health. Any unit that is targetable once the duration ends will be healed.

  • Press The Attack is Kindred's best keystone, as kindred has an auto reset on Dance of Arrows and can pair the 3 hit with E stacks for insane burst. This was an easy choice for a keystone and likely won't change unless there's a MAJOR change to another keystone that takes better advantage of her kit or Press The Attack gets nerfed hard.

  • Presence Of Mind is good on kindred as you generally want to be trading a lot early game, so you may use up a lot of mana in the first few minutes of laning phase. Presence Of Mind makes mana regeneration a lot quicker for a few seconds and will restore mana on takedowns.

  • Legend: Alacrity is a nice scaling rune for kindred, and gives her a solid amount of attack speed in the late game. It'll keep us on track once we start getting less attack speed items later on.

  • Coup De Grace will be a good damage rune to pair with your E's additional damage in the early and mid game, and just in general throughout the whole match. Can't be mad at more damage right?

  • Sudden Impact adds some subtle burst, and can be activated really easily with Kindred's spammable Q. It's going to be up a lot and will help in early trades and mid game skirmishes.

  • even with Ravenous getting nerfed again, the added omnivamp is always a welcome boost and will be important for early trades and sustain in the mid game after we get Shieldbow.
Immortal Shieldbow
Immortal Shieldbow is a great mythic on kindred as she gets all the necessary stats like Ad, Crit, and Attack speed, but also gains some sustain with 10% lifesteal. Its mythic passive gives even more AD, making it the highest AD mythic after 3 legendary items. The shield itself is a major factor as well as Kindred is an especially squishy champion who may struggle against high mobility assassins like Shaco, Kha Zix, or a fed Master Yi. In the Mid Lane it'll give some wiggle room to better handle champions with heavy poke like Xerath, Vex, and Ahri.
Berserker Grieves
Berserker Grieves are the best boots for kindred as she uses the attack speed extremely well and you're not really missing out on move speed unless you think Swiftness boots are worth it, in which most cases they aren't. I generally like to get them right after shieldbow as the attack speed adds some smoother play and will make trades easier up to mid game.
Blade Of The Ruined King
Blade Of The Ruined King adds some more sustain to the build as well as another 3 hit passive. It's a nice sustain item and will be helpful for tanks and any bruisers who may get ahead easily like Sett or Camille. Another use for Blade Of The Ruined King is the slow on the 3rd hit of its passive. It's an added soft cc to make kiting easier and keep you away from the blood soaked hands of the 10/3 Sett ready to road roller you into dragon pit.
Essence Reaver
Essence Reaver is a solid sheen proc, adds some crit chance, and will be our best source of mana retention once laning phase ends and Presence of Mind becomes less constantly used. The mana problems should be mostly over by this point. Essence Reaver is also a cheap crit item and gives us some balance to the costs of this build. One minor addition to this item is the 20 ability haste. Seeing as we're going to be using Navori Quickblades and Wolf's Frenzy's cooldown reduction to make Kindred as spammable as possible the addded ability haste is a solid touch up on her kit.
Navori Quickblades
Navori Quickblades is a bit of an expensive item, but for what we're trying to get out of it, it's entirely worth the cost. The 30 ability haste isn't all that important but it's a nice touch up for Kindred whenever you aren't in your W. You get an additional 20% crit chance, and with Wolf's Frenzy's cooldown passive we're going to try to abuse the cooldown reduction as much as possible. Essentially, if you crit, you can Q, auto, Q in about 1.5 seconds. This combo will build up your healing passive on Wolf's Frenzy and will increase your damage output exponentially. It will also act as some efficient kiting as you gain a decent amount of distance from 2 Qs.
Lord Dominiks Regards
Lord Dominiks Regard is especially good on Kindred because she's one of the squishiest marksmen in the game, and has more options for sustain than most as her W gives her built in sustain and we're getting shieldbow. This way we can be around 2k health abd still be in extended teamfights without having to be 1 hp for half the fight. It also adds some armor penetration and gives us another 20% crit chance.
Early Game
Early game you're going to want to play aggressive to get your initial hunt stack on the mid laner, if possible, see if your jungler will let you have the marked scuttle for the 2nd stack. If they do, make sure they get the scuttle on the other side to make up for them not getting the first one. Make sure to roam a little once you hit level 6, and start warding the enemy jungle so you can catch the jungler off guard for a quick kill or to secure hunt marks. If you're hard winning lane you can also keep marking the mid laner every time it's available. One trick for early poke is that if you're pushed up and you want to pressure the enemy, you can sit just outside tower range, put down your W next to tower, and as long as Wolf gets placed closer to the enemy champion than the minions, he'll keep attacking the champion until they leave the circle or you leave the circle. Essentially, this can give a free 100-200 damage depending on how long they stay to soak xp. Just make sure you aren't doing this too often as it's an easy way to get ganked.
Mid Game
Mid Game should mostly be roaming and collecting hunt stacks. Be sure to pick up farm somewhat often as well to keep up on CS and to make sure your lane doesn't get hard shoved to 2nd tower. Keep warding the enemy jungle where you think stacks are going to appear and try to catch the jungler out of position when possible. The more you dominate the jungle, the easier it'll be to get stacks. The only thing to watch for is to make sure people don't see you taking a hunt stack as they will drop EVERYTHING to come stop you. If you're not careful it could lead to you getting completely blocked out.
Late Game
By now you should have enough hunt stacks to be a pain in the *** regardless of K/D. Just be sure to stay near your team and avoid needless chasing or fights. Keep warding around the map and secure marks when you can. Try to save R for important teamfights and objectives like baron or elder dragon, and keep pounding on the enemy team. If possible, stay behind the frontline but ahead of the backline so you can go in on the enemy team but also avoid getting jumped by the enemy assassins. If the fight happens in the jungle use the bushes to your advantage and remember Dance of Arrows won't hit an enemy champion that is not visible.
Build Conclusion
In conclusion, This build gives kindred plenty of sustain and enough cooldown reduction to have their abilities up constantly, even without being in Wolf's Frenzy. Keep focusing on collecting stacks and getting good ganks around the rift and you'll be just fine going into the late game. hopefully this build will be as successful for you as it was for me in my tests. GLHF!

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